Losing Myself

Simon Hansen
RP Journal for posting at Sages_of_Chaos. Simon Hansen is not real. He is my property, created once for KULT (KULT being a Swedish roleplaying game - PnP style!) purposes that were shot to Hell - not the good way.

Simon is a bitter ol' Brit who used to work at a library somewhere in Los Angeles, USA. He is currently working 24/7 as a musician, which has been a life-long dream of his. He's prone to sarcasm, biting remarks and trying his best to act as normal as possible in any given context (because it's "normal"). He's a cynical bastard according to some, but personally insists he is merely being realistic. He believes ("knows") he's going straight to Hell, but that doesn't mean he wants to.

He deeply cherishes his friends, though they aren't that many. Simon is a very private man, and as such, would never discuss his private life to any greater extent with people he doesn't know he can trust.

...as such, he would never tell you he's involved with a man named Nuri Jamieson.