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And the Worrying Goes On

The macaroni and cheese sits in a big oven-proof dish on the kitchen counter, just waiting to be placed in the oven to cook. Right beside it is the apple pie in a similar dish. He hasn't bothered with nutrition much for this particular meal. Screw that. Comfort food doesn't necessarily need to be healthy. It's about comfort, not health. Nevertheless, he's made his very own tomato sauce to go with it, but that was more because he was getting distracted than anything else. The's seasoned with brown sugar and cinnamon...because they go so well together. The cinnamon burns his nostrils. Or maybe it's the smell of blood...

He rubs his face tiredly, trying to ignore the tick-tock of the clock hanging on the wall beside the kitchen window.

Lawrence should be home soon. Hopefully, he'll get there before Edric wakes up. It was bad enough when Lawrence didn't come home yesterday... He sketches a picture of the lobby downstairs in his journal, and of a taxi cab waiting outside, then writes his and Lawrence's names on the sketch. He tears the page out of the book, then goes to the boys' bedroom.

He crouches by Edric's bed, stroking his hair softly. "I'm going downstairs for a moment, to the lobby... I won't be long. You're safe," he says, folding the sheet of paper and tucking it between the corner of Edric's pillow and the mattress, just in case he wakes up while Simon's gone.

Edric mumbles in his sleep, and Simon fetches his wallet, slips on his shoes and jacket, making sure that nothing is amiss in the apartment before he leaves. He locks and unlocks the door a few times, just to make absolutely sure it is locked safely. Edric is safe.

Now...he must make sure Lawrence is, too.
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