Simon Hansen (manyfaces_) wrote,
Simon Hansen

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San Francisco, at a diner [locked to Apollo]

It's a small, cosy place, with lots of booths and tables, and big windows lined along the two walls facing the street. The waitresses seem to actually enjoy their job, most of them chatting with the patrons. There aren't that many people there, but there are enough for Simon to feel relatively safe. Then again, he's at a diner with some sort of engineered bio weapon. A bio weapon that has so far shown no sign of wanting to hurt him, or otherwise manipulate him.

That is good. It should be. It has to be.

He picks a table as far inside as possible, with a clear view of all visible ways out, including the windows. It's a habit he doesn't plan on breaking anytime soon. He isn't hungry; hasn't been in a few days, so he orders a cup of hot cocoa when a plump, smiling waitress comes by their table. She doesn't look too surprised. It's chilly out, and even a man Simon's age is allowed to have a sweet tooth after all. She turns to Apollo, to take his order, pen and pad at the ready.
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