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A few days after getting Edric back, Simon picks up his violin... [for Edric]

It's late in the evening. It's dark outside, but inside, the living room is filled by the gentle glow of burning candles. Simon's standing by the window, violin in hand, just watching the night. He misses the stars from the town of his childhood. They would always shine so brightly in the wintertime.

He hasn't watched the stars since he was a teenager. It's kind of sad, to think about it. He misses...what he might have had, had his world been different. He misses the things he's never known, the people he's loved that were taken from him.

He's worried. It's always like this, when he makes new friends. He worries incessantly, because he knows what will come after them. He knew this time too. He didn't see it clearly enough; he misinterpreted it all. He was powerless to stop it, he's told himself every night since that day... Yet he feels guilty.

He sits down on the couch, settles the violin on his shoulder and leans his chin on its edge, and raises the bow. Tonight, his thoughts are with Edric.
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