Simon Hansen (manyfaces_) wrote,
Simon Hansen

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Frazzled nerves

Edric's gone. Edric's gone, and he should've seen this coming, he should've done something before it was too late. What good are the visions if they never help him see clearly?

He slumps against the front door, having just come back from running about...looking for Edric everywhere. He went from door to door, shop to shop, but none of the people he talked to could tell him anything. 'Yes, a boy was here, but he left.'

Simon sighs heavily. His heart's beating too fast, too hard against his ribcage. Edric's gone. Innocent, naïve, sweet, vulnerable Edric is gone.

He should ask his neighbours for help. He should ask them if they've seen Edric, but he already knows what they'll tell him. Edric wouldn't go to his neighbours if he could come back to the apartment. He just wouldn't seek them out if he came back...

He slides down to the floor, pulling up his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. Edric is gone. Lawrence heaped all responsibility of Edric's wellbeing onto his shoulders, and the first thing he does is lose him. Whoop-dee-fuckin'-doo...

He needs rest. He needs to eat something, anything to boost his energy. He'll eat something, then go back out. There's no time. What if something happened?

Something always happens...
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