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i haven't really felt up to updating or being on the computer much. not too much has been goin on, so this is prolly gonna be short.
last friday: stayed over nai nai's house wit jalysa! walkin to the park in the freezin cold.. runnin' 9 mph.. fallin asleep watchin napoleon dynamite haha.. spice girls! wayyy too much fun. we gotta do it again =)
saturday: woke up & my stomach was killin me from eatin' so many doritos & pretzels lol. we watched a cinderella story, then i went over simmie's house so we could study for our lab bio final. i wound up being snowed in at her house.. snow tastes gooood heheh.
sunday: me & simmie straightened each other's hair. we barely got any studying done so i thought i was gonna fail the final, thennn my mother called & said we have a snow day on monday! i couldn't go home cuz there was still too much snow so i got to stay over again!
monday: mostly studied. me, simmie, & her sisters were gonna have a snow ball fight but my mom picked me up too early =( we went to a couple other places and then i was finally home.
tuesday: had my lab bio final, it really easy. i was so mad cuz i skipped over some questions and forgot to go back but it'll prolly be okay.
wednesday: didn't go to school cuz i didn't have any finals to take. i pretty much watched movies all day.
thursday: didn't go to school again cuz i didn't have to make up anything. me & my mom went to Friendly's, the dentist, & then the movies to see Million Dollar Baby. it was one of the saddest movie's i've EVER seen! i almost cried =( then we picked my dad up from work, went home and i studied for my spanish final.
friday: took my spanish final which was so much easier than i thought it would be, and went home. me, biljana, and simmie went to the movies and saw Are We There Yet?. it was better than i thought it would be. my mom dropped them off, and we went home.
saturday: packed for west point, ny for michael's gymnastics competition. we got chinese, then left around 2. in that part of new york there are so many mountains and they were covered in snow, they were so pretty! i was so mad we didn't have a camera =( we got there at about 4. we just watched some show at the hotel then went to Apple Bee's.. came back, watched Gone in 60 Seconds and fell asleep.
yesterday: went to the competition.. his team did okay, not as good as they usually do. we left and went to Schade's, then got home around 4 30. i talked online, watched like 3 movies, & fell asleep.
today: went to school.. the new semester started today. the teachers seem pretty nice. i don't want sre anymore, im gonna try to get chorus instead. anywayz, right now i gotta get joshua from the bus stop, byee.

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