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yesterday i went over bilja's house! we went to the mall and she got her hair done.. then we went back to her house to check movie times, it was 7 15 and it said the movie(coach carter)starts at 7 30. so we left right away.. there were so many people there. anywayz, the movie was really good but i think it was too dragged out. then biljana's mom picked us up and we went back to her house. we just ate, watched tv, and talked for awhile.. i was so tired so i fell asleep earlyy.

woke up at 7 cuz biljana had some meeting at work she had to go to. i just waited at her house and watched tv 'til she got back. she came back around 10 and it seemed like we were only there for a few minutes when we had to leave again cuz she had to be at work at 1. i just had her dad drop me off at the mall too.. i walked around then just hung around the registers watchin bilja ring up people's stuff lol.

my mom came to the mall around 2 and we tried to exchange the tims that i got cuz part of one of the boots was all scuffed. the lady said they don't have anymore my size =( so she had to order them and i can't get 'em 'till friday.. but oh well. we atee then left. i didn't really do anything 'cept watch tv, im so bored. i wanna go back over biljana's house!! right now im just talkin to courtney. im not gonna do much later cept study for my lab bio test on tuesday, i know nothing about any of it. im gonna go now before i bore all of u anymore =) byee <333

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