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monday: went to school, & when i was on my way to the bus after school i saw my mom in the van and she was like we're goin to the mall.. i was surprised lol. they were havin a sale at victoria's secret so we spent like $200 there! haha i never did that before.. it was so fun. & i got mario's cd turning point! then my mother was shoppin for some clothes. we were there for like 4 hrs! we left around 6 pm & went home. i was gettin a real bad headache so i went to sleep and kept wakin up but didn't really wake up 'til the next morning.

yesterday: schoool.. came home, did my homework & listened to mario. i didn't really do anything else 'cept watch a movie i think. i talked to biljana, court, eric& some other peoplez online. that's pretty much it, and i went to sleep.

today: in lab bio haussman brought in a cow bone dripping in blood and there was a real human skeleton HANGING FROM THE CEILING! u do not know how scared i was when i got in the frickin class.. i couldn't wait 'til it was over. i was sittin' there wit my head on the desk and starin at the clock all period. anywayz, i came home and now my uncle barry & nana are here. they haven't been here in the longest time. i have mucho tarea to do =/ later tonight i have clogging. biljana's gonna go! =) im so happy.. i hate not talkin to anyone there, everyone thinks im so quiet!! haha that's not even close to true. im gonna go cuz i should get started on all this hw.. byee

<333 AmAnDa

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