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i stole this from kameron

-Full Name? Amanda Pearl..

-Were you named after anyone? my middle name was my great grandmother's name

-What school do you attend? bths

-What are your nicknames? birdie, frac, panda

-Birthday? sept. 25

-Sex? female

-Grade? 10th

-Height? uhh about 5'2"?

-Shoe size? 7 1/2

-Hair color? dark brown

-Eye color? dark brown

-Last CD you bought? umm destiny fulfilled

-Last movie you saw? polar express. wow, i haven't gone to the movies in the longest time!

-Least favorite subject? history

-Do you like math? no

-Boyfriend/Girlfriend? no

-Fav. actor/actress? Denzel!!! =)

-Fav. TV show? laguna beach, real world, 7th heaven

-Fav. song? my boo. that song is played too much but it's still my favorite lol.

-Do you have any pets? 2 dogs(kaci & champ)and a bird(alex)

-How many people are on your buddy list? 165

-What is your fav. place to vaction? florida

-Favorite singers? alicia keys, bow wow, usher

-Music? mostly anything besides country& rock

-Favorite teacher? mrs. dash from 3rd grade!

-Do you have a job? no

-If you had a choice what college would you go to? prolly Rutgers

-Do you want to get married? yupp

-What is your favorite restaurant? olive gardenn

-Letterman or Leno? neither

-MTV or VH1? mtv

-Spice Girls or All Saints? neither

-Dawsons Creek or Beverly Hills 90210? uhh dawsons creek

-Party of Five or Seventh Heaven? 7th heaven

-Pepsi or Coke? sprite

-Apples or Oranges? apples

-Silver or Gold? gold

-Chocolate or Flowers? i dunno, i don't really like flowers cuz they die too fast & i just don't like chocolate lol

-Have you ever swam in the ocean? yeahh

-If you could be anywhere in the world where would you be? Specifically? uhh, at the mall shopping!

-Favorite love song? let me love u

-Favorite break up song? hmm, let it burn?

-What are you thinking at this moment? how long is this thing?

-Sweetest thing guy/girl has ever done for you? i don't kno

-Let a friend cry on your shoulder? of course

-Fell asleep in the bath/shower? no lol

-Fell asleep while eating? noo

-Gone to church? yea

-Read the bible? mm hmm

-Climbed a tree? no, ur crazy!

-Cried at a movie? yea

-Ate something gross? yea

-Counted to 100 in another language? yea

-Ever been to a different country? nope

-Been in a plane crash? umm no

-Had to call 911? no

-Ever been to court? no

-Known anyone who died? not anyone close to me

-Gone skiing? i went grass skiing. & it was scarrryyy!

-Ever been to a NFL game? no

-Gone snowboarding? yea

-Ever been to a major league baseball game? no

-Pro-hockey game? nope

-Eaten fish? umm i don't think so

-Ever met a celebrity? no

-Ever met the president? no

-Driven a car? yea

-Didn't wash your hair for a week? no

-Used your parents credit card? no

-Were scared to get a shot? yeahh

-Watched TV at 4am? yea

-Made a prank phone call? yea

-Snuck out of your house? no

-Gone to another state? yea

-Do long distance relationships work? don't kno

-What annoys you? a lot of things

-Who do you want to meet? bow wow

-Who do you miss? courterz!

-Who is the nicest person you have met? prolly simmmie but she's turnin mean& it's all my fault haha

-Who is the meanest person you know? hmm i don't kno. there's so many evil people in this world

-Who is the ugliest person you know? i don't think anybody's ugly =)

-Do you have siblings? 2 brothers, michael& joshua

-Who was the last person to make you smile? biljana

i gotta find somethin else to do, im bored =/

<333 AmAnDa

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