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i haven't really felt up to updating or being on the computer much. not too much has been goin on, so this is prolly gonna be short.
last friday: stayed over nai nai's house wit jalysa! walkin to the park in the freezin cold.. runnin' 9 mph.. fallin asleep watchin napoleon dynamite haha.. spice girls! wayyy too much fun. we gotta do it again =)
saturday: woke up & my stomach was killin me from eatin' so many doritos & pretzels lol. we watched a cinderella story, then i went over simmie's house so we could study for our lab bio final. i wound up being snowed in at her house.. snow tastes gooood heheh.
sunday: me & simmie straightened each other's hair. we barely got any studying done so i thought i was gonna fail the final, thennn my mother called & said we have a snow day on monday! i couldn't go home cuz there was still too much snow so i got to stay over again!
monday: mostly studied. me, simmie, & her sisters were gonna have a snow ball fight but my mom picked me up too early =( we went to a couple other places and then i was finally home.
tuesday: had my lab bio final, it really easy. i was so mad cuz i skipped over some questions and forgot to go back but it'll prolly be okay.
wednesday: didn't go to school cuz i didn't have any finals to take. i pretty much watched movies all day.
thursday: didn't go to school again cuz i didn't have to make up anything. me & my mom went to Friendly's, the dentist, & then the movies to see Million Dollar Baby. it was one of the saddest movie's i've EVER seen! i almost cried =( then we picked my dad up from work, went home and i studied for my spanish final.
friday: took my spanish final which was so much easier than i thought it would be, and went home. me, biljana, and simmie went to the movies and saw Are We There Yet?. it was better than i thought it would be. my mom dropped them off, and we went home.
saturday: packed for west point, ny for michael's gymnastics competition. we got chinese, then left around 2. in that part of new york there are so many mountains and they were covered in snow, they were so pretty! i was so mad we didn't have a camera =( we got there at about 4. we just watched some show at the hotel then went to Apple Bee's.. came back, watched Gone in 60 Seconds and fell asleep.
yesterday: went to the competition.. his team did okay, not as good as they usually do. we left and went to Schade's, then got home around 4 30. i talked online, watched like 3 movies, & fell asleep.
today: went to school.. the new semester started today. the teachers seem pretty nice. i don't want sre anymore, im gonna try to get chorus instead. anywayz, right now i gotta get joshua from the bus stop, byee.
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The only thing that matters is us <3

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it's snowing! i really hope there's no school tomorrow! school was okay.. we mostly just reviewed for the finals. they start on friday =/ this school year is goin by really fast, it's almost half over already! im gonna miss a few people, especially simmie. we had some fun times in science and lunch =) next semester is gonna be a lot more work.. i have more "major" classes. but anywayz, i have clogging tonight, hopefully biljana's comingg. if she's not im gonna be sad! =( lol im gonna get some homework done. byee <333
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yesterday i went over bilja's house! we went to the mall and she got her hair done.. then we went back to her house to check movie times, it was 7 15 and it said the movie(coach carter)starts at 7 30. so we left right away.. there were so many people there. anywayz, the movie was really good but i think it was too dragged out. then biljana's mom picked us up and we went back to her house. we just ate, watched tv, and talked for awhile.. i was so tired so i fell asleep earlyy.

woke up at 7 cuz biljana had some meeting at work she had to go to. i just waited at her house and watched tv 'til she got back. she came back around 10 and it seemed like we were only there for a few minutes when we had to leave again cuz she had to be at work at 1. i just had her dad drop me off at the mall too.. i walked around then just hung around the registers watchin bilja ring up people's stuff lol.

my mom came to the mall around 2 and we tried to exchange the tims that i got cuz part of one of the boots was all scuffed. the lady said they don't have anymore my size =( so she had to order them and i can't get 'em 'till friday.. but oh well. we atee then left. i didn't really do anything 'cept watch tv, im so bored. i wanna go back over biljana's house!! right now im just talkin to courtney. im not gonna do much later cept study for my lab bio test on tuesday, i know nothing about any of it. im gonna go now before i bore all of u anymore =) byee <333
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i haven't updated in awhile.. finals are comin up soon =/ i don't really have anything to update about right now lol i just wanted to let everybody know i didn't go anywhere& im still alive! =) i have clogging tonight.. biljana started so it's a lot more fun!! ill update laterz if somethin happens. <333
The only thing that matters is us &lt;3

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monday: went to school, & when i was on my way to the bus after school i saw my mom in the van and she was like we're goin to the mall.. i was surprised lol. they were havin a sale at victoria's secret so we spent like $200 there! haha i never did that before.. it was so fun. & i got mario's cd turning point! then my mother was shoppin for some clothes. we were there for like 4 hrs! we left around 6 pm & went home. i was gettin a real bad headache so i went to sleep and kept wakin up but didn't really wake up 'til the next morning.

yesterday: schoool.. came home, did my homework & listened to mario. i didn't really do anything else 'cept watch a movie i think. i talked to biljana, court, eric& some other peoplez online. that's pretty much it, and i went to sleep.

today: in lab bio haussman brought in a cow bone dripping in blood and there was a real human skeleton HANGING FROM THE CEILING! u do not know how scared i was when i got in the frickin class.. i couldn't wait 'til it was over. i was sittin' there wit my head on the desk and starin at the clock all period. anywayz, i came home and now my uncle barry & nana are here. they haven't been here in the longest time. i have mucho tarea to do =/ later tonight i have clogging. biljana's gonna go! =) im so happy.. i hate not talkin to anyone there, everyone thinks im so quiet!! haha that's not even close to true. im gonna go cuz i should get started on all this hw.. byee

<333 AmAnDa
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thursday: went to the jewelry store to get michael's ring resized & then to court's house! fun fun.. we talked to peoplez online for awhile, tested chips lol, & played ddr, which i am definitely horrible at. unfortunately, we didn't beat the record =/ last time we went to sleep at 5 am so we were tryin to stay up later. but i fell asleep at 4 45.. i was so mad, & she took a picture of me! haha.

friday: we woke up around 11 30. me and her sisters we playin ddr.. im even worse than her 7 yr. old sister! im gettin better tho lol. we talked online again and court took pics of me eatin! we were takin pics on her digital camera for the longest time cuz they were all turnin out really bad. if u wanna see any of the ones we saved go here . anywayz, i left around 7 30 & went home. my brother had 3 friends over for new years eve.. one of his friends brought these sparklers things that light up so when it was 12 (new years), we went outside and lit them. when u put them together they would smoke and light up like crazy lol. i watched some movie and went to sleep around 3.

yesterday: me and joshua went over gabe's house to play basketball. i don't know why but im just so bad at sports. i played against gabe and the score was like 28-nothing.. sad, isn't it? then me, michael,& joshua went over my grandparent's house. we watched a movie and tried to play life but errybody kept screamin lol. my aunt sonya brought all of us, and my cousin, brittany, over her house to stay over. we watched Real women have curves and You got served.. i love that movie! i could watch it over & over again =) then me and my cousin just talked bout stuff and went to sleep around 3 again.

today: we woke up at like 10 30 and got dressed n all that good stuff but for no reason cuz we didn't go anywhere! lol the day went by so fast. we didn't really do anything 'cept play games.. it was fun tho. my uncle ty dropped all of us off around 7 pm and i talked to simmie on the phone. im so happy she told me that the presentations we have to do on our projects aren't 'til later next week. then i just watched tv.. school is tomorrow! i don't wanna go soo bad, u don't even kno =/ it's just so weird that christmas, new years, the break, and everything is over already. so many things are gonna happen next year like im gettin a job, & im gonna start drivin! i can't wait =) im gonna try to go to sleep soon.. i don't know if ill be able to with how late i've been goin to sleep.

i hope everyone had a great christmas, new years, & break from school!

<333 AmAnDa
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sunday: i didn't do anything all day. i went to the movies& saw Spanglish wit my motherr.. it was actually pretty good. i was translating for my mom during the whole movie cuz they kept speakin spanish lol.

monday: went to the dentist. then went over simmie's house!! her& her sisters are really strange lol =) we went outside in the freezing cold and jumped on the trampolien(sp?). it was fun tho.. when kimmie wasn't tryin to make me fall on my butt. then we ate this really good stuff.. i don't know what it was called lol. it sorta looked like a soft taco shell wit potatoes inside & it was spicy. i want some more lol. then simmie was tryin to straighten a piece of my hair but it was lookin horrible so jojo was tryin to straighten it and it worked! lol she couldn't do all of it cuz it would take forever. then i was playin the piano on the keyboard but i forgot all the songs =/ lol. then i had to go home.. sadness =(

yesterday: brought my dad's car to some place to get fixed & ate at Holiday Ice Cream. i was goin to go to the mall wit my cousin but her mom was throwin up =( went to the mall wit my mom & michael to pick up his ring and return something. came home, & watched Santa Clause 2 wit joshua =)

today: i just went out to some places, ..went to my nana's house and watched some movies. & then we got pizza hut, brought it home, my dad hooked up a new computer and now im just talkin to nai online =)

this christmas break was so much shorter than last year. it's going by so fast.. i wish we had at least another week but oh well. im gonna watch tvv or somethin byee

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christmas has already come and gone! =/ it was fun tho.
in the morning we opened presents, then gabe came over and we ate. we watched shrek 2, i think it was better than the first one. then i fell asleep for like 2 hours! cuz i woke up at 6 am lol. later we went over my grandparents house, ate mucho food, & opened more presents!
before i couldn't believe that it was almost here and now i can't believe that it's over! but it'll come again next year and hopefully not as fast lol.

anywayz, i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! today i think my cousin, brittney, is goin to sleep over. ill either update again later or tomorrow!

<333 AmAnDa
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i stole this from kameron

-Full Name? Amanda Pearl..

-Were you named after anyone? my middle name was my great grandmother's name

-What school do you attend? bths

-What are your nicknames? birdie, frac, panda

-Birthday? sept. 25

-Sex? female

-Grade? 10th

-Height? uhh about 5'2"?

-Shoe size? 7 1/2

-Hair color? dark brown

-Eye color? dark brown

-Last CD you bought? umm destiny fulfilled

-Last movie you saw? polar express. wow, i haven't gone to the movies in the longest time!

-Least favorite subject? history

-Do you like math? no

-Boyfriend/Girlfriend? no

-Fav. actor/actress? Denzel!!! =)

-Fav. TV show? laguna beach, real world, 7th heaven

-Fav. song? my boo. that song is played too much but it's still my favorite lol.

-Do you have any pets? 2 dogs(kaci & champ)and a bird(alex)

-How many people are on your buddy list? 165

-What is your fav. place to vaction? florida

-Favorite singers? alicia keys, bow wow, usher

-Music? mostly anything besides country& rock

-Favorite teacher? mrs. dash from 3rd grade!

-Do you have a job? no

-If you had a choice what college would you go to? prolly Rutgers

-Do you want to get married? yupp

-What is your favorite restaurant? olive gardenn

-Letterman or Leno? neither

-MTV or VH1? mtv

-Spice Girls or All Saints? neither

-Dawsons Creek or Beverly Hills 90210? uhh dawsons creek

-Party of Five or Seventh Heaven? 7th heaven

-Pepsi or Coke? sprite

-Apples or Oranges? apples

-Silver or Gold? gold

-Chocolate or Flowers? i dunno, i don't really like flowers cuz they die too fast & i just don't like chocolate lol

-Have you ever swam in the ocean? yeahh

-If you could be anywhere in the world where would you be? Specifically? uhh, at the mall shopping!

-Favorite love song? let me love u

-Favorite break up song? hmm, let it burn?

-What are you thinking at this moment? how long is this thing?

-Sweetest thing guy/girl has ever done for you? i don't kno

-Let a friend cry on your shoulder? of course

-Fell asleep in the bath/shower? no lol

-Fell asleep while eating? noo

-Gone to church? yea

-Read the bible? mm hmm

-Climbed a tree? no, ur crazy!

-Cried at a movie? yea

-Ate something gross? yea

-Counted to 100 in another language? yea

-Ever been to a different country? nope

-Been in a plane crash? umm no

-Had to call 911? no

-Ever been to court? no

-Known anyone who died? not anyone close to me

-Gone skiing? i went grass skiing. & it was scarrryyy!

-Ever been to a NFL game? no

-Gone snowboarding? yea

-Ever been to a major league baseball game? no

-Pro-hockey game? nope

-Eaten fish? umm i don't think so

-Ever met a celebrity? no

-Ever met the president? no

-Driven a car? yea

-Didn't wash your hair for a week? no

-Used your parents credit card? no

-Were scared to get a shot? yeahh

-Watched TV at 4am? yea

-Made a prank phone call? yea

-Snuck out of your house? no

-Gone to another state? yea

-Do long distance relationships work? don't kno

-What annoys you? a lot of things

-Who do you want to meet? bow wow

-Who do you miss? courterz!

-Who is the nicest person you have met? prolly simmmie but she's turnin mean& it's all my fault haha

-Who is the meanest person you know? hmm i don't kno. there's so many evil people in this world

-Who is the ugliest person you know? i don't think anybody's ugly =)

-Do you have siblings? 2 brothers, michael& joshua

-Who was the last person to make you smile? biljana

i gotta find somethin else to do, im bored =/

<333 AmAnDa
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