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Side LJ

I know this post won't be interesting to some but I just wanted to inform that I made a new LJ. However, I will only post in polish and what's what it will be for~ Just to practice and study the language. So, if you happen to know polish and could help me out with it feel free to go there and just correct my entries in the comments if you'd like ♥

My new study journal:

dicaprio : inception

Lots of Pimp Posts + Picspams!

I've decided to make a post only with links I've been collecting: pimp posts. Who doesn't like pimp posts? They're so funny~ *hahah* AND
useful on top of that! Of course these are about Kanjani8, the greatest band ever!

This is a brainwash dedicated to psycho_shoelace or to any person who stumbles upon this post. I bet you might not like Kanjani8 at first but at least give them a try! You'll see, if you become a fan of them they will give you free fanservice in exchange! haha But really, they're the funniest guys I've ever seen!

Meet Kanjani8

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Edit: Added one Ryouchi graphic to spice up their section! HAHA!
dicaprio : inception

Resources post

Please ignore this post, it's just for my reference and to credit the right people. ^^
I've been wanting to do this since forever~ Now it's here, every community/user I learned and used things from. Maybe you might find this post useful too! :D Check them out if you have time~

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