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~~Magical Fangirl Mana~~

I like hats, and boys, and clothes, and boys and...

14 February
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*giggle* My name is Ma~na~! I'm 16 and I just moved to Domino City, Japan, from Paris, France. ^o^ My mom comes from Japan, and we moved back to be closer to her family...though, I miss France...;o;

ANYWAY. I like to make hats, and clothes, and friends! Lots of friends~ *_* Friends are awesomeawesome! ^____^ Especially guy friends...teehee <3

I also like to pair people up. Got a crush? Leave it to Mana! ^o^

*claps* And...and...*spots butterfly* OOH, BUTTERFLY~ *_* *skips after it*

Popular! You're gonna be popular!
I'll teach you the proper poise,
When you talk to boys,
Little ways to flirt and flounce, ooh!
I'll show you what shoes to wear!
How to fix your hair!
Everthing that really counts to be...

Laa, laa, you'll be popular!
Just not...quite as popular...as...

~'Popular', Wicked Musical

((I, in no way, shape or form, own Mana or Yuugiou. This is an RP journal for fun purposes only.))