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The Voices Say Everything and Nothing


21st Century Son of a Bitch
6 January 1985
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28 days later, 80's pop music, a perfect circle, acting, american psycho, angel, apocalyptica, aqua teen hunger force, arch enemy, army of darkness, arrested development, astonishing x-men, bass guitar, battle royale, black metal, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, burzum, chasing amy, cinematography, clerks, clockwork orange, clone high, cristina scabbia, criterion collection, customers suck, d&d, dark funeral, darkness, dead-alive, dexter, dimmu borgir, dogma, eternal sunshine, evil dead, fear and loathing, fight club, final fantasy 7, firefly, flight of the conchords, full metal jacket, futurama, ghostbusters, h.i.m, harry potter, hating anime, hating emo, heroes, high tension, horror movies, i heart huckabees, indiana jones, it's always sunny, jack daniels, jay and silent bob, jedi, jersey girl, joss whedon, kevin smith movies, kill bill, kittie, kovenant, lacuna coil, lightsabers, lost, mallrats, marvel zombies, masters of horror, mayhem, metalocalypse, monty python, movie reviewing, music, musicals, opeth, prince of persia, psychobilly, pyramid head, rainy days, reba, reboot, rocky horror, rpgs, runaways, saw, se7en, serenity, sex, silent hill, sin city, singing, sith, spun, stage, star wars, takashi miike, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the creepshow, the devil's rejects, the matadors, the nightmare before chirstmas, the office, the surreal life, theatre, thunder cats, tim curry, torchwood, trainspotting, transformers, ultimates, voldemort, walking dead, world films, writing, x-men, yelling, young avengers, zombie movies, zombies