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guess I'm wishing my life away

with these things I'll never say

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i am alone in my defeat
20 October
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I co-mod: g_g_stillness, gg_challenge

I use excessive amounts of exclaimation points, so if you want to IM... beware! (!!!!!)
Okay, I talk like that in person, too.

My journal is 30/70. Is the public first and FO second, or is the FO first and the public second? Oh well, I forgot!

sassy poses are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

all the things left undiscovered leave me waiting and left to wonder; i need you. all the things left undiscovered, leave me empty and left to wonder; i need you. i need you. because i can't fake and i can't hate, but it's my heart that's about to break. you're all i need, i'm on my knees; watch me bleed, would you listen, please?
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