i am alone in my defeat (madeline__) wrote,
i am alone in my defeat

Just a post to post; I'm still alive and kicking

46 days until school starts. I've already wasted a half of my summer away in June, and in July, I'm actually going to do stuff. Communicate with the outside world, since I've been losing all human contact this whole time, which I don't mind. I am going to call people up and go out! And who knows, maybe even do things I was supposed to do months ago!

I'll be celebrating a little special someone's birthday in less than a week, along with someone else special's birthday earlier this month that I missed. For their cupcakes, I'm going to do something special. I looked on Martha Stewart's website and found a gazillion recipes for some really cupcakes! I'm psyched about that. This year, I'm making a change: I am going to make my cupcakes fully from scratch. Before I used to just buy the box of confetti mix and MIXED the ingredients together; now I am going to do EVERYTHING, FROM SCRATCH! And really be homemade. There are only very few that I bake for, so it takes a lot from one for me to bake. I don't just bake for anybody, now.

Yawn, this Tylenol PM kicked in about an hour ago. Can barely keep eyes open.

Summer movies appealed to me this year. Last Saturday, I saw a movie that changed my life--Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was such a good movie. And that's an understatement. Next on my list are Bewitched and The Fantastic Four, starring Christian from Nip/Tuck. OMG, can't wait until season 3 premiere, whenever THAT'll be! That show is so scandalous and juicy. I can never think of Famke the same ever again...

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