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Random school stuff

1. Know what woke me up this morning? I JUST remembered that I had English homework over the weekend!!!!! Yeah, THAT's what woke me up. I so could have used that extra five minutes of sleep, but I got out of bed anyway. And I have English first period. Luckily, though, I got to school five minutes earlier than I normally do and went to homeroom and did the homework and finished it during homeroom.

2. The icon I am currently using is made by whenitsquiet. It's my favorite episode, the episode that started it all... I mean, WHAT a season finale! The other icon I used a while back was by raelala. Wasn't it funny!?!?! Well, if you know which one I'm talking about, that is.

3. School's been so hectic these past few weeks. I'd say out of ALL the other 9 weeks, this is by far the toughest. I've never been under so much stress. I mean, aside from kissing my dreams good-bye of getting exempt from my A&P exam, all my grades have suddenly dropped to 90s and 91s! I don't remember slacking that much. I really don't. I should probably, as they say, "get my act together" for the next two weeks of school--since they'll be my final weeks of school! Sigh. Then summer.

4. Well, just thought I'd update. To let anyone who reads this journal know that no, I haven't been kidnapped, I'm still alive. Just supah busy!!
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