I should tell you...

I know, I don't post much.

I think my last public post was sometime in July. Oopsies. Well, a little thing called Life happened to me, and I'm continually coping with it! Between bouts of manic depression and overly happy rejuvenation, I really never feel the mood to write any more. I've done more reading than writing. LOVE all the QaF comms! And made some icons here and there, which I will eventually post, and maybe sometime in the near future. Like, maybe, within the next week. That's only because I need to find a font. Also, I'd like to make more to add to the small bunch so it seem scrawny. Whee!
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I should tell you...

Just a post to post; I'm still alive and kicking

46 days until school starts. I've already wasted a half of my summer away in June, and in July, I'm actually going to do stuff. Communicate with the outside world, since I've been losing all human contact this whole time, which I don't mind. I am going to call people up and go out! And who knows, maybe even do things I was supposed to do months ago!

I'll be celebrating a little special someone's birthday in less than a week, along with someone else special's birthday earlier this month that I missed. For their cupcakes, I'm going to do something special. I looked on Martha Stewart's website and found a gazillion recipes for some really cupcakes! I'm psyched about that. This year, I'm making a change: I am going to make my cupcakes fully from scratch. Before I used to just buy the box of confetti mix and MIXED the ingredients together; now I am going to do EVERYTHING, FROM SCRATCH! And really be homemade. There are only very few that I bake for, so it takes a lot from one for me to bake. I don't just bake for anybody, now.

Yawn, this Tylenol PM kicked in about an hour ago. Can barely keep eyes open.

Summer movies appealed to me this year. Last Saturday, I saw a movie that changed my life--Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was such a good movie. And that's an understatement. Next on my list are Bewitched and The Fantastic Four, starring Christian from Nip/Tuck. OMG, can't wait until season 3 premiere, whenever THAT'll be! That show is so scandalous and juicy. I can never think of Famke the same ever again...
I should tell you...

Got my license renewed today.

And let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight. In my photo, I look like I got injected with botox while I was smiling. I look like LUNATIC. My cheeks are big and round enough as it is, but in the photo... I just look like a crazie, okay? I look like a crazie!

No more new episodes of ANYTHING from now on. sigh!
I should tell you...

Random school stuff

1. Know what woke me up this morning? I JUST remembered that I had English homework over the weekend!!!!! Yeah, THAT's what woke me up. I so could have used that extra five minutes of sleep, but I got out of bed anyway. And I have English first period. Luckily, though, I got to school five minutes earlier than I normally do and went to homeroom and did the homework and finished it during homeroom.

2. The icon I am currently using is made by whenitsquiet. It's my favorite episode, the episode that started it all... I mean, WHAT a season finale! The other icon I used a while back was by raelala. Wasn't it funny!?!?! Well, if you know which one I'm talking about, that is.

3. School's been so hectic these past few weeks. I'd say out of ALL the other 9 weeks, this is by far the toughest. I've never been under so much stress. I mean, aside from kissing my dreams good-bye of getting exempt from my A&P exam, all my grades have suddenly dropped to 90s and 91s! I don't remember slacking that much. I really don't. I should probably, as they say, "get my act together" for the next two weeks of school--since they'll be my final weeks of school! Sigh. Then summer.

4. Well, just thought I'd update. To let anyone who reads this journal know that no, I haven't been kidnapped, I'm still alive. Just supah busy!!
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I should tell you...

Me flipping out over book talk books and thinking Mrs. Lawrence must think I'm such a skank

Today after school, I finally asked Mrs. Lawrence if I could do Sloppy Firsts for my book fair thing. She looked skeptical, which is what I somewhat expected. But she said okay as long as I don't get too risque about it, since the title of the book is quite risque. Risque... that's the exact same word I used when I thought this over! Honestly, the book itself isn't dirty and/or as dirty as it sounds, from the title! It's really a funny book. But, as she was making these faces, I didn't tell her any of this. That I've read it before. Although I did lie and say that I've read SOME of it and it's not bad at all. See, we're not supposed to do a book that we've already read. I read this book a year ago. My dilemma: I don't want her to think I'm some sort of psycho, dirty, skank because of the book I picked and I can let her know this by telling her that I have already read the book, the entire book! BUT if I tell her that I've already read it, I probably won't be able to do Sloppy Firsts! meaning I'll have to read another entire book thus holding off PD6! What should I do!?! I don't want her to think I'm some sort of skank! Don't some people judge other people by the kind of books they read!? Like judging books by their covers? Oh man, I bet my teacher thinks I'm some kind of skizank now. I don't want her to think I'm a skank! Am I repeating myself!? Well, I'm panicking right now so I guess that's okay.

Advice, anyone?!

Ahhh what should I do!!!

Book fair is in 3 weeks, I don't think I can keep from telling her I'm no skank and that I've already read the book therefore ensuring her that it's not a dirty book. And I so desperately want to read PD6!!!!
I should tell you...

One down, one to go

At last, I have finished Fahrenheit 451. It's been a bumpy ride (okay, we've only been doing F451 for three weeks, and of course I always procrastinated the reading assignments on weekends up to about 60 pages), but it's finally over. YAY!! [confetti throw]

Since we're/I'm on the topic of English reading assignments, I've come up with an answer to all my problems: I'm reading Gossip Girl for my book fair project. Yes, the same Gossip Girl series that I talked about a long time ago that is being turned into a movie or mini series starring that skanky Megan Fox! I got the book like, two years ago and started on it but I don't think I ever finished it. I thought it was boring then. So I just have to finish the last 80 pages or so and pretty soon...I'll be on my way.

...On my way to PD6!!!!! Honestly, I can't believe I've lasted this long without reading the latest Princess Diaries book. It's really amazing!!! Two weeks and about to be three. Oh, what am I saying?! I live for those trips to Wal-Mart when I take a peek and read a few paragraphs in the book! Those are what have been keeping me alive nowadays!

In other news, I need to get some new Reefs.
I should tell you...

Book fair is in 3 weeks. ouch!

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing something for it, but I'm really having a hard time finding a book. I have several books I do want to read and probably do for my project, but... I still have the new PD to read!! And THAT's been out for over a week now. And I still haven't ordered it (or activated my credit card!). I know what you're thinking. Why not just read PD6 for the book fair thing?! Well, I'd rather not. I actually WANT to read that. And plus, our little cardboard poster thingies will be put out for everyone to see.

So, our teacher said it could be about 100 pages; something short and liked. I never find anything at our school library anyway, so I went to the public library. Nothing there, either! I would like to find something short, simple, fun and easy to read and also a quick read, AND interesting. I don't know what to get! And I can't wait to get my hands on PD6 and start reading! Oh, by the way, I've vowed to not get it/read it until AFTER I get all my other reading things done and out of the way. Which is Fahrenheit 451, and book fair. Sigh! Anyway, does anyone recommend any book like that? Something around 100-143 pages, easy to read, AND interesting and fun? I REALLY want to read PD6 soon, so I can get this book fair thing outta the way. Sigh!

I'm so anxious to even obtain a copy of PD6! I've kept putting it off. Ordering it and such. I SO didn't have time to get it last week and even if I had pre-ordered it and it came to my house, I still wouldn't have had time to read it. Well, okay, I would have, as I do now, but I had to focus on schoolwork, just like I do now. With all my other reading. For English. Sigh, why me!?

PS. Any book suggestions would be great! Well, ones that are like what I've suggested to be like!
I should tell you...

First day back at school.

Little excitement happened today my first day back. Sigh! Stalkers!

I haven't updated in a long time, so I guess I'll type a little ditty right now. Last week, I was a page at the State Capitol. So I didn't go to school for a whole week (even though we only had school for three days last week), and I didn't have access to a computer. Well, I did have access to a computer and the internet, my sister's laptop, but we didn't go to any coffee shops too much after work. I only used it to get homework from schoolnotes.

I almost forgot I had an eljay. When I got on my flist, I had A LOT of pages to read. About 340 entries back. In seven days! I still haven't gone back and read everything. I don't know if I will, either! It's just so much.

Anywhoo, paging was great! I had a really fun time while I was there! Being in Jackson was great.

Ah, anyway, I told the co-mods at g_g_stillness I was going to be away, but I never announced it on my own livejournal.

I've been working on some great soundtracks since I've been back, or home. Whee!
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I should tell you...

A few random things, I suppose.

1. It's day 8 of Spring Break for me. I can't believe it's been a week since we got out! I remember it like it was just yesterday...eating baccus bars from the bake sale at break...being stalked...Thomas and Hend in a "fight"...me wearing the semi-same thing two days in a row. Hmmmm. Good times.

2. New icon! It's made by madeline__.

3. What's new with me? Lately I've been compiling soundtracks. I'm distressing over the cover art for some of them, though, because they're book fandoms. Should I just use some stock photos? I tried looking for some that could work, but it's hard to find just what I need. But anyway, I love fanmix. It's such a fun place!
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