My ridic long entry on Round the Bay in the Day epic

I am so knackered even though I got 9 hours sleep last night. I guess that was to make up for the 9 hours of cycling I did.

We stayed overnight in Geelong. For once the V Line trip down was uninterrupted and ran according to schedule! Shocking!
There were a handful of other cyclists on our train. A few, like us, were travelling light and so were wearing their Round the Bay jerseys. Dad was carrying a small backpack in which we had some cheap PJs we’d purchased with the intention of wearing them just one night and leaving them behind in Geelong. I had to leave Cornie at home. I think she appreciated that, but I did have a poor night’s sleep with my substitute pillow.

It was raining when we arrived in Geelong. I was glad I’d brought my rain jacket. It was also dark and although we have blinker lights on our bikes (required as part of the event anyway) we didn’t have headlights. Still managed to find our motel which was conveniently located opposite the start line. Pretty much every other person staying in that motel was a cyclist. There were bikes everywhere and come 5.30 the following morning one could hear the clacking of people walking in riding shoes and the clicking of buckles.

The motel offers room service breakfast from 7am. We were to start at 6am. I don’t think they got any breakfast orders that morning. Dad and I had brought sandwiches as our fuel for the day. So breaky was a vegemite sanger washed down with a cup of tea. I have to say it did me well! Then it was time to gear up and saddle up!

The start line was at Rippleside park. I wondered what the residents of the houses that look over the park would have thought if they glanced outside at 6am. As it is a residential area the event organisers were not using megaphones. There were no announcements or music, so hopefully we didn’t disturb the neighbours too much. But what a spectacle it would have been! Unlike the Melbourne start line which I saw on the news was well lit, it was still pitch black in the park. Not that it was hard to find where to go – just follow the flashing lights! Hundreds of red and white bike lights snaking through the streets.

1000 riders were registered to start from Geelong. We were sent off in waves. Usually such waves are organised according to the average speed each rider expects they’ll travel at. But with riders arriving in drips and drabs, the cold morning and no loudspeaker to issue instructions over, we were sent off almost as soon as we arrived.

We’re off! Collapse )

A good day was had

A good day was getting up early after a good night's sleep. A good day was getting my hair cut and having a lovely chat with my hairdresser. A good day was checking out a new bike I want (not the Pappalionaire, sadly, but an XDS alloy townie bike) and thinking I could probably buy it in a the next couple of pay checks if I really wanted to. A good day was cycling (on my current bike) into town instead of taking the train - even if I had to crawl along Chapel Street and crawl around the MCG coz of the footy crowdes. A good day was chilling with my music and a book while waiting for friends. A good day was spending way too much money on delicious and exciting tea purchases. A good day was discovering an adorable little cafe in Melbourne and enjoying a late lunch and hot drinks with friends ^o^ A good day was the lols and conversations and Jenga games with friends at said adorable little cafe. A good day was meeting old faces again! And making plans to catch up socially soon. A good day was picking up Kim Junsu's musical concert DVD and JYJ's Their Rooms music essay from the local Asian media store. A good day was cycling home again with the fresh evening air brushing against my cheeks. A good day was curling up on the couch with one of my new teas while watcing the news. A good day was work being miles away, not letting depression get me down, not panicking about my weight or fitness levels, and just constantly telling myself the world can and is beautiful.

If I still dressed all black I'd allow you to all call me a emo. Hahahaha XD

Job update

In short, I applied for two jobs in the restructure. Didn't get the first (unsurprising, I mentioned before I got the feeling they weren't planning on giving me anything that was available in round one and sure enough one of the managers let slip they didn't even expect me to apply) although they were apparently very impressed with my application. Got the second... then realised it's really not what I want to do at all. It was just... wrong. Gut-feeling wrong. And I could come up with several semi-logical and a few locigal reasons not to accept. So I declined it.

So I continue to back fill this lady who's on maternity leave. I have a contract in the marketing team until June. After which... who knows! I could be unemployed.

Ah well, I need to get out of here. Now I have a deadline by which I must find something else.

My new office is kind of cruddy. Small, no windows, on a major thoroughfare near the bathrooms and kitchenette. I don't even have a proper desk, just two tables shoved together in a corner. Except the office doesn't have any right-angle corners so I keep shifting the desks trying to pick which one I want parrel to the wall and which I want to stick half a meter out into the room. They're not even the same height! Ah well. I worked out I have less then five working weeks until my contract ends. Just under two weeks til Easter, then I'm away for two weeks (Easter break plus trip to Malaysia) then three weeks and I'm out of here.

I am self conscious too

I want to loose weight.
*ducks criticisms and abuse*
No really. Well, not really. Let me rephrase; I want to shrink my disproportionately huge ass and thighs. My hips measurement compared to my waist measurement is ridiculous! And it's not like there's anything else up top to balance it out.
It's also very uncomfortable every time I sit down to feel these sacks of fat move. When I'm cycling my sit bone is on seat but then my skin stretches to accommodate these unexpected saddle bags that droop over the back and sides of the seat. It's uncomfortable. That's why I want to get rid of them. Not to mention every time I catch my reflection and see my silhouette side on it causes me to shudder with disgust. My butt sticks out twice as far as my shoulders. My back curves in quite a bit which only goes to highlight this.
My weight fluctuates like everyone else's. Usually I pay little mind to it, but more recently I noticed when I gain a bit of weight, my hip measurement increases. When I loose that weight, my hip measurement stays the same (I instead loose the weight from my upper body). So each time I fluctuate my hips are getting bigger and do not get smaller again.
The women in my family are all bottom heavy. Even my skinny mother (who is much thinner than I - I'm the fattest in the family) complains about it. My mother and I both 'benefit' from having thin or narrow skeletal structures which means a bit of fat on us can go unnoticed under clothing (although if we meet other people's standards of looking 'normal' then we must be carrying around quite a bit of fat to be that chunky! That's just our builds though, everyone's is different and the same standards cannot apply to all). According to her, even in her teens and 20's she was a rake with a butt. My grandmother and aunts (most of whom are big boned) are all big below. So it's genetic. But mine is even too big right now for genetics.

I'm not too sure what to do about it. I don't want to go doing anything stupid, crash dieting or whatever. I ride and I run fairly regularly, but this seems to make little difference. If anything those activities probably just cause me to build up muscle under the fat, which pushes the over all mass outward exasperating the problem.
I have read things like sugar and white carbs are particular bad for girls who are bottom heavy - pears as some like to call us. Sugar is bad for me anyway, it makes me sick and sometimes causes me to get rashes (yes, you really wanted to know that. But seriously, if you're still reading...) It's like an addictive drug I really need to kick... except I love my baking and cakes too much! ;-; Ah, there are substitutes. Not the Equal stuff, but fructose or other forms of natural non-refined sugars. These are ok for my health at least, not sure if they would be ok for encouraging weight loos (or at least not gain) in my problem areas.
I must be more disciplined about my diet then. And... something? Keep up the exercise? Change it? It's about toning, right? I do squats and lunges already. Swimming could be good idea, but it's very difficult to get to a pool with any sort of regularity. I should try at least.

So not weight per-se. I would be happy to remain the same weight or even gain, just if I could get my body in shape and drop a pants size. I'm happy to still have a butt. I don't want to be a piece of paper or a block - some curvage is nice. Just a butt and thighs that are in shape please.

First morning in Seoul

From on a plane - Somewhere over Rockhampton

And we're off!
Our flight, KE126, direct from Melbourne to Seoul was to take off at 7;45am. It would take almost 11 hours - and since we were barely changing time zones (1 hour difference) it would effectively be a day flight.
I had planned to stay up the night before, packing and researching where to go, and then just sleep on the flight. But I got tired and went to bed around midnight... to wake up four hours later.
In the end I didn't get to do the shopping I wanted to (especially that for JYJ) but hopefully I can ge something together in Korea. I know ways of getting things to them but need to look up exactly where that is. I had decided fairly last minute I would try to give them little gifts. I'm more of an introverted fan. As for my own shopping, what I don't have now I will also just have to get over there. The only thing I regret is not getting more koalas, especially for Nobu's daughters. The ones I saw in Melb last weekend were pretty ick, but Ryo has managed to find a beautiful white one. I'm telling myself it would have been annoying to transport two of them across Korea and Japan (I will see Nobu the day before depart Japan!). Nah... the fact I left the picture books I'd bought the girls at the airport is greater fail.
But back to 4am. Parents were also up, the would come to the airport with me, and helped with the final preperations. I said goodbye to a very sleep brother, had my last breakfast of mum's toast with vegemite, then piled into the car. Naturally, this all took longer then planned.
Ryo and I had to run for our plane!
Ooops, back up.
We (family) got to the airport later then planned. Poor Ryo had been waiting. As it turned out our plane was delayed by half an hour. We checked in and had plenty of time to kill. Got a cuppa, checked out duty free store, purchased the aforementioned photobooks I would end up leaving behind somewhere, and then finally said goodbye to Mum and Dad and entered the international departures terminal.
Took longer hen expected. I was worried about the time when we had been in the queue for 10 minutes and had barely moved. Was told I was been silly and to calm down. Which I did.
Got through customs and queued up for TRS for my camera. Then realised it was 10 minutes after boarding time! Ran through the terminal to our plane. Of course, as it turned out we were by no means the last to board.
We've been in the air for a bit over 2 hours now. So far I can report:
- We're seated up the back with a window. Our prison for the flight
- Korea Air is good
- The air hosteses are adorable and very smart in their cream and teal uniform! ^o^ Can I take one home?
- It's sunny and and fairly clear outside so I can watch Australia pass by below
- Been a dietry requirementite I get my food first
- Been a dietry requirementite I get the generic dietry requirement food of vegan AND gluten free
- Having said that, breakfast was quite good! (baked beans and a patty, with fruit. I swapped my vegan muffin for Ryo's passionfruit and mango yoghurt. Yum!)
- The in flight music channels have Korean music. Of course! Been listening to too many k-pop idols to name
I was just asked to close my window shutter =( No more view. I was enjoying the sun... oh wells.

From a plane - somewhere over southern Korea

40 mins to go! The flight is long but not unbearable. We have passed it by listening to music, watching movies (Karate Kid and Last Airbender - don't bother), crafting (in Ryo's case), dozing coz it's too hard to sleep, and talking. They've just made an announcement that we'll be starting decent soon. Apparently Seoul is 17 degrees and rain =( We've had sun this entire trip. I enjoyed the view crossing the Philippine Sea, and then crossing the south western coast of Japan (see you soon!). Then we entered Korean air and flew into cloud. Booo, I had wanted to watch our entry (we're allowed to open our windows now).
Ah! Ears just popped. Got a slight headache which I think is from the alititude change, or just the weariness of the flight. Better get ready to disembark soon. Yay! =D

From a guest house - somewhere in Seoul

And we're here! Woohoo! Landed safe and sound last night.
Getting through immigration was no hassle and our bags came through quickly so we were out of the airport quite fast. I stupidly forgot to organise a phone though! Urgh >.< Going to see if Henry, from our guest house, can help us get one on Tuesday. Ryo's phone works here but mine does not. Damn you 3! So far I have been forgetting a lot of things... =S
Puu met us at the airport. Lovely to meet her in real life! =D
Puu directed us to money dispenses and airport bus ticket places, haha. The bus from Incheon to Seoul would apparently take an hour. If it did it certainly didn't feel like!
Sure enough, it was raining. But still very warm. It was dark too so I couldn't see much from the bus. We chatted and started to plan what we could do this week - what shows and clubs and shops to go to =3 I would like to hit up some of the cultural and touristy places too.
Walking from the bus stop to our guest house, we got to see a bit of Seoul at night. Along the main roads everything is lit up. All the stores and sidewalks. My suitcase was playing funny-buggers and resisting every now and then which is annoying. It better stop that.
Arrived at our guest house, met some of the others staying there, Puu gave us a tour and we settled in a bit *sigh* So nice ^o^
Although I don't think Ryo or I were particularly hungry, we headed out for dinner anyway. Went to a BBQ joint. The owner there was lovely! He'd use a bit of English, Puu would use a bit of Korean, and somehow we got by like that. I even managed to get a very nice soy stew with no meat! I would happily go back there again =) Ryo played... you guessed it, rock paper scissors, with him. Hahaha. She lost, until she challenged him to one last game before we walked out the door and won. Does that mean he owes her? XD
Sleeping last night was difficult, what with people talking (both in our room and outside it), the light staying on until ridiculously late, and a thunder snorer in the room ._. I discovered my iPod headphones are good for blocking out snoring. But uncomfortable to sleep with.

Woke up at about 8am, have showered and am now ready to tackle the day. I believe today's plan is exploring (and shopping). Bring it on Seoul!

This morning I have killed three mozzies.

It WAS my birthday haha

In about 8 hours I will be on a plane heading to Korea – then 10 days later to Japan.


I first decided I was going to do a trip like this over a year ago. It became more of a reality at the beginning of this year – but was still so far away. And now here it is! I am VERY excited. But also very tired at the moment hahahah It has been a crazy week!

Last Friday I met up with friends to celebrate my birthday! =D
We went out for dinner at Korea Palace and then drinks… sound familiar? Hey, it’s a good routine! It was abosultely lovely =^o^= Got to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time!!! And some awesome new friends~
I think everyone enjoyed dinner. I certainly did! Now to see if I can find a kimchi chige nearly as good in Korea, haha.
I was supposed to pay for dinner but everyone stopped me and chipped in instead ._.;; I wasn’t allowed to pay a cent. Thanks guys! But that’s not how it was supposed to go XD
After dinner, half of the group had to leave while the rest of us decided to go to Chaplin Bar. Pretty much coz we couldn’t think of anywhere else, and I think some wanted to karaoke. I was up for anything, I was having a ball! The only problem with Chaplin Bar is that’s on the other side of the city. So off we walked. Until I remembered Passion Flower.
As I understand it, Passion Flower is an Asian ice cream store in Sydney which had just opened its first Melbourne store. Two weeks prior, when we had our last misadventure with the wine, I had walked past its opening without knowing what it was. There had been dragon dancers outside blessing it. Since then I had heard from people about work about this supposably amazing desert/ice cream store. When I walked past there again on my way to Korea Palace earlier in the evening, two and two had clicked and I had decided I had to get ice cream from there later.
Now we were off to Chaplin Bar and I suddenly remember, so forced the party to double back. It was worth (for me). Their black sesame ice cream was tasty and I liked the azuki red bean too. I can’t say I can compare them to much though, having not had exposure to either flavour before. (The closest I’ve had are those Korean sandwich ice creams shaped like a fish, that have vanilla ice cream and a red bean paste/jelly layer. Quite different.) I also got a cookies and cream type ice cream I always get.
It looks like they do have an interesting desert menu too, but one has to sit down for those. There were practically no seats left in the place, and we were specifically getting take away. So next time perhaps.
Ice cream satisified, we headed on to Chaplin Bar.
Only to discover it was full.
Some more people had to leave so our party shrunk again, to just Ryo, Sun, David, Kayne, Oscar, Mitchell and George. We ended up walking BACK to QV, with the plan of sitting on the grass and chilling.
Turns out the grass is covered up by a fashion photography exhibition.
The good news is the bars there were open and not full, so we popped into
We played rock, paper, scissors with a punishment drink people had to have if they lost. The first punishment drink (a mix of everything the people at our table were drinking) wasn’t too bad. Nice even. Then Mitchell and Sun put together a new concoction of wine, beer and spirits. Apparently it too tasted ok. Then they added Baileys. It curdled. It was DISGUSTING.
Well, ok at first, but then the Baileys hits you. And each shot one had to take it got worse and worse. I lost a lot ._. I was very glad when the last of it went before the game came around to me again!
At one point we popped outside and listened to David play his guitar for us. An absolute highlight of the evening! He is very good with a lovely clear voice. It was great to hear him live. Thanks David! Hope to hear more soon!

Some point after this we began to head off. Oscar took a picture, and we headed down Swanston street with people taking off along the way. I grabbed a taxi home. And it wasn’t even that late!

The good news? No hangover \o/

Tuesday was my actual birthday.
Throughout school my birthday fell during the Spring holidays. In Uni and TAFE it just happened to fall on Fridays (no classes) or weekends. Last year it was a Monday, so I took the day off an had a long weekend.
This year I worked.
I know, most of you will have no sympathy, but for me it was a first. Not just a regular day’s work either, I worked from 9am – 8pm due to an event. Ah wells. It wasn’t too bad.

My family, of course, work me in the morning to do the happy birthday thing. I really wasn’t expecting much but they surprised me with gifts!

- Sapphire earings. They’re gorgeous. Truly.
- Swatch watch – the one I was eyeing but not sure it would fit me! Seems dad thought so coz he went back and got it
- Red leather gloves with little bows
- White water resistant jacket for running
- Darrell Lee cherry liquors (sadly the boxed ones always seem dry, where as the loose ones in store are moist and explode when you bite into them)
- Very cute wrapping with puppy decorations – thanks Mum!

At work, most people who knew my birthday was coming up forgot hahaha. We started just saying that because of the even that evening and I having to work it, we are putting my birthday on hold until Wednesday. So no, you’re not late in saying happy birthday, you’re early. (My family had also postponed my birthday dinner and cake to Wednesday.)

I gotta say though, Wednesday was lovely. Mostly thanks to one of the ladies in the office who loves to organise social things and bake cup cakes. I love her and work closely with her – but unfortunately she’s leaving while I’m away. Anywhos, J organised a morning tea of her home made cup cakes on the Wednesday to celebrate my birthday, another staff member’s birthday, and to farewell C. She gave me a big pink ‘birthday girl’ badge to wear all day (which I did for most of it – it got me free cuppas and cake from the local cafés) and a purple tiara which thankful kept popping off my head anyway. C got a birthday hat that had been altered to say “Happy Bye Bye”. It was a nice touch and I really enjoyed myself that day.
However, it was also C’s last day. Whaaaah, I’m going to miss her ;-; It hasn’t fully sunk in because it’s only been two days and she’d sometimes have to take time off for study leave. But it’ll hit me when I get back and someone else is sitting at her desk. Still, her new role sounds good and I wish her the best in it!
We went out for lunch to farewell C to a Korean restaurant famous for its jajamong. It sounds like I only eat Korean… I don’t! I swear every other meal between dinner Friday and lunch Wednesday was not Korean! I ate nommy vegetarian (the black sauce with just onions) noodles and some Korean omu-rice. Very tasty =3
Saying farewell to C at the end of the day was hard =( But I had to rush off for my birthday dinner – Indian! Yes, it was a day of eating.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh~ We went to our favourite Indian restaurant around the corner from where we live. We order take-away from there a lot but rarely eat in. The advantage of eating in – aside from the lovely ambiance – is the specials. That ochre dish is just awesome! Also tried a tomatoe and chat curry I hadn’t had before. And we ordered our usual three (dhal, mutter paneer and saag paneer), as well as entre, bread, rice, etc. Yes, there was a lot of food. But they serve smallish portions of each dish so it wasn’t wasted. I had a little bit of each. Again, OMNOMNOM. Wish I had taken a photo ._. I also had THE BEST mango lassi <3 Even dad liked it. He ordered two more >.>;;
Following dinner we came home for cake – passion fruit mouse & sponge cake from Aviv. The bestest cakes in Melbourne. On years when I choose to do something different and request an ice cream cake or a lemon tart or something else… I just end up wishing I had gotten their cake. I think I need to introduce more people to it.

So my birthday this year was spread out a bit – and interrupted by work a bit – but it turned out to be very nice and I felt all warm and fuzzy. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

And now I really must sleep. Which is sad coz I had a recipe post planned but it may have to wait for my return. Whilst I will have internet access overseas, the photos for that post are still on my old camera so I won’t have access to those.

Email me anything you want from Korea and Japan and I will do my best to get it for you!

And now I spazz

Puu is the bestest most amazingnest person in the world! \o/

She organised tieckts - we're going to THIS! And Uwe Kröeger will be there too!




Remember when I was insanely into musicals - especially German language ones and especially Elisabeth? And I would keep posting videos to my LJ? Well that never changed. I still adore those musicals and have Elisabeth and Tanz der Vampire and a bit of Rebecca on my iPod <3 What do these all have in common? The creative genious that is lyrisist and composer duo Kunze & Levay! (Only Kunze was involved in Tanz, the music was by Jim Steiman for that one.)

And now Junsu, one of my favouritist pop idols with his amazing and unique voice, is doing a gala of their music in Seoul.

And we're going.


The title of the concert mentions "Levay and friends" but I think Kunze is a bit involved as well. Apparently they wrote an original song for Junsu together~

It will also feature Kröeger - one of the biggest names in the German-language musical world and the original der Tod - and a host of great Korean musical actors. Music from Mozart! and Elisabeth are expected.


You loveablemusicalprodigyyou~

I will now go finish watching Junsu in Sydney to see the bit where he sings at the Opera House.

Puu, you have really made my day *-* Or my month, or my year ;o; Thank you!

(And now I hear rumours of Heejun holding a fanmeet in October? =O YES PLEASE)

Reposting from last update coz I wanted to say this clearly

I am terrible around people I don't know or rarely get to see. I kind of close down and let everyone else do the talking. I'm still enjoying their company and would consider them a friend! But it probably comes off as rude, disinterested or bored. I am very sorry if I have ever made you feel that way... I was just shy. Please let me know if I have made you uncomfortable.