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Lights! Camera! James! — LiveJournal

Apr. 18th, 2008

10:58 pm

Had a wee bit of James interaction at Grand Slam. Got a pic signed (see below). I walked up, we shake hands.

Me: Your hands are always so warm. [Lame intro line, but true.]

James: [Smiles and looks at the photo.] You've taken another great photo.

Me: [Smiles] You make it very easy to take good photos of you. [At this point, I was expecting him to get all shy and quiet, which is what he usually does when I give him the least bit of a compliment. But instead:]

James: [Beams at me.] Thank you! [Signs pic.] I hope you keep taking photos.

Me: [Smiles. We shake hands.] I will. Good seeing you.

And that was that. I was pondering about what he said to me about hoping that I'd stay with the photography. He claims he can read peoples' faces. What did he see in mine? Lately, I've been wondering how long I'd keep doing it. Real life right now sucks beyond the telling of it, and sometimes I don't know...But then, photography and going to James events are my escape. So I doubt I'll give it up. It's been on my mind though. Oh well. Perhaps James was just being polite, anyway. Nothing more. :-P

Oooh, one final Jamesy moment happened when he was leaving the building after he was done with the con. I was standing next to the exit and he was walking past me, so I said, "Bye, James." And he looked at me and said, "Good-bye, love." ::iz goo:: Way to end a con, yay! LOL

Here's the pic he signed (without the copyright notice.) It was taken last year at the Mile High Club. Someone's flash went off and gave it that nifty look:

Click for some concert pics!Collapse ) joomla counter

And thus ends my Grand Slam piccie goodness. I hope you've all enjoyed. I've enjoyed all of your comments very much, and I thank you for those. :) More concert pics can be found here. Saturday Q&A pics here. If you're brave enough, Sunday Q&A pics here. And finally, other guests at the con here (two Spocks, eeee!)

For those going to the UK events, have a great time! :-D

Apr. 16th, 2008

01:34 am

Hey, I've got some Saturday Q&A pics for you from Grand Slam.

He does this because he loves us. ::nods solemnly::

More this way...Collapse ) joomla counter

I hope you enjoyed. :) Next up I think I'll post some concert pics. And sometime I'll share my James encounters too, which luckily had nothing to do with particle whatevers. More Saturday Q&A pics can be found at my site here.

Apr. 14th, 2008

04:57 am

I know people are dying to see what James looked like on Sunday at the Grand Slam con. So here ya go.

Well now.

And then there's the shirt. And yes, he wore it for the photo ops too. Someone please put that shirt out of our misery. But the rest of him is just about perfect, methinks. ::studies pic some more to make sure:: Yup. Perfect. :-D

I'm afraid that's all I've got for right now. Gotta get some rest. But there'll be more pretties from the con coming up. Thank you so much for all the comments from my previous post. I'll be answering as soon as I can. :) joomla counter

Apr. 13th, 2008

03:00 am

Got just a few pics from the Grand Slam con. In short: James pretty. No longer poofy. But he fixed his toofy. Oh, and he's slightly insane when discussing a Spike movie. Just so you know.

No clue what he's doing here, except that he's sexy while doing it:

Four more here...Collapse ) joomla counter

That's all I have time to post right now. But there'll be more soon. :)