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Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank all of you for your words of support in my last post. You all are amazing, and I appreciate you and your kindness sooo much. *squishes you madly*

I thought I'd share my adventures at San Diego IndieFest 8! I was once again one of the official photographers. So much fun!

Look who was there!

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Thank you for reading! I hope you've enjoyed. Comments are welcome. :-D <3
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I went to San Diego Comic-Con! A bamillion others and I showed up to get our geek on. Woot! James was there, and among other things, did a concert.

nom nom nom

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I hope you all enjoyed the happy parts of my report, and the pretties. As always, any comments are welcome. Thanks for reading.

If you'd like to see more concert pics, please visit my Facebook photo gallery. I'll be adding pics from around the con too, on FB. (And hey, if you're on FB and we're not friends yet, feel free to add me if you want.) If you don't have a FB account and can't see the gallery, I do plan on uploading my pics to my website soon, and you can catch them there. Please, no posting of these pics elsewhere. Thanks!
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Last year I had determined that I wouldn't be going to see James at cons this year. Erm. Yesterday I went to see James at a con. Quit looking at me like that. OK, I deserve it. Smirk away. ;-D It was in the L.A. area, specifically Burbank. Wasn't expecting that, since he hasn't done a L.A. con for about five years. But since the announcement that he'd be attending, it occurred to me that this would be a perfect opportunity to have James sign my guitar. People do that, right? They have people sign their guitars? It's a thing? And since I live so close to the con, it would be easy to bring the guitar. No airlines to bash it until it's a heap of splinters. So, yeah I went. (And as it turned out, I don't need an airline to bash my guitar to splinters. I just need myself (yay self) and a guitar strap determined to fall off, sending said guitar to the cement sidewalk.)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First up at the con was James' Q&A.

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Thanks to oanimation and seapealsh for being such fun and awesome con companions! You two rock like two rocking things! xoxo
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So some friends and I sallied forth to see beautiful downtown Sacramento. Haha. As if. All sallying was actually to see/hear/experience Ghost of the Robot in their first concert in two years. oanimation, ghostgirl13, seapealsh and I, drove up from L.A. on Jan 5th, saw the concert at Shenanigans that night, and drove back to L.A. the next day.

How was it, you ask? It was fantastic! Goes on my list of top GotR gigs. OK, James was a little subdued. But he was smiley, and did a great job singing.

Father and son, rocking the house.

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And that's it! I hope you enjoyed. Any comments, remarks and/or observations are welcome! Many thanks to my roomies, Angela (who also drove, what a trouper), Yani and Wendy! Great also seeing so many friends, some from 10 years ago. This was a big reunion for us. Waves to seapealsh jaesha, _sharvie_, Sara Ann, and spikes_cj. Also great seeing jacobs_muse again, and meeting Elizabeth for the first time!

Tomorrow, don't forget to watch James appearing on The Wedding Band where he's playing (what else?) a rock star! What a way to spend my birthday! :-D
Gig - Indie Music Fest by pixiegirl13415

That's why they're the Kewpie Dolls in the afterlife, Beck.

My DragonCon report! In which James answers my questions, and I give him something that everyone should get when they turn 50. And John Barrowman became someone I used to adore. Other stuff happens too!

At the Friday panel.

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Well! Thanks for reading (or not, as the case may be)! Any comments or thoughts are welcome. :-D I'd like to thank my awesome roomies, Shirley, Charity and Eric for you know, being awesome. And Kate, thanks so much for letting me share your Birthday dinner, and hang out with you for awhile! Karo, thanks for being you. I enjoyed all the time we had together. *hugs you all*

I'll be uploading pics to my site soon. :)

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That Hair Got Me Fired

I have a report! Hey wait, where are you all going? :-P Well, anyway. If you'd love some pics and some random details (GRAPES) about a play James did, and the story of how having big Godspell hair ain't all it's cracked up to be, then read on!

So! James performed in Frost/Nixon at the James Bridges Theater, UCLA, for L.A. Theatre Works. April 19-22. For those that aren't familiar with the LATW plays, they aren't staged or costumed. They're very much like those old fashioned radio plays. The audio is recorded before a live audience and sold at a later date. James played David Frost, and it centers around the interview he did with Richard Nixon.

Thursday after the play. Note the curls, because they didn't make any other appearances that weekend. This is his David Frost attire. Dapper, yes?

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I hope you all enjoyed!
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Hi my name is Becky, and I'll be your fan today.

Greetings, gentle readers. I went to DragonCon! There were splendid things there, like trout on grits. Black eyed peas. Pecan cookies. Whale sharks. Wil Wheaton (who had the best panel EVAH.) And James was there! Really, something or someone for everyone. Yes!

There was no James party/concert like there usually is at D*C though. Woe. But as it turned out, he did two mini-concerts. Of sorts. If you kinda squint. The first was at the Moonshot panel on Friday. He started out reading his notes, trying to convince us that the moon landing actually happened. Erm, were there secret groups of numbskulls attending D*C that thought it was all a hoax? I kinda doubt it. I think James sensed that he was preaching to the choir, so he finally asked who believed that we actually walked on the moon, and practically everyone raised their hands, so he tossed his notes and changed the subject. lol At that point they started playing clips from Moonshot (wherein James plays Buzz Aldrin) and he commented on them.

Watching a scene:

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And that's it, peeps! Thanks for reading. And if you didn't read, thanks anyway for being continuously awesome. :-D

Edit: Please don't take any of these photos and post them elsewhere, thanks.
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::tap tap tap:: Hey, is this thing on? ::waves::

It's been awhile! Not a whole lot o' fandom goodness to report on, that's why. I did see James and Ghost of the Robot at San Diego IndieFest. Woot. IndieFest of course is always fun, and I took many pics, and I do want to do a report, but so far I haven't had the heart to do it. So! Moving along, I almost went to the Bard Bash (James doing Shakespeare, singing, Q&Aing, etc) in New Jersey. Alas, it was canceled. I saw NYC anyway! Yay! Ton of fun there. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you were royally spammed by me. Mwuahaha. I mean, sorry. :-D What else. Just did San Diego Comic-Con. Had a GREAT time. Maybe I'll do some reportage on that. But first! I wanted to tell you about the party that Ghost of the Robot hosted last night (29 July) at the Swing House Recording Studios , Hollywood.

It was a listening party for their new CD "Murphy's Law". The master was hot off the press, and James hadn't heard it since they had finished mixing it. So about 37 of us sat in a room and listened to it for the first time. I don't know who was more excited, James or us. And wow! It was soooo good, peeps. I'm not lying here. It just blew me away. And James was thrilled too. But, allow me to back up and tell the experience from the beginning.

seapealsh and I arrived first, and were joined soon thereafter by oanimation. We were dismayed to find we were the only ones there. Well, except for James and his crew. They arrived about the same time we did. And when James came out to move his car, we got big hugs and had a nice opportunity to talk with him. He looks REALLY good, and I told him so. He's happy and healthy, and was so excited about hearing the CD. He introduced us to Micah who is doing backup vocals for them, and Jordan who is their new drummer. Kevin joined us, and it was really nice talking to him again.

James told us that Ziggy Marley was inside. "That's great! Who's Ziggy Marley?" I asked James. He informed me. And said that Ziggy was leaving *ahem* a gift wafting in the air. He said that all we need to do is breathe deeply when we get inside and the CD will sound better and better. LOL! Well now, we were gonna have some fun. :-D

I was curious about who was doing the mixing and whatnot on the CD, and James said that they were all doing it. For some reason, I thought that James just did the vocals and guitar, then others did the other production stuff. Well, wrong! James does it all, man. ;-D Somehow the subject was changed to a BBQ and pool party James was having at his house after the listening party. He got sheepish here and confessed that he's using propane to heat the pool, and the conservation gods will not be pleased, but it's only for one night. I agreed that they're pissed at him. ;) Anyway, James went to move his car, drove the wrong way down a one-way street, moved an orange cone, and achieved parking nirvana. He then went inside, saying that he'd see us later.

I asked Kevin if Aaron Anderson (GotR 1.0 drummer) would ever play with the band again. He said that he's busy now with his other band Fictionist. I brought up how he's also getting married, which is great. But Kevin didn't say that we'd never see Aaron play with them again, so who knows, I guess it could happen someday. :)

Other fans finally came. Kevin shared about buying a table cloth for the party, and sheets for his bed for the first time in his life recently. I asked what characters were on the sheets, maybe Peanuts? ;-D He said a paisley print. And now you know, dear readers, what kind of sheets Kevin has.

Eventually Kevin let us in, and we went to Stage 1. Here's a pic taken by Ivy Dickerson during the party (and posted in
this article from Why didn't I take my own pic? Because any cameras or cell phones were forbidden. They didn't want their hard work being bootlegged and played on YouTube. So that's understandable.

On the chairs and sofa from left to right: Charlie De Mars, Micah, Jordan Latham, James Marsters, Kevin McPherson, Sullivan Marsters. I was sitting directly across from them on a sofa.

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So that was it! We left the studio, talking amongst ourselves. Rosie snagged one of the printed out signs for the event that were posted outside of the studio. They said, "Ghost in the Robot Listening Party, Stage 1". Note the "in" there. To throw people off track, no doubt! lol I snagged a couple, one for me and one for seapealsh. As I started walking to my car, James drove out in the driveway right in front of me. He and Patricia saw me and waved goodbye. :-D So James and family/friends were off to his BBQ with heated pool, and oanimation, seapealsh and I went to IHoP to indulge in a little post-party revelry. What an amazing night. We were all so happy with how it turned out, and that we were able to share it with James and the rest of the band. Yay!

November 15th, release date! Can. Not. Wait. \o/
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I went to see Ghost of the Robot last weekend. SHORT-ish report, this time. (AND MY FLIST CHEERS! I heard that. :-P)

It was a dark and stormy night. Haha. I always wanted to start a report that way. And it's kind of accurate. It was raining buckets all day and night. I expected that, so I came prepared with rain boots, puffy jacket, warm hat, umbrella and such. I didn't know I'd need all that inside though. Here, have a pic of the tiny stage area before we were let in. Notice the trash barrel set up there to catch the rain leaking through the ceiling. See that guitar there on the stage? That's the area where I ended up standing. There was no leaking there at that point. I had my jacket off and all was fine. Then I started feeling the occasional drips. Then more. It got so bad I had to put on my puffy jacket. By the end of the set, I was pretty well doused. In some vids I took, I can hear the rain falling onto my camera. lol Makes this the weirdest concert ever. And am I ever glad that my camera has weather sealing. Otherwise, it'd be dead Jim, and I'd be rather cross. (ETA: It has occurred to me that people who don't know the original Star Trek series wouldn't get the "dead Jim" reference. In short, Dr. McCoy had a habit of saying, "He's dead, Jim," usually about people in red shirts. So sometimes I say something is "dead Jim" when it's kaput. So there there you go, non-Star Trek fans! :-D)

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And that ends the tale. (The next day, I was never so happy to stay in my warm, DRY bed forever and ever, amen.)

Big thanks to seapealsh for the DELICIOUS cupcake. She came to the gig with copious amounts of cupcakes, including one called Fudgey Yummy just for me, which makes her massively awesome. Thanks also to wrigglerosie for the lovely ornament shaped like a Christmas pudding! So cute! And thank you, sintonia for the virtual holiday cookies and milk! ETA: Aw, thanks so much seductivembrace for the adorable Santa Bear! xoxo

Sending much love and good wishes to my friend's list. May you all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Festive New Year! ::hugs::
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I went to Boston! And yes, James happened to be there at the same time. What? Coincidence! You believe me, right? :-D Actually, this trip was to make up for not going to DragonCon. But it was especially fun because I'd never been to Boston, and I LOVED seeing the historical sites. So I was a happy tourist while not at the New England Comic Con, getting my geek on. I thought I'd share some reportage and piccies.

It's kinda long, but if you just want the Jamesy portions (I CAN NOT BLAME YOU) just scroll down to the Saturday and Sunday bits.

First, a little preview of James walking on stage for his concert. Man in motion.

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Can you tell I had a fantastic time? \o/ Awesome sights were seen. (And as I left through Logan Airport where they use the Naked Scanners, I was seen in Boston too. Full Monty! The scanner person asked me out! Haha. Joking, natch.) It was great spending time with friends and squeeing with James! :-D

There are more Comic Con pics to be found here:




Big yays and thanks to seapealsh for the candy cane, and ghostgirl13, oanimation and chic_c for the holiday presents! xoxo

Cookies and mad props to any who made it through this whole post. :-D