Why lawyers keep drinking

Me: your honor, the current law says that the grandparent is entitled to file for custody in this situation.

Judge: that law is new since I was last on the family bench. I haven't bothered to study it yet, but I don't like it and I don't think it's right, so I'm throwing this out.


The House series finale

Okay, now that's what I call an ending, and even I didn't see it actually coming. I was I'm fury going "you can't end it like this" and then they didn't.

Although I confess I did think of BBC Sherlock, both of A Study In Pink and The Reichenbach Fall, at one key moment near the end.

With all they had done to the story line in the past few years, I was forced to ask myself, "Self, can House and Wilson ever ride off into the sunset now?". Um, yes, and Exec Producer Hugh Laurie is apparently the most literal of interpreters.

If this does not inspire fan fiction for years to come, nothing can. Damn, now I see a plot line for a novel...

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Dying sucks

I repeat, dying sucks. Especially when it's your friend. Especially when it's ovarian cancer. Especially when you're hours away.

Paula Behanna, aka Mama Beast, is dying out near Pittsburgh. She doesn't have long, and I hope I can get to see her in the hospice on Saturday before she goes.

We were fans together. We didn't share a fandom but we shared fandom itself and that was enough. She helped me with some of my political stuff and she was great.

We didn't see each other much, mostly a couple of times a year at cons, but our conversations always picked up where they'd left off. She was closer to me than many friends I have near me - fandom is like that.

She's on morphine drip now, and refusing food and medication. She doesn't have long. Her partner, Pam, and I were discussing the problem of homes for the cats, because Pam doesn't feel up to staying at their place afterwards.

I have a zine coming out in August. It's one that Paula listened to me whine about for a couple of cons in a row during a case of writer's block. Paula, I'm dedicating it to you. Pam, yes, a copy for you, as I promised yesterday.

And everyone, ovarian cancer is a bitch. It kills. And it's often barely symptomatic until it's too freaking late. I wrote a Boston Legal novella in which a lovely young woman died because of undiagnosed ovarian cancer. Now another lovely woman is dying from it in real life. Learn about it, everyone. Know the symptoms. Fight for a cure - it doesn't get the PR that breast cancer does. And above all, if you've ever known her, remember Paula.

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Plot Bunny

Looking for a beta

Okay, all. Back in the great days of Dresden Files TV fandom I was in the midst of an epic work called "Feasting With Panthers". I quit posting it at skull_boy_love because it was getting posted faster than I could write it, and I had epic proportions that hadn't been reached yet.

Anyway, I got a major lifting of writer's block on it, and I have a zine publisher who is a major DF TV-verse fan like me, who wants it badly by early July.

Got a general beta for it, but (and yes, I've reached out to the DF communities too, though some of the great DF writers are gone now, alas) I need someone also who likes DF, slash, Victoriana, and Lovecraft. 'Cause the second half or so is hella lotta Arkham, Innsmouth, Randolph Carter, Miskatonic University students and faculty, and unspeakable rites of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Moved back in time by about 20 - 30 years to 1897 or so. I'm at 170 pages or thereabouts and this could make it another 50 without blinking.
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