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Priscilla Angelica Venom
変なヤツ。weird girl living in a weird world. abnormal happenings magnet - all unordinary things that can happen will happen to me. thanks to this my life is a constant rollercoaster painted with all colors of rainbow. "old enough to know better, young enough not to care". some call me a drama queen and some are expecting me to write a book.
moderate social animal who loves to party, drink and socialise. my friends are a wonderful variety of personalities and a group of beautiful people. both the friends i meet in my real life and those online whom i meet rarely if ever. 「僕らは地球の欠片、仲間が集まり少しずつ」 - we're all parts of this world, gathering friends one by one. i love you all to the bits!
my interests are dividable into three main categories: one is sociology and psychology especially stuff like nlp, web 2.0 and internet culture, social psychology and cross cultural psychology, identity and migrations, social change. another would be all modern-time things japanese and korean, my biggest loves for like 10 years now - languages, people, cultures in every day approach, with a significant dose of pop culture on top of it. last but not least, my greatest love of all times, music. rock music as in hardcore, trash, punk, metal, and good ol' rock and roll, some hiphop or psycho rap too, jazz and opera at times, trip hop and oriental lounge in style of buddha bars for chillouts. my hobbies are photography, calligraphy and graphic design.
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