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Today Today Today. [12 Aug 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | good ]

Heyy. Haha Today was a good day! Went to my LAST class of driver's Ed. Got all my hours signed up. So i get my lisence next tuesday the 24th:) So happy! Then Kelley Nelley and Rachel picked me up..we went and got Renee, and then went to Mike's house. We just hung out there and then drove around. Sat at a picnic table. Hahah, and Saw Jro and some other people. Then Saw Mia and Kaylee working at Dunkin Donuts and met Nick there! Then drove around SOME MORE. Dropped Renee and Rachel off. Then Mike went with Nick to get some Vodka with some old guy haha. And Kelley and Me went to her aunts and then she dropped me off! So it was a good day, I got to hang out with people I haven't seen in a while. :)

Here are some pictures I took earlier with my haircut I got last night.:) It's not much different, my THICK hair just looks thinner.
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[10 Aug 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Heyy. So Yesterday was a good day. I had work and then i got to come home early. So I drove some of the way home, and then got home and went over Kaitlin's. We just hung out then i went home and got some stuff to sleepover her house. And then i went back to her house and we just hung out then went driving a little later! So we left at 8 went to Burger King haha. And then stopped by and saw Mike. And thenn went back to her house. Then Martin, Jay, Calvin, Nate, and Eddie came over for a while. We just hung out. Then they left, me and Kaitlin talked about how sucky relationships are then were SO goofy. FLROKNEOSWRIO. Haha all I gotta say about THAT. And then today got up at Kaitlin's and did NOT feel so I went home early to get ready for driver's ed. Left at like 10-30 to bring my sister to her dentist appointment and then My aunt My Mom me my sister and William went to some bagel place and ate and then I walked to Driver's Ed. We took our like final test today. And guess who passssed. Yeah, Me mothafucka. 87. Haha so that was good. And I signed up 8 and 9 driving hour for next week. So all i have left is 10! Thenn I came home, watched some of Joy Ride then me and Kaitlin went to Hannaford and the car stalled right as we were leaving the parking lot, so we like backed up traffic. It was so bad, but hilarious. Then some nice guy helped us and Kaitlin found out what she was doing wrong hah. So now i'm home cause i have WORK tomorrow and then a DRIVING HOUR and THENNN getting my hair cut. Yay, busy day and im like dead. :( Oh well, Ttyl.


P.S. I want a long relationship. Now. Kind of.

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[08 Aug 2004|02:13pm]
Heyy. Yesterday I just went to a family party to celebrate me, my sisters, and my cousin's summer birthdays all in one day haha. It was a good time, we had a little war going on and we took pictures of it. Well not me, Kelsey and Brad did mostly .. that would be why theyre kind of sucky taken. But yes, you can see some of my cousins now. <33

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[04 Aug 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Heyy Mister.

Well yesterday I went to Driver's Ed. Then Teri and Kate picked me up, we went to Shaw's to get the keys to Kate's dad's house from Kate's dad. Hah, then went to his house and Kelley came a little after that. We just hung out, ate Ramen. Then Me and Kelley rode to Kelley's and Teri and Kate rode to Kelley's in TERI'S car. And then Sean, Dan, Corey, Eric and I forget the other kid's name, Ryan maybe? came over Kelleys. Then Rachel. They Ruined Kelleys rug cause theyre stupid boys. And then Teri just drove me and Kate home. It was a good time though.

Went to Kaitlin's today! We just hung around, went swimming, played Shrade's haha. And Adam Burley, Seany Wilson, Derek Letendre, and Joe Stopped by for a few. Then Travais and his friend! And Bethie and Kristen had stopped by earlier too! Haha, so saw a few people today that i Hadn't in a while. :) But I Love Kaitlin!! She's going for her liscense tomorrow so wish her luck:) But im outtt! <33


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[02 Aug 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I'm getting those shoes instead of the ones i posted in my last entry. :P What do ya thinkkk?

P.s. Boys suck.

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[31 Jul 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

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[29 Jul 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey Biatch.

Uhmm, haven't been online lately because my internet wasn't working! Me or Kaitlin's.. weirdd. But got it fixed last night. So Just been working and drivers ed shit lately. Hung out with Kaitlin a few times anddd.. Yeah. Andrew didnt call me for 5 days and I finally called him and like uhh whats the deal? And he came up with some bullshit excuse "he had camp" Haha, which is true, but hellllllo what about Saturday and Sunday? So Yeahh. I don't know. But I'm on my 11th class of drivers ed. And ill have my 7th hour finished before class ends:) So I'm happy about that. Tomorrow Me and Kait are going over Dee's for a little since she's moving. :( Then going to the movies and then I'm sleeping at Kaitlin's! Then Saturday My uncle and his wife and their new kid who stole my birthday are coming. So I'll meet that little shit for the first time. Haha and then I think Kaitlin, Erin and I are going to Drifter's. Kait's friend Carli's band is playing. That's cool man. But yeah, maybe Sunday ill hang out with Andrew? I dunno about that lil fuckk. Hahhha jk, but Kait's getting her liscense one week from today! :) But yesss, i am done.


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[23 Jul 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yesterday I just went to Drivers Ed then Trav picked me up from it and we went to the mall to see Cote but he wasn't there. And then i got the Ashlee Simpson cd!! :) Yayy. It's so good. I made Trav listen to it on the way home, haha he doesn't like her. Then i got home, chilled here for a little then went to Kaitlins. We didnt do much so i went home for dinner and then went back there. Came home early around 9 and just talked to Andrew then went to beD!

Today Andrew rode his bike all the way here from his house! Haha, and his tire popped near HANNAFORD. So he had to walk from there. Aww:( Haha. Then we chilled here, didn't do much. Went to Kaits for a few to see her new haircut that Erin and her did. Very nice:) Then came back here, and me and my dad just dropped him off at home.

Tomorrow i'm not sure what im doing! I might ask Dan to hang out, im not sure yet!

Then Sunday im sleeping at my grandparents and Monday im working with my grandmother:) Yayy. I was gonna have an OT Monday night but im all done. :) So I'll write later i love yyyyyyyyyyah.


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*Today was Fun* [21 Jul 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey! Today was a good day. Woke up, then Kaitlin came over like 1/2 hour later and we tanned. Didn't get much of a tan though haha. So then we got ready and i went to the bank and then my obervation hour. Then Cayla and Kaitlin picked me up. We went to the LIBRARY cause Kaitlin might work there! Haha girl doesnt even know how to READDD. :) Jk Kait. But anyway then we drovee to the Kaits house and then the mall. Didnt see many people at the mall. But i WANTED to get the Ashlee Simpson cd but NO they HAD to be all sold out. Damn shit fuck! So i just bought the Sugarcult cd! Then we left and went to the skate park. Hahah, we drove around this circle there like 5 times and all the guys there were staring at us ..haha it was sooo funny. Then peter comes skating up to the car? So we sold some booz to him haha. And some 20 guy was asking Kaitlin for head? So we left and then went to Hudson and got pizza at Papa Gino's. And thennn..just drove around and i just got home! Kaitlin and Cayla were meeting some people at Smokey Bones. Haha but yeah so I had a good day. Andrew went to 6 flags and i guess he's not home yet because he hasn't called me! Little shit. But yeahh, ill update tomorrow. :) Ttyl.


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[20 Jul 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Fucking Bored. I dunno what to do. Fucking d-ed today. Nice shit. No. I had the lowest grade on a quiz in my class? 20. Nicee, im smart. And now im in a kind of bad mood. Shit fuck shit. This summer blows! It's boring, and not good weather. Tomorrow i have an observation hour and then i dunno what. Hopefully it will be nice out. Then thursday im hanging out with Kate B! :) Yay. Then Andrews game i think. Then friday me and Andrew are spending the wholeee day together:) Haha. Yeah, FUCKING BYE!

lutya fkgk; dh dkfj wkdfn


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Friday to Sunday. ;) [18 Jul 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Sup Hoe.

SO Friday Friday Friday. Just hung out until like 3 and then i went over Kaitlin's. Then we just chilled and then went to Erin's house. :)Us three chilled for a little, and then Trav, Rene, Jeff, and David came over! We all just chilled, Watched the end of a Little Princess!! :) I Love that movie. And trav needed to refrigerate beer, so he put all his beer in a back pack and we brought it in Erin's basement to put in the refrigerator. HAHAHA Then her DAD Saw it! It was so funny, but Erin's parents just made him get it out of the house. Lol. Yeahh and then We all left. The boys went somewhere, and Me and Kaitlin went to her house. Erin was sad:( Aw, i love you erin! ..But when me and Kaitlin got back to her house, we decided to be on Weight Watchers, which is obvsiously a type of diet lol. It's where you have a certain amount of points a day depending on your weight (Me and Kaitlin have 18-23) and there's this book which tell you what each food's points are and you can only have that amount of points. And then yeah. Haha and you are supposed to work out and those are "points earned" Which i don't think you can use, and if you can me and Kaitlin aren't cause that wouldn't help our diet at all. haha. Yeah and then I just went home and tryed to call Andrew but he was out so i watched Bam obv:) And then went to bed!

Saturday. Woke up, had an egg, and then at like 2-30 went to Kaitlins. We planned our meals for the day, and then WORKED OUT! Yay, our lazy son of bitch asses actually worked out! Haha, we did 100 lunges which are so hard for us haha, then 330 crunches, 15 pushups(We're fucking weak) and 5 minutes on the treadmill. It was good. Then changed, Jim came to pick us up and we went to his friend Meg's parents house. It's so big and nice and has an underground pool and it's right on the lake. Me and Kaitlin's first words out of our mouth were damnnn. Haha, so went swimming -Kind of haha and then Kiyaking to the little public beach! Haha it was fun. Then played pool, WE TIED! Yes, tied. Haha. Then went to Blockbuster and Jimbo's! Has some dinner, and then watched the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then a little of Big Fish and then a little of Chasing Liberty til we started HEARING THINGS. It was so scarey me and Kaitlin like jumped on each other, made Jim check outside and everything and we were STILL scared. So we just went online and called people. Joe and Dan were gonna come and get us but we decided not to since it was like 1? Then we finally got over it an hour later and started Chasing Liberty over. We watched that, and fell asleep at like 3-30.

But yeah, i felt the need to write all my weekend haha. We didn't go to UNH but we will next weekend, welll if everything gets settled and as long as the bitch isn't coming along. :) Kaitlin i love you!



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[16 Jul 2004|01:51pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Yesterday i had drivers ed. Then since drivers ed ends at 3 and i had an observation hour at 4 i decided just to stay there cause it would be pointless driving home and then back so soon. So i went to Expresso's and had pizza by myself hah. And then went to my observing hour, but ended up driving because a driver didn't show up for Mr. Carlton. I'm glad i got to do that though, now im going on my 5th hour. I get good luck with driving hours. Then i came home, and didn't do anything last night. Someone called Andrew yesterday while i was in drivers ed and was like "hey sweety" and they acted like they were me? Cool Kids. So yeah. Tonight Andrew Lys n Jon wanted me to go to the movies but i can't so i think im hanging out at Kaitlins and Trav Jeff Rene and whoever else are gonna come hang out for a while. But im not positive what's going on. Yeah me and Kaitlin only have 1 class now cause she had to get her's switched. Andrew is probably gonna be mad i can't go tonight. And im just in a crappy mood. Shit will change when i get a few drinks in me. Haha im just kidding. Anyway, tomorrow me and Kaitlin are going to UNH for the day and then im sleeping at her dads. I donno what we're doing Saturday night though. But yeah, Trav Jeff And Rene stopped by earlier. It was good to see them all, especially Jeff and Rene!! I haven't seen them for a while! But yeah, im gonna go. Leave One.

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Sup Hoe [14 Jul 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Dude!

Hmm..So Todays me and andrews one month! :) Yay for us. Haha i dont even think im gonna see him today though:( Oh well, i went to his basketball game last night:) He won. By 11. But Yeaaaas, today ive been loungin around hahha, and then i have an observation hour at 5, and then im off to kaitlins house to work out:). Haha. Uhmm, Yeah so haven't been doin a looot the past few days. Went minature golfing with my Aunt, cousin and sisters. It was pretty fun ..i tied with my sister for second place. Haha i suck at it though. But my aunt got me a neckalace for my birthday that says Kerri, i love it! Ill take and post pictures tomorrow so you can see it:P. Yeah, and i don't remember what else i've been doing except drivers ed. Tomorrow after drivers ed i have to wait there for an HOUR cause i have an observation hour at 4. Then i'll only have to do one more observation hour! But my next driving hour isnt til july 27!! SO far away damnit! And thats only my 4rth driving hour im pissssed! Me and Kaitlin and her friend Cody and his friend Nick went to see the notebook. I thought it was okay, i didn't get that into it cause Cody and Nick were louuud. Haha Oh well ..This weekend -well Friday im not sure what im doing, lys jon and andrew want to go to the movies. But Saturday Jim (Kaitlin's Dad) is taking me and her to UNH for a tour! Haha, cause we wanna go there. And then we'll get home kinda early, and we're not sure what were gonna do that night ! But im sleeping over there. I love sleepin over Jimbos. Haha..Yeahhhhh. But my moms doing good:)Well except for the fact she was sick and didnt have a voice the past few days but shes good now. We've had some SHITTY weather lately. Like where the hell is the summer weather?? Damn ;) But im outttt to promote Biatch. Later :)


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[11 Jul 2004|02:30pm]
Do It.

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[09 Jul 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

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DUDE. [09 Jul 2004|02:13pm]
[ mood | good ]

Dude, what the fuck is uppp.

Havent updated what i've been doin lately so we'll start off with my birthday. :) Woke up, got presents from sisters and parents. Got cute things from my sisters, and then a CELL PHONE from my parents. :) Didn't actually get it until yesterday though. Nextel i730..so nice. And then Kaitlin came over, we had Shorty's for dinner. She gave me presents too:) A shirt, earrings, socks, ring ..Thank you SchnukemS! :) Haha, then we got ready and went to the fireworks. Me her Shan n kellsie. We all wore skirts! Haha saw a lot of people there, and then Kaitlin slept over. Monday i don't remember what i did..oh yeahh i went shopping with my grandparents and sister for my birthday. Got some cute clothes, and then other family came over for pizza and cake for my birthday. Then tuesday i had drivers ed and a driving hour with Mr. Geoffroy. It went pretty good. Then i went to Kaitlins. Yesterday Me Kaitlin Shan Kells n Kels tanned all day. Me and Kaitlin like planned our future haha. We decided were gonna do good in school this year, like really good, and we're doing 3 clubs lol. And we even emailed the teachers that are ahead of them:). And we talked about other stuff, and the 4 of us made up part of a swing dance. Swing dancing is so fun dude!!! Lol, we wanna start it. Then i went to 2 observation hours and got home at 9. Today i went to drivers ed, came home, and then went to get my nose peirced with Kaitlin, my dad and my sister. It hurts, but i like the earring in it better than the one i had when i first got it peirced last year. And now im sitting here:) Tomorrow im supposed to be going to the movies with Andrew and his friends and hopefully Kaitlin and whoever else wants to come! Andrews friends are going to see Spiderman but im making him see the Notebook with me:) So Yeaaaaah My moms good, she got her cast off her arm yesterday! But ill update later, maybe with pictures of my new piercing:) Byyyyye!


<~Entry was from yesterday, but when i tryed posting it yesterday it wouldn't work so here i am posting it today. :)

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[03 Jul 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yeah I just had a wholllle bigggg paragraph on how i'm feeling and shit but i decided to erase it cause yeahh.

Yeah, so last night i hung out with Lys, andrew n jon.It was fun, just chilled and shiiit. Tomorrow im spending time with family + Kaitlin. Then me kaitlin alyssa jon tara and whoever else are guna go to the fireworks, and then i think kaitlins coming here. Adam said he'd stop by to, cause he'll be at cummings. Then monday im going shopping with my grandmother for my birthday. And then her my papa Kaitlin n Kellsie and whoever else wants to come, are coming over for pizza n shiiit. But ill ttyl Byeeeeeee


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[01 Jul 2004|08:12pm]
What uuuup.
Last few days have been boring. Went over Kaitlins a few times, other than that just drivers ed. My mom came home on Tuesday BIATCHHH. :)Yay! Today i had my second driving hour ..with Mr. ...Shit i forget his name. But it starts with a C. He was nice though! and Funny, he lightened shit up. Hopefully i get him again! I'm observing Kevin tomorrow. Hah, should be a good time. And then i think i'm going to Andrews. Annnd Saturday, not sure. And Sunday, MY BIRTHDAY:)..spending the first half of the day with my family, and then going out with Kait, and hopefully Tara and Lys, i still gotta talk to them but MISS LYSSA DIDNT CALL ME WHEN SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO TODAY! :). But Yeaaaaaah. So im ouuuuuuut. Byeeeeee.
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[30 Jun 2004|01:14pm]
name:: Kerri Michelle Mulligan
birthday:: July 4, 1998
birthplace:: WalthaM1
current mood:: LaLala ..GooD! :)
current taste:: Tooth Paste!
current hair:: Up in a Messsssy ponytailll lol
current clothes:: Uh Pink sweat-shorts, and a gray baggy shirt. :)Scrub
current annoyence:: Nothing To do in Nashua Damnit!!
current smell:: uh, the air? Haha i duno, i dont smell anything
current thing you ought to be doing:: Uh getting ready
current desktop picture:: EMINEM BIATCH!
current favorite band:: Dashboard Confessional, Blink 182, Mest, Yellowcard, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Sugarcult YUH AND MORE!
current book:: NONE! Lol
current cd in stereo:: The Eminem Show, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Slim Shady LP, D12 World, and The Beastie Boys! (5 cd player Thing obv)
current crush:: Andy..Haaaaha Andrew
current favorite celeb:: EMINEM! Uhm and Bam Margera, and Alexandra Brady CorbeT!

smoke:: nAh dudE! :)
do drugs:: NopE! Im clean dude 8)
have a dream that keeps coming back:: uh, no not really
remember your first real love:: uh if it was love yeah, but prolly wasnt dude
still love them:: noo
read the newspaper:: No, we don't even get the newspaper
have any gay or lesbian friends:: Yeah, well kinda.
believe in miracles:: Yeah why not
believe it`s possible to remain faithful forever:: Haha i guess
consider yourself tolerant of others:: i dont reallllly know what that means
consider love a mistake:: Yeah haha
like the taste of alcohol:: Depends what it is
have a favorite candy:: Kit Kat BiteS! And Peanut M&M's!
believe in astrology:: No not really
believe in God: yeah
have any pets:: dog and a fish
have any piercings:: Yeah 7! soon to be 8:) Yes
have any tattoos:: not YET
hate yourself:: Nope!
have an obsession:: Eminem!
care about looks:: Im not gunna lie, yeah. Haha, well i just dont like being ugly, but i dont care about my clothes or hair usually.
love life:: uh Andrew, it's not love though dude?
first crush:: Bobby Bryant! Kind of John Schroeder though.
first kiss:: Travais Tremblay in 4rth Grade! haha
single or taken:: taken
ever been in love:: no lol
do you believe in love at first sight:: No? what kinda crock of bull is that?
describe your ideal significant other:: Doesnt give a shit about his looks, but is cute, buttttttt bad ass but not TOO bad ass cause thats kinda gay? Like just does stupid shit like bam, andddddd i Duno dude? i dont really care?

hair:: dirty blonde
eyes:: blue
height:: 5 feet 6 inches i thinK?

bought:: Uhmm eek i have no ideaa? whens the last time i had MONEY? Hah
ate + drank:: Mac *&* Chees With a capri sun!
read:: the 5th Gossip girl booK!

talked to:: Mom & Sister
IMed:: Kaitlin
hugged:: Uhm... My mom maybe?
kissed:: Andrew
had a serious conversation with:: haha probably Kaitlin..i duno
yelled at:: my sister


[ Kill ] i don't really wana KILL anyone..thats kinda weird
[ Slap ] My sister most of the time.
[ Get Really Wasted With ] Any hottie boys:* ..Hah JK..kaitlins usually the person i do that with
[ Get High With ] i dont get high BIATCH.. but i used to.:)
[ Look Like ] UhM! i dUnoo! LINDSEY LOHAN!! haha or Kate Bosworth.
[ Talk To Offline ] Eminem:) Heeheeeheee
[ Talk To Online ] Eminem:)heheeeheeee


[ Pictured your crush naked? ] Lol, actually No?
[ Actually seen ur crush naked ] nope
[ Been in love ] NO DAMNIT! Havent you already asked THat!
[ Cried when someone died ] yeah myyyy nana, and grandma, and grandpa, and QT FROM 2GETHER! haha and probably more people
[ Lied ] Everyone has lied before


What do you notice first about:
[ Looks ] eyes ..i notice that first about everyone for some reason? lol
[ Personality ] If theyre funny or nice
[ Last person you slow danced with ] I dont remember..HAHAH ACTUALLY KAITLIN member that Kiiiid? I forget his name but he always called AfteR!


[ Makes you laugh the most? ] Kaitlin lol
[ Makes you smile ] Bunch a people, mostly kaitlin lol
[ Gives you a funny feeling when u see them ] Uh, your weird i dont know?
[ Who has a crush on you? ] dude
[ Who is easiest to talk to ] kaitlin


[ sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you? ] no? lol
[ save aol/aim conversations ] uh used to, dont really anymore
[ wish u were a member of the opposite sex ] Always
[cry because of someone saying something to you ] Hm, not really. I have though.


[ fallen for your best friend ] Yes :* Oh Kaitlinnnn. :)
[ been rejected ] Well, ive never really asked someone out.. ? Haha
[ rejected someone ] Uhm probably
[ used someone ] not on purpose? lol
[ done something you regret ] Duh.


[ smoke cigarettes ] Have, but don't.
[ color ur hair ] Highlight it once in a while.
[ ever get off the damn computer ] haha Yeah.
[ habla espanol ] Si senor.
[ drink alchohol? ] Yuh. Not a lot though.
[ like watching sunrises or sunset ] Uh not really? Its pretty i guess though?
[ what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain? ] Physical. lol. i dont know depends what it Iss!

Yay im done:)
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[27 Jun 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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