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postsecret.blogspot.com/ [9.14.05 - 9.09am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

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friends only from now on. [12.25.03 - 2.12pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Banner by me!
other journal: ___paintme!

you kno the dealio.

-Add me first
-Comment with why you want to be my friend (where you saw me, how you know me etc.)
-I'll add you back

Don't expect to stay on my friends list if you don't add me back after requesting an add.
Or if you rape my friends page in the ass with stupid shit.

(my community)


Marriage is love.

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its xmas timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee innnn waste staven [12.25.03 - 8.45am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

lesssseeeeeeee.......after brett's grandparents last night......oh oh wait gotta give in detail the ring giving...

so brett told me how he was just getting me a rose for xmas cuz im a bitch [yup] soooo he takes me outside his grandparents and is like "i kno u wanted a ring buttt i got u the next best thing heres ur gift its a rose" and its dark so im like....uhhhhh...and hes like "with a ring in it". so yeah. i peed myself and cried and was happy i didnt kno what to do with myself i shoulda just ran into townsend traffic......yup

so brett took me home around 11:30 and went upstairs to show off my new gift even tho every1 in the wrold knew i was getting it except emmy. dammit. lol opened 2 gifts and went to bed

then this morning AT 7AM my dad and pam start jumping on my bed getting me and emmy up to open gifts. lol

now to name all i got

+Snowboarding Jacket [course they tell me how they were GONNA get me a borad but i suck so thewy didnt wanna waste their money lol]

+Shoes that match the jacket...theyre like the adidas sneakers white and baby blue....but with heels haha so hot.

+"A" wrist band

+Makeup and shiz..mirror.harbrush..i dont need

+$50 gift certificate to urban outfitters


+Sweater via grandma and grandpa

+Watch from brett's grandparents

+A Santa holding bath stuff from Kizat

+Cute purse/wallet thingy from bretts mom and a $30 gift certificate to filenes

+++++Digital Cam/Video Cam /AND Web Cam..........hollllllllllerrrrrr too bad they didnt ship it in time im getting it prob tom.

next to see what my mom got me.

Merry Christmas, you ho ho hoez.

ok back to bed i go! woooooooosh.
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[12.25.03 - 12.05am]
what did lexi get from brett brett this xmas

1/2ct diamond riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggggggg

xmas is over for me goodnight happy new year
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[12.24.03 - 6.39pm]
merry freakin xmas tuttle

::still waiting for brett::

stumpywondahorse: ...
Lura Says: lmao
Lura Says: traffic
Lura Says: mad traffic round here
stumpywondahorse: eh, better than him hydroplaning and crashing into something on the Q bridge, immediately bursting into flames.
Lura Says: .................
Lura Says: i hateu so much
stumpywondahorse: what?
stumpywondahorse: you said it's traffic!
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cute [12.24.03 - 5.55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

funfunufunCollapse )

Tonight going to Brett's Grandparents

tom stuff.

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oh no. ho ho ho [12.24.03 - 5.15pm]

You are a Total Ho!

You've got to keep out of the mall

Santa, the elves, reindeer -

You've done them all!

The Xmas Quiz: Are You a Ho Ho Ho?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva
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[12.23.03 - 2.22am]
[ mood | amused ]

damn bretts been in the bathroom for a while...i wonder if he fell in. lmao

..now hes talking to sum1....i dont wanna kno.

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[12.23.03 - 2.02am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

I'm fat.

dammit so anyways yesterday sucked balls. Brett came over and we cleaned our room SO WELL

its SO Clean! i can see my floor!


yup my night kidna sucked. now i have to take my dog to the vet cuz suttins really wrong with her. annnd then me and brett are going xmas shopping. i have to buy brett suttin but now i cant cuz my moms not here andi dont have $$ to get him the gift he really wanted..i only have like $91 and even then i gotta buy otehr people stuff too kasjfjkashfkhfsjkhfjkhfjkfhjkah yeah. sooo im really hatin life right mnow. besides that i think im taking a 1/2 year off for college cuz its really late to apply now. dammit. die. Tonight im goign to my dad's to stay there till my moms back. [btw she hates me cuz i told the doctor to admit her.] yay for xmas. to add to all this brett leaves in like 3 weeks. JOY. k;jsfkljas


xmas eve- brett's grandparent's
xmas-presents for me!!!
>sum point go to alison's to help her cook the xmas turkey
also we are starting a new club its called crazy moms anonymous. and trust me u people may think ur moms are crazy...but u have no idea.

I hate xmas
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[12.22.03 - 2.39pm]
HOW DO YOU KISS? by 3circledsun
Your Kiss...Glides gently upon
...the curve of a hip
...and nibbles into
...sultry lips.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!
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JOIN JOIN JOIN [12.22.03 - 1.06pm]
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[12.22.03 - 1.25am]
[ mood | amused ]

so bretts writting his college essay...

EX TheCooler: its coming good
Lura Says: "its coming good"
Lura Says: thats not a good sign


p.s. brett got a livejournal


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b [12.22.03 - 12.12am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i'm angry.

i lvoe people who can take JOKES SO WELL.

fuck you.

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[12.21.03 - 4.46pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Ryan Tedstone: excellent
Lura Says: ?
Ryan Tedstone: i killed a baby on the way home
Lura Says: ....

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Were all Lushes..and i don't hate it. [12.21.03 - 10.48am]
[ mood | crappy ]

well good morning, journal readers! last night was pretty crazy

day after:
"My liver is quivering" - Brett

oh boy. well all and all brett threw up 4 times. tuttle threw up once...in bretts hand on his car door then out the door onto my leg. yum. uhmm BEFORE all that drank mad vodka under the bridgey thing with joe tuttle and justin. greygoose annnd smirnoff citrus twist...so good...vanilla and then like lemonade...holler. so yeah went and played pool where ryan met up with us. so yeah pool. brett threw up. then i wasnt allowed to go in the bathroom with him anymore even tho he was puking. ummmmm yeah elft. walked around bretts car went back under bridge chilled yeah throwing up people yeah. then every1 left justin kissed me ahaha whih was funny. uhmm ryan got into the truck on bretts car...do not ask me how he fit back there we were all drunk. then he left..brett threw up again [#4] and sum how drove home and passed out. yup. bye.

Xmas shopping update:

Brett [kno what im getting tho]
Brett's Mom
Brett's Grandparents
Ryan [kno what im getting him too]

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lord of the rings [12.20.03 - 1.52pm]
[ mood | awake ]

sooo yesterday brett came overr around 5:30 and we went to north haven theatre to see lotr 3 but it was all sold out till like 9 sooo we went and ate and then went to ryans for a while cuz we had time to waste. what an ight so far. theeen went to see lotr which was really really good. cept it wa slike 3 1/2 hours and i hadd pee really bad since the guy on fire threw himself off teh castle thing. yup. movie was hella good. <3 anyways thn got home at about 1 and had yummy sex and passed out. then today woke up around 11:30 brett went to help pam move suttin and his grandparents move other things. mover boy. lol now hes here i hae to shower and were going xmas shopping byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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[12.19.03 - 3.41pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

new journal look?


feedback plz

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[12.19.03 - 3.24pm]
wushu your ass: didn't u have a breast tumor or stomach tumor
wushu your ass: or something
Lura Says: ...no
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[12.19.03 - 3.17pm]
[ mood | full ]

ok so last night went with brett and his mom to get a tree, atedinner at friendly's, waited for bretts mom to do sum shopping, saw cj randomly at guilford walmart. and the big y sign in guilford now reads "big j" its hot. lol today no one woke me up for school. weird. oh well.......sadmklsajfaskljfakljf i need to go in...anyways..tonight im going to see lotr with brett brett. then tom xmas shopping with brett. and then iunno party in guilford? who knows gotta ask ry ry. bye.

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[12.18.03 - 5.07pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

yay emmy got her permit!

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