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Well, what can I say? I'm just me really, shy sometimes, loud the next, although still normally pretty unpredictable. If your reading this, you probably know a little about me already. So we'll just brush up on what we know, shall we?

Well, my name is Kyle. Otherwise known as luger_

Image by ravenselene

I was born and bred (and still living) in West London. I'm 20, and I started on the alternative scene in roughly 2004, but I like to think i've grown a little since then - i'm a bit of a mishmash of lots of different styles.


I'm currently attending Kingston University, in Kingston-upon-Thames in South London. I am studying for a BA History degree and are not in my final year. I also work part-time for National Car Rental, so expect a little bit of car geeking every so often :-)

Interests and Passtimes
I enjoy doing a hell of a lot of different things. I like to read, play games, surf the internet (by 'surf' I mean 'spend way to much time') and all sorts of random stuff. I enjoy going out at the weekends, and have been known to travel all around London and even the country to visit different clubnights. My preffered tastes in music are EBM/Syth and Futurepop/Darkwave/Trance/Dance/Industrial/Hardcore.

I've been called a lot of things in the past. From a trad to a damn raver. I don't like lables. Although, I have been told I am the younger version of kweilo before, which is disturbing.

(Me on the right, my main man kweilo on the left)

Gothics pose before heading out on NYE, 2005. Left to right, drfairlyevil, fire_brand, Myself, graven_fury)

I do like to go clubbing with my glowsticks. Yes sireee.

(thats me on the left with the blue, and mah buddeh wevil on the right with the orange.)

I've made a lot of good friends over the last year, and I always enjoy meeting new people. If I've met you once before, and you've reached here, add me to MSN or whatever, and we'll chat :) I'm also always up for meeting new people, and going out places. I'm very hard to offend, so just say what you think to me, I take everything with a pinch of salt anyway. I'll be honest with you, if you are honest with me, its how it works.

I'll look at your profile, and if I know you, you'll be added. But I often forget to check my info, so make sure you leave a message on my journal telling me you've added me. If I dont know you, I'll probably add you anyway, and then start on getting to know you. Simple eh?

So thats me. Enjoy.
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