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We would be so happy you and me__♥ [entries|friends|calendar]

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Maybe im in love.. [23 Aug 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | sore ]

AHHHHHHHH SCHOOL STARTS IN A FREAKING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ENTRY IS MESSED UP BECAUSE MY ENTER KEY STOPPED WORKING ok well today i woke up to jenna wake up jenna you have to go fix the pool with your dad...JENNA GET UP JENNAAAAAAAAAAA yeah my pool had 2 holes in it we had to patch up and of all the times for it to get a hole in it it got it when the water is at its coldest i mean like ice i didnt warm up after i got out of it for about an hour ,it was bad. ok well after that event me and my dad went crabbing we caught like 3 dozen crabs once again they were those rockin crabs we caught before<3 (we caught them listening to98rock) and after that amy and michael came over for dinner and ate crabs with us and now im here typing this!!! woo what a fun day.......not it was ok though bye bye

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everyone is evil [21 Aug 2004|09:40pm]
i wanted sarah to come over but nooooooooooo she has to do some gay stuff and of course!!!i mean why wouldnt something all of the sudden happen oh yeah and i cant forget this one i imed tori and she was at first really nice and then all of the sudden she warned me and then blocked me i mean what the hell and then when i imed her on my other sn she said what the hell jenna and then blocked that one 2

Loves an excuse to get hurt And to hurt

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"ITS BOTTOMLESS PITCHER NIGHT!" [21 Aug 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

ok well yesterday i went dancing it was mucho funno!!haha this older kid named joel came up to me and was like do you want to dance and i was like uhhhh no but she does pointing to sophia and she said not uh she loves you well any way this kid ended up dancing with this girls mom and i felt bad and then in the parking lot when we saw him he was all shaking his ass for us and stuff it was funny .And before that we went to dennys i got a milkshake it was gooood and sophia kept putting syrup on sarah and she was getting really mad it was funny. after dancing sarah and sophia came over to spend the night .I straightened sophias hair and OH MY FREAKING GOD it was bootyful!!lol then we watched tv and talked and what not and the went to beddie bye.I think sarahs coming over to spend the night again tonight im not sure thought but hopefully<3
oh yeah and i have a huge amount of ocean city pictures that i will post when i have the time any ways
goodbye loves<3

And to hurt

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I never said i'd take this lying down... [17 Aug 2004|07:56pm]
Hollys here we had a massive fun noodle battle AND OFCOURSE I WON!!!we are going to the store to get icecream hopefully<3woot woot
ok well gtg
buh byes
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What i really meant to say is im sorry for the way i am.. [15 Aug 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

ok well i havent written in a very long time i havent been feeling like it .Today me and my dad worked on this hole in my wall wel put up this drywall stuff in it and we SPACKLED IT!!!we are putting shelfs in it because im redoing my room as you know.i got a giant dry erase board and a giant uhh whats it called......oh yeah cork board any way i say spiderman 2 I LOVE IT I THINK ITS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER .i think holly's coming over tuesday=)Im afraid of going to parkville im gonna get so lost.....hopefully i can go dancing this friday .ummmm my room echos now its funny because everything is off the walls and all that good stuff because we must paint o yes fun fun uhh........i tried to get into this tbs community but they were gay .i found this girl in this community and she made me two awsome icons they are beautiful welllll good bye for now my sunshine buddas<3 This entry is all for randomness lol

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muahaha [10 Aug 2004|10:43pm]

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stolen from the lovely katie<3 [08 Aug 2004|05:39pm]

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[04 Aug 2004|01:37pm]
im not gonna write 4 a while so
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blehhhhhhhhh [03 Aug 2004|01:19am]
[ mood | tired ]

im sorry i dont really feel like writing lately but 2 days ago my sister, her husband ,logan and lacey came over it was fun they spent the night my cousin is coming over soon and im redoing my room im so freaking excited heres a pick of the bed stuff im getting i <3 it

knock knock knocking on heavens doorCollapse )

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i want to ride my bicicle !! i wanr to ride my bikeeeeeee [30 Jul 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so i went to the mall with amanda and christina it wuz funnerz and then we saw timmy and dave and the lovelay hoolay hoop it was fun christina kept yelling at the guy at the phone booth and asking him if he just randomly throws things at people for like 10 minutes while amanda ran up to spencers with the white paper he threw at her to see if there was "something" on it and ofcourse it just turn purple from the black light and some how julie was on the floor being pulled around by her arm and then julies frend zach kept beating up random objects like plants and poles and for some reason everyone just loves to sit on julies lap lol amanda kept yelling at all the black people and the wiggers well my night was interesting o and we were playing in kayb toys it was fun ok well tootles


and i finally got to see all of my lovelys i missed them so AND O YEAH I FINALLY MET KATIE(KATERZ)!! LOL she wanted to rape all of the guys at the mall lol

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[30 Jul 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im so bored its friday and im not doing anything and i cant go dancing bcuz my sister has farm fair any ways thats all grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and amanda wont came back

And to hurt

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and sometimes i get dark... [28 Jul 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

ok well i love my hair and didnt i say there would be more meaningless and pointless pictures ok well they are of my hair dont ask why they just are. and today my dads taking me and my mom on the boat to go to eat at some place on the water in like 30 minutes im freaking starving he better hurry up all i ate today was a little bowl of cereal ahhhhhhhhh my hermit crabs possessed! lol nvm


How do you know everything im about to say , am i that obvious and if its written on my face i hope i never goes......awayCollapse )

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i aint no high class broad.. [27 Jul 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

ok well i havent written like in detail for a while so here it is i had to leavethe beach as planned instead of staying an extra day because it was rainy and we were out of money anyway but i didnt want to come home. i miss being there and seeing logan and lacey every morning when i woke up uhhh.we went on the board walk like three times i got....a bracelet with those tiny spikey balls and they r pink and it has black and white its hard to explain.I also got 4 hermit crabs,5 belly button rings,2 ankle bracelets,a happy bunny shirt that sez i smell like butt,a purdy green turtle shirt,another bracelet mi madre bought me it sez forever and it has pink and red hearts she bought me and naya one.o yes and the most awsome pimp hat ever it has my name and two cherries ill show ya laterand i think thats it .i havent done much since then i ate crabs finally and down in ocean city i had about 5 milkshakes and since ive been back i made like 3 of my own but they werent as good... any ways my hair is red now and its beautiful and it smellz good lol ok so thats about it  im not quite sure if im doing this right but im gonna post sum pictures that i took of me cuz i was so out of my mind bored and when i get the oc pics done ill post them


you're so above meCollapse )

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Im leaving in 5 and a half hours!! [17 Jul 2004|01:07am]
im leaving so soon and i havent slept yet soo i love u all and sorry i didnt get to tlk to you all<33 i shall miss you
<333good bye my lovelys333
talk to you in 8 days
<3 jenna
Loves an excuse to get hurt And to hurt

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good eye sniper... [15 Jul 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]

ok so maybe yesterday i had a slight outburst but its happened 2 me twice im not gonna do the pics today but i will write about the past 3 days.. ok

3 days ago my mom took me to get my new all black slip ons n then she went crazy and bought me a cherry skirt n a cherry shirt that are completely awsome then i came home n then we left again to go get mcdonalds my dad couldnt understand wut the ppl on the mic thing were saying so he decided just to say"your speaker blows" it was funny

2 days ago mi madre took me to fashion bug n bought me a bathing suit and 2 shirts that r beautiful

yesterday my sister came over and we went night swimming it was kool but i kept thinking i was going to get a bug in my mouth or sumthing

i wrote it way longer yesterday but i 4 get wut it sed so tootles


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Are you in or are you out? [14 Jul 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | energetic ]



And to hurt

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[11 Jul 2004|10:22pm]
Last night i spent the night at coleys house (cousin)her baby is morgan(my godchild)
we made these mobile things mines awsome lol it was fun then when i came home my sister n her sister(not mine) came over n went swimming then we ate burgers n i ate my.......CINNAMIN TOAST CRUNCH hellz yeah ne ways we made a wave pool it was fun well gtg bye
luv yahz
Loves an excuse to get hurt And to hurt

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[07 Jul 2004|11:57pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i just typed like this huge entry n then deleted it i am so fucking pissed rite now god!fuck it..

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song [03 Jul 2004|01:58pm]
where do u go my lovely where do u go i wunna no my lovely i wunna no
where do u go I WUNNA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO where do u where do u go!
breaking out with my singing skills lol
Loves an excuse to get hurt And to hurt

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[03 Jul 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im having a cookout thing today n I GET TO C MY BABIES!!!! im so happy lol i get to c morgan,lacey,and logan woo woo haha they r awsome my nephew logan told his frend he was gonna kick his ass n he is only 4 =)lol n he loves blink182 well no taco bell today but im eatin spaghetti yay go italians lol im hyperwell i think my new journal is soooooooooooo purday!! thank  u katie!!!!!  and the picture is butyful ok well gtg

<3luv you all

Loves an excuse to get hurt And to hurt

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