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Did you ever stop to think... [entries|friends|calendar]
never knows best

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[20 Apr 2005|03:13pm]
[ mood | sore ]

A man down the street from me shot himself last night at 7.
The bullet from the gun sparked the fumes in his garage.
My street was blocked off, and Jason, Josh and I watched the cop cars, fire engines, and ambulances come and go.
We were confused because the house appeared to be fine. (The garage is in the back of the house.)
Then I found out why.

Pray for his family, I don't care who you pray to, how often, or if you don't at all....Think good thoughts at least.

9 said they loved me.| Tell me another lie.

w t f [20 Jan 2005|03:37am]
[ mood | weird ]

Not being able to sleep....sucks.
Not being able to sleep for almost 3 days straight....sucks even more.


Sinus infections + Chronic Migraines + Toothaches +All at once = really...fucking...sucks.

But Mike rocks, and so does cheesy rice, and thrift store clothes and brett cause he payed for the thrift store clothes, and Mike cause he's Mike

:) I'm actually in a good mood, aside from the intense physical head/face/mouth pain.

Random pics, accumulative over a few days, some may have no reason or make any sense to you.Collapse )

Wow I think I'm going to go busy myself with something other than this. Hahaha...sorry if it took awhile to load for none of your amusement. Yes I know this is public, it's cause a lot of this is mainly on here for someone else to get. I don't give a flip

Skraa! I love Mike.
Maybe you too.

Oh yeah, new layout...no it's not supposed to be a heart. I'm not sure wtf that is outside of them.
I am really bored, and paint is amusing me.

10 said they loved me.| Tell me another lie.

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