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so here's what happened.. [29 Jun 2010|01:33pm]
[ mood | sad ]

branden and i broke up on saturday night just after i came home from jesse's grad party..
he sent me a text last weekend while i was at work saying, "are we wasting our time pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend?"... "the past month i have been in school, we have not done anything past friends. we have been together for almost four years. it seemed to only get worse from high school. the only thing i can do for you is to try to make you fall in love with me every month and i don't think i can do that anymore. school is taking up a large part of my life. when i get a job, i will have even less time. i don't want you to waste your time trying when i know i'm just going to be lazy with our relationship. its not fair."

now like i said.. i was at work so i couldn't talk about it. and then i tried to ask him what he wanted to do about it but i never really got an answer out of him. for the rest of the week..we argued a lot. i went over his place to see him tuesday night after work just simply because i wanted to see him but we ended up arguing in my car until 4am. a lot of the stuff said was unnecessary and pointless and so it didn't get us anywhere. i said alright enough.. let's go inside and go to bed. i left his place around 10 the next morning. on saturday night, i called him after work and couldn't take it anymore so i said.. i don't think this is working out, i need to step out of this because i don't want to be in the way and add extra stress and pressure now that you're doing well in school and stuff..so yeah, that was that.

why would i want to be in this any longer when he said he was just going to be lazy. that just tells me he can't handle school, work, and me all at once.. it's just crazy that he's finally doing what he's supposed to be doing..and then this. ugh, oh well.. i've got a lot to do in this short lifetime of mine and i don't need to be held back by anything or anyone. i really did see a lot of good in the kid but he just doesn't know how to be organized and he doesn't have good time management i guess..

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entry 1 of summer 2010. [27 Jun 2010|01:52pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Holy guacamole, have I been incredibly busy. I feel like typing all proper and grammatically correct so this entry has taken me days to write. Time is flying by and I can't seem to keep track of the days. So.. I’m just sitting here, drinking some kool-aid, listening to some music. I have to do something to raise my spirits to be at CVS all day today. Blahhh.. I’ve been there for almost a year now, started working there July 26th of last year. It’s not that bad of a job but it does become monotonous. I have to do the same exact process every shift that I’m there since I barely ever open. Ring people up, help people on the Kodak machines, develop/process film, deal with old people who are either grumpy, can’t understand how to use the technology we have (or both), and then try to straighten and clean up the store since it seems to never get done during the week. Man I really miss having Harold (store manager) around. He’s coming back sometime next month I believe, he’s been gone because he had surgery for pancreatic cancer but I heard he’s going to be just fine. That’s pretty remarkable because pancreatic cancer is usually pretty vicious.
Finished up my first “year” of college, which only lasted from October 5th until June 17th lol. I go back to school to start my fourth quarter on July 12th. My classes this past quarter went well and I absolutely loved my schedule. My math class was very easy but I did brush up on some old skills and I really needed that, plus the teacher was great. She had us do this project where we made mathematical shapes and decorated them. I decided to try an octahemioctahedron (http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~jsm28/polyhedra/octahemioctahedron.jpeg) and I definitely want to try making more and do something similar to what Kirsten Hassenfeld does (http://www.kirstenhassenfeld.com/installations/Suite1.jpg), just make a bunch of shapes and college them into the corner of a room. Speech was a bit challenging, I’m still not that comfortable with talking for more than 2 minutes in front of people and my voice gets all shaky and weak but George is an awesome teacher and the people in the class made the class pretty entertaining. Type & Image was kind of bland, we basically just made up a company in the beginning of the class and created a logo for it and used it for the rest of the class, doing different projects like corporate identity stuff (business cards, brochures, etc), packaging design, and outdoor advertisements. I didn’t really learn much except for a couple of tricks on Photoshop because Sinisa (although I do like the guy most of the time) doesn’t really teach the entire class tricks and tools of the trade like he should. He just waits around for you to ask him questions and he usually doesn’t give you the answers you want. He also doesn’t go out of his way to provide you with your progress throughout the class. I also took an art history class online during the first six weeks of the quarter which wasn’t very fun but I did learn a lot of things by doing research for my assignments. I loved learning about the Gothic era and found out that I reallllllly like the Manueline-style Cathedrals and buildings. I probably won’t ever do an online class again but it was nice to have extra time to do other things after the online class was over.

I really do love my school and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made to go there. I’ve made a handful of friends who are really talented and I’m learning a lot by just being around a creative environment and finding new ways to approach different types of art projects. I wish there were more hands-on art classes, I’m going to be taking Form and Space this summer and I think that’s the last hands-on class. I’m really excited because I think Cynthia is teaching it and she’s my favorite teacher there. I would have liked to have Bryan, who usually teaches the class, he seems really awesome but I guess he won’t be able to during the summer for some reason. I’m also taking another math class, Digital Illustration, and Digital Photography.

My schedule, July 12th until September 24th:
Mondays - Math 9-11am
Tuesdays - Form & Space 11:15-2:15pm, Digital Photography 2:30-5:30pm
Wednesdays - Math 9-11, Digital Illustration 2:30 - 5:30pm
Thursdays - Form & Space 11:15-2:15pm, Digital Photography 2:30-5:30pm
Fridays - Digital Illustration 2:30-5:30pm

The art club that I’m in at school is finally getting somewhere. We’re doing a project for a pizzeria in New Hudson. I’m still trying to come up with a composition but I’m pretty sure I want it to be Roy Lichtenstein-ish meets Pizza Planet from Toy Story with dinosaurs and space stuff. I was also asked to do this project for the school with a few other people. It’s a life size charcoal drawing, Robert Longo style (http://blog.costumenational.com/images/robert-longo/Robert-Longo.jpg). I think I’m going to draw Branden if he’s up for it.. we actually broke up last night. We decided that we just need to put our relationship on the backburner for a while and maybe come back to it at another point in time. He’s got a lot on his plate right now, (he’s going to Ai also now for Graphic Design) and trying to find work. He’s trying to fix up his car and he has other ambitions and I don’t want to be in the way of that. Anyways, if he’s still up for it, he gets to get dressed up at the mall and I have to take pictures of him in the dressing room of him doing all sorts of weird contorted poses. I’m probably going to be drawn by either Jack or Andrea so I get to take pictures to. I’m not that great at drawing but hopefully Branden can help me along the way because he’s awesome at drawing. Even though I’m upset that our relationship has ended for now, I really am proud of him. He’s going to be done November of 2011 and then he’s going to Henry Ford Community College for automotive design stuff. I also have some other art things that I’m working on. I’m trying to help get this teen art club going at Maxwell’s Arts & Treasures. It’s going to be every other Wednesday at 6pm. I can’t wait to see who shows up on this Wednesday. I’m really excited to be going there again, I used to go there kind of often when I was still living in GC but my life got really busy. I walked in there last Wednesday and was amazed with how the place looks now. There’s a stage, a good sound system, recording capabilities, they knocked down some walls to expand the place, and there’s so much artwork everywhere.
The time is now 12:26, I would love to finish this before I start getting ready for work at 1:30 so I’m going to try. This entry is gonna be all over the place because I’m typing as things come to mind. I wanted to actually write about everything in a somewhat orderly fashion, somewhat chronological but.. I haven’t done a good job of keeping track of dates and I can’t remember what things happened when.
Update on my plants. I have four mammoth sunflower plants growing in a pot that Branden decorated for me. The tallest one is now more than 2 feet high. I planted Royal Carpet seeds with them and they’re growing pretty nicely too. I can’t wait until my flowers (hopefully) bloom. The other seeds that I planted a couple months back died (not sure why, sad face) so I had to replant them. They’re doing okay but I need to plant some more seeds this week, quite a few died probably because of the crazy rain we’ve been having lately. I’ll post pictures later. So far, I’ve tried to grow: mammoth sunflowers, lavender, purple cones, lobelia, royal carpet/alyssum, fruit smoothie zinnias, California poppies, blue bachelor’s buttons, snapdragons, watermelon heaven poppies, green envy zinnias, pinwheel zinnias, bright light cosmos, and pacific beauty calendulas.

Okay so I’m going to briefly talk about the other things I’ve been doing lately besides work and school and it’s going to be completely out of order.
Renaissance Center in Detroit – I worked with Branden, his mom, and Ashley at this banquet dinner, greeting and escorting people to their tables. Made like $60 which was nice because it was only a couple hours of work. After we were done, we went up the glass elevator to the top floor of the building (I think it was the 72nd floor) and looked around at Detroit and Windsor.
Jake & Sam – Branden and I hung out with Jake Browning and Sam Stark a little while back. We went up to DAV and I bought this awesome giant set of bowling pins and two bowling balls for like $6. Then we went up to the high school to check out the art show. Afterwards we went and got ice cream and I think that’s all we did. It was nice though, they’re such a cute couple.
Movies I’ve seen lately – I went with the Art Club at school to Royal Oak a while back to see this independent film called Exit Through the Gift Shop which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys art. I can’t wait to own it when it comes out on DVD. It’s about street art and Banksy made the film. I also went to see Iron Man 2, and it was freaking amazing. Robert Downey Jr. is yummy. I went with Branden and then went with Tammy on another day. Tammy took me out to Carraba’s Italian Grill which was delish. Tammy and I went the next week to see Shrek 3 and my sister came with us. The soundtrack was great and I think it was the 2nd best of the series, next to the first of course. Last week I went to see Toy Story at midnight with Branden at the AMC 20 by my place. Saw it again with Tammy and my sister the next day at Canton Cinema. Tammy took us to Chili’s and I had some delicious fajita lmao. That movie gets 5 stars from me; I loved every minute of it. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since the 2nd one came out. I feel so old thinking about when the first one came out. It was such a big part of my life growing up and I think all three are masterpieces. I really loved the short animation before the movie, Day & Night. How clever.
Shows I’ve gone to lately – I went with Branden to the Magic Stick and saw Reverend Horton Heat. I wanted to see that man perform for a long ass time and I am so happy that I made it out there. What an amazing guitarist that man is. His band was also amazing, they had a really tight show and by tight I mean their arrangements were executed perfectly; no mistakes that I could catch. I’d love to see them again, especially at a smaller venue like the Magic Stick. I’ve never seen the Magic Stick more crowded than it was that night, which was shocking because it was a Tuesday night for one and secondly, because of the smoking ban. The ban makes shows so much more fun to go to though. It’s so awesome to come home and not reek of cigarettes. The two opening bands that night were Split Lip Rayfield (awesome set, they were these badass bluegrass dudes) and Cracker (LAME). I also went to Ann Arbor with Brooke, her boyfriend Jake, Alex Eagal, and Branden to the BTB Cantina to see the Green Room Rockers. I’d love to go to that place again, the food was sooooo good. I had an AWESOME chicken quesadilla and it was like $3.50 I think. Lmao, I’m such a beaner. Branden and I drove to Ypsilanti to pick up Brooke and Jake. We parked in a garage downtown and then met up with Alex and this chocolate place. I bought a few different truffles there, one of them was key lime pie and it was something I’d love to have again but it wasn’t cheap lol. We walked to the BTB from the chocolate place and stopped at the graffiti alley on the way. I’m gonna have to go back there during the daytime to check it out. So yeah, we got to the show (there was no cover which is always great) and sat in a huge booth. It took forever for the opening bands to actually play their set which was kind of bullshit but whatever, I’m not going to complain about a free show that had cheap awesome food lol. Anyways, the two bands that played before were okay but kind of lame. GRR’s set was very impressive. I saw them at the Blind Pig when they opened up for the Slackers and I thought they were awesome back then but wow..their sound and set improved a LOT!

People I’ve hung out with lately – Trying to find time to hang out with people was really rough during this past quarter of school. Now that I’m out of school until July 12th, I’m trying to get out and talk to people more. This is probably going to sound all Debbie Downer-ish but the fact is that I haven’t had much of a social life. I don’t live in student housing, I don’t really know anyone in the city I’m living in currently (and I totally don’t fit in lol), and I don’t have any really close friends anymore. It’s probably my fault and I’m sure there’s things that people don’t like about me, I don’t get asked to hang out much. I’ve always been the one to make plans and I just don’t feel like doing that anymore, although I realize that if I stop doing it completely, I’ll end up being a complete hermit lol. But yeah, I just want to sit back and see who honestly wants to talk to me. I’m just trying to occupy my time with the things I’m trying to accomplish. I don’t want to get distracted and waste any of my time if I can help it. I realize that I have to really get serious about this career stuff and be thinking about ways to build up my portfolio constantly. I have way too many goals and I can’t let anyone hold me back. Enough about that rant, I have had some good times with people lately. I hung out with Cassie and Jessie a couple weeks ago at Jessie’s host mom’s place. Branden was with us too and we just sat in the backyard catching up on stuff. I went to student housing with Branden to Lee’s birthday party which was actually quite fun. Branden and I went on a double date to Buffalo Wild Wings with Andrea and her boyfriend Ryan, just before heading out to the BTB Cantina. I ran into Sheila Smith there, haven’t seen that girl in years. She and I went to freakin kindergarten together and we were really close friends in middle school; crazy. I also went to Garden City’s Graduation. Robyn, Jessie, Alex, Branden, and I went together sorta. We went to Big Boy’s afterwards. Tammy and I went out after work last weekend to this place in Plymouth called Zakk’s. I love little 24hr diner places, I’m definitely gonna have to go there again. I had some yummy french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. My sister’s been over here since Wednesday which has been pretty cool since I don’t see her more than a day or two every week usually. As annoying as she can be sometimes, she’s pretty awesome to have as a sibling. Her and I went to Maxwell’s for the first teen art club meeting and then we went over to the Northville Library and rented Big Fish and A Nightmare on Elm Street (the very first one lmao). Big Fish is now also a favorite. I also borrowed a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy CD, some horror comic stuff, and some other art books which I’ll talk about in my next entry after I take a look at them this week. My sister checked out some books with loads of sheet music so I have to go through them and make copies. So yeah, that’s what I’ll be up to this week. On Friday, I dropped my sister off at a friend’s birthday party and I drove around GC for a bit and ended up at Plato’s because I was starving. I tried calling Branden but he was busy, called Jessie but she didn’t answer, and then I remembered that David Williams and I had tried to get together a few days before to catch up so I gave him a call. He ended up having dinner with me and we both had burgers. He told me about how he ended up quitting his job, and how he’s not smoking pot anymore so that he can work at this labor union job that his grandpa got him and such. It was really nice to get together and talk to him, he’s always been a pleasant person to talk to. He used to be my best friend in middle school and we always got along really well. Hmm.. what else. Oh! My cousin Brendan might be coming over on Monday, hopefully we can get together and play some music.

Shit, it’s now 1:40. I’m gonna end this for now and definitely update again this week because I want to keep better track of the days. I don’t want to have to do another entry like this for a long ass time because it takes me days to gather my thoughts and have time to write it all down. I want to be more organized with all aspects of my everyday life, especially my thoughts. I want to make this summer as productive as possible. I’m gonna set a goal right now for two entries a week.

Goals for this week:
Make copies of the sheet music
Go through the books I checked out from the library and update on them.. as well as the ones I just ordered from Amazon which should be arriving soon.
Edit my wishlist.
Create a plan in order to save money for things I want. Make list for this I’m saving up for and add to a journal entry.
Look for scholarships.
Start playing music again.

Alright, I feel a lot better now. Hopefully today won’t be so bad, I’m trying my best to not be all mopey and such..

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Writer's Block: A fine romance [13 Jun 2010|12:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

What is the most romantic moment of your life so far? What made it so special? Do you think you will ever top it?

aww.. what a cute question. couldn't pass this one up.. my most romantic moment would have to be the first time branden and i ever kissed. we were laying in the grass in my front lawn at my dad's.. we were talking, looking up at the sky, and we saw like 7 shooting stars.. i ended up on top of him, looking into his eyes and we just sorta smiled, giggled, and then we kissed. i believe it was august 14th of 2006? damn, that was a while ago hahah..

it'll be pretty damn difficult to top that because that's what made me fall in love in the first place.. but our relationship continues to grow stronger (especially lately), so who knows what could happen.
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[26 Apr 2010|08:19pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so it's been about a week since i planted my flower seeds and more than 30 have sprouted now. very happy about that. =o)

i can't believe i'm already on week four of eleven, semester three. time is flying by way too fast and i feel like more exciting things should be going on in my life. i realized the other day that i wish i had more pictures of things that have been going on.. but there really hasn't been anything going on.. it's always the same routine. go to school monday through thursday, work friday through sunday. i don't really hang out with anyone other than branden...that needs to change. not that i don't enjoy hanging out with him but.. it would be a lot healthier for me to communicate with other people more. i reaaally need more of a social life. i found out yesterday that darryl pierce and barb davis, my old bandmates, are having some sort of gig on thursday may 6th so i'm definitely going to that. it's been WAY too long since i've seen them. man i miss playing music so freaking much. i NEED to start playing piano and harmonica again. vocal lessons are going well, robyn goes with me and she has a lesson with terry as well every week. i'm trying to find out what makes my voice unique and i'm trying to smooth the transition from mid-voice to head-voice but it's far from easy.. especially because of my allergies and my voice is still changing every so often. i'll get comfortable with singing a certain way and then bam.. it feels totally different. i really need to visit larry and vicki too. ugh.

so i really need to update my wardrobe. being a sagittarius makes me want variety all the time, it kills me. i can never just chill out. my mind is constantly trying to find ways to improve my life and customize things.. so i decided to start looking at some websites to see if there was anything i might like to buy... and..well..
here is my rant on current fashion.Collapse )

that is all for now. i have to clean my room, cut/print out coupons, fold and put away laundry, then come back and try to start my online homework for the week.. oh shit, and i have to write my two speeches for wednesday.. damnit, i don't have any ideas for that yet.

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[25 Apr 2010|10:50am]
four posts in one week! hell yes. i am so happy i forced myself to start posting again.. it feels great.

as of now, 25 seeds (including one of branden's mammoth sunflowers lmao) have sprouted. i'm gonna try to take a picture later..

friday, branden and i went to a few places for his birthday. i'm glad the weather was nice while we were out and about because it's been really crappy this weekend. rainy, cold, and grey. we were kinda lazy so we didn't get out until around 3:30-4ish. we drove into downtown ann arbor, found a parking garage, and walked into middle earth. there were a few cool things but.. i wasn't really impressed and plus.. we really wanted to have enough time to look around at scrapbox before it closed for the day. i had heard about this place from some people at school. it's basically a warehouse full of overstock stuff that manufacturer's would normally just throw out. they sell it for cheap and you can use this stuff for like.. art projects and whatevs. branden and i got a couple bagfuls of random stuff for less than 10 each. i bought a big bag full of these sweet neon stickers, along with some plastic pieces. i think i'm going to make a fake stereo, kind of like i did with my abe lincoln cut-paper project. branden bought some foam, who knows what he'll use that for lol.. but we're both very excited to go back. i highly recommend you check that place out. =o)

we didn't make it to the fleetwood so we drove back and ordered from buffalo wild wings. my verdict: the potato wedges are amazing and mango habanero sauce is awesome. we watched avatar and i really liked it. it wasn't the best movie i've ever seen but i like that it was wholesome. by wholesome i mean, it could be enjoyed by just about everyone who appreciates movies. it was pretty much the whole package; some comedy, action, great CGI, etc. branden's parents bought him mint chocolate chip ice cream and a sampler cheesecake which had like 4 different kinds. delicious.

i'm supposed to be doing my online homework but this chapter was pretty boring. early christian and byzantine art.. blahhh.. i gotta find 6 pieces of art to talk about for a powerpoint presentation. so glad that i'm starting week 4 out of 6 on monday of my online class. the homework load so far is no where near what i had last quarter. i miss having more of the hands-on art classes but.. having one studio kind of class is nice. i'm really happy with the logo i created for my type & image class but it kinda blows that we're going to be using it for the rest of the projects during the class. i need to create a business card, a letterhead, and an envelope and i have no idea how i want to do it yet. oh well, i'll just stay at school for a while after monday's math class. hmm what else do i need to do.. ahh, i need to write two speeches for wednesday. i'm becoming more comfortable speaking in front of a group of people finally but.. it's hard for me not to mess up when i'm talking. i feel all the muscles in my face start spazzing out and it really screw me up lol..

aww, today is the 25th soo.... branden and i have been dating for pretty much 44 months. things are going pretty well. he just got his GED, i'm going to help him this week with making a resume and getting enrolled at Ai.

i can't believe april is almost over and may is about to start. time is flying by WAY too fast. alright, i'm gonna try and get some of that homework done.
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[23 Apr 2010|12:15pm]
[ mood | excited ]

21 seeds have sprouted. so happy! =oP

today is branden's 19th birthday. i'm just eating some breakfast right now.. then i'm gonna get ready.. we're going to his house for a bit.. i'll probably need to get gas.. then i think we're going to ann arbor, hitting up middle earth, scrapbox, and maybe the fleetwood diner.. then we're going to order from bdubs in westland..eating at his place, having cake and ice cream.. and then maybe we'll see a movie or something.. so0oa excited!

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wishlist [19 Apr 2010|09:38pm]
I Am Plastic: The Designer Toy Explosion - Paul Budnitz
Art of Decorative Paper Stencils - Yaguchi Kamako
The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl's Guide to

Handmade Jewelry - Jennifer Perkins
Retro Graphics: A Visual Sourcebook to 100 Years of Graphic

Design - Jonathan Raimes
water color in motion - Birgit Oconnor
1000 music graphics - Stoltze Design
thinking creatively - robin landa
1,000 Garment Graphics: A Comprehensive Collection of Wearable

Designs - Jeffrey Everett
Modern Dog: 20 Years of Poster Art - Michael Strassburger
Breathers: A Zombie's Lament - S. G. Browne
World War Z - Max Brooks
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, Napalm & Silly Putty, and

Brain Droppings - George Carlin
craft inc -meg mateo ilasco
over & over - mike perry
diy - ellen lupton
guerilla art kit - keri smith
secret life of logos - leslie carbarga
complete color harmony workbook - rockport
1000 bar & cafe graphics - luke herriott
digital textile design - melanie bowles
watercolor depth realism - laurie humble
watercolor pen & ink - claudia nice
vibrant watercolor - soon y. warren
polymer clay color inspirations - lindly haunani
print liberation - nick paparone

candles - pineapple cilantro (heaven sent), harbor mist (colonial), tangerine cream & pomegranate (organic living), applewood, pumpkin chai, honeydew, vanilla mint

ace of cakes
george carlin, lewis black, and mitch hedberg stand-up stuff
death note

technology stuff:
wacom tablet

mac: plumage, nehru, tilt, aquadisiac, idol eyes, shimmermoss, plum dressing, sketch, beauty marked, contrast, prussian, electric eel, print, digit, humid, nocternelle, cool heat, trax, embark, graphology, purple haze, paradisco, fig. 1
makeup forever: 92, 149
urban decay: freakshow
opi nail colors: purple with a purpose, breathe life, gargantuan green grape, greenwich village, teal the cows come home, give me the moon, ladies and magenta men, jade is the new black


to be continued...
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you electrify my life, let's conspire to reignite. [19 Apr 2010|02:11pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

it's been way too long since i updated my journal. i've been thinking about doing this almost every day but.. i've been so busy and when i wasn't busy, i would just want to relax and do a whole lot of nothing. so i have to rewind from last june.. about 10 months ago, when i moved to northville... hmm.. where to begin..

there's still lots of family issues going on.. the battle over robyn still isn’t over, the divorce isn’t settled yet.. i feel so bad for my mom. robyn is still living with my father.. and doesn't plan on ever living with my mom.. which makes her sad and that makes me sad.. my dad is a liar, he manipulates people, and i wish she could see the whole picture and not just what's going on in her world.. but what should i expect from her when she's only 12 i guess..

how do i feel about living in northville? well.. it's a really nice city, I'm surrounded by a few of other really nice cities.. there's stuff to do...but.. I still don't feel like it's home. I feel like it's just a temporary place.

i just started my third semester of college on april 5th at the art institute of michigan. currently taking a REALLY easy math class, effective speaking (which is a speech class with an awesome teacher), type and image, and an online art history class. everyone for the most part is really nice and willing to help out. i've made a couple of friends and i'm also in art club.. we haven't done a whole lot but we're trying to get a really cool project together for this quarter.. we wanted to do some stuff to a car frame but it doesnt look like we're gonna be able to do that for legal reasons.. blahh.. whatevs.

i started school october 5th of 2009. the long summer break was fantastic. i managed to get two jobs last summer, one at Plato's Closet in Novi and another at CVS in downtown Northville as a photo technician/cashier. i worked at plato's until about september, they didn't really need me after the school shopping season was over which was fine because that place wasn't a whole lot of fun to work at and i wasn't going to be able to handle two jobs and go to school. i don't think i'll ever work at a clothing store again, it's hard to do something like for example, straightening clothes and making displays look good, only to have it messed up as soon as you walk away. CVS has been fun though, the people i work with are pretty great, the work is challenging at times but only because it gets pretty busy and you have to know how to manage your time wisely and get orders done on time.. but i've learned a WHOLE lot. the discount is pretty nice too, 20% off of regular items and 30% off CVS brand stuff.

i took my road test on august 25th (my third anniverary with branden) and got my license shortly after. didn't get my car until mid september i think.. i have a saturn stationwagon, and yes.. it's a mom/grandma car but.. i love it. i named it Satchmo. =o)

i'm trying to think of what happened last summer before i get into other stuff... hmm.. *pulls out phone to look at calendar*...i went to that RBF show i talked about in my last entry, we took pictures with them after the show and also with the guitar player of the supervillains. i missed the supervillains set because i had to go somewhere with branden before and we didn’t end up getting there until the english beat's set.. so that was pretty disappointing but.. hopefully there will be another time.

september 1st, i went to rochester hills with kristin, we got our hair done.. i cut off an inch or two to keep up the haircut i had gotten before graduation. i also dyed some chunks with two different shades of purple by special effects, loved it.. i redyed it a few times until the bleached parts were grown out about an inch.. then i went back to black (like amy winehouse) in the beginning of january i believe.. i'm hoping to put some red, orange, and blue sometime soon..

i went to this bar out in auburn hills twice to see some harmonica pals of mine. curtis salgado played there september 10th, hadn't seen him since i was about 10 or 11.. and on the 20th, i saw rick estrin.

i never ended up going to any of the places i listed in my last entry. sadface. hopefully if they're still open, i'll make time to go really soon now that i have a car and my schedule isn't too crazy.

october 5th, first semester of college. i had two classes i really liked and two that i disliked a lot. design fundamentals with cynthia sarris and color theory with her sister stephanie was amazing. they're both great but i personally like cynthia a lot better, she has the perfect personality to be an art teacher. she's nice, understanding, willing to help you out whenever, but she's also got a weird side.. she has a touch of ADD, OCD, and she's extremely silly. the two other classes were dreadful. English with Mr. Barkley was soooooooooooooooooo boring. I don't think I learned anything. And lastly, Computers for the Arts. This chick Claudia taught the class, but she wasn't really capable of teaching it.. she seemed pretty fake to me. She was really young to be a college instructor and you would think that in order to get hired for a job like that, you should know both Mac and PC but she absolutely refused to help anyone who wanted to use Macs (the computer labs we were in were able to switch between the two). Anyways, she was terrible. She just made us do assignments out of the Microsoft Office book. I did learn a lot about the newer Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but I learned it from the book and not her. Plus, this was supposed to be Computers for the ARTS.. the other classes covered some of the Adobe Creative Suite too.

October 11t h was the Zombie Walk in Royal Oak. The event was to raise money and donate food to Gleaners Food Bank. There were around 500 zombies and we raised more than $3700 and donated 2300lbs of food. It felt great to be a part of that and I'm definitely going to try to go to the bigger one in Grand Rapids this year. Branden, Justin, Kristin, and I went as a zombie barber shop quartet (The Bomb Quad) and Justin's mom was nice enough to make our costumes. They turned out amazing and we had a great time.

Here's a couple of pictures:


Billy Mays

Chiti's awesomeness

Halloween, I threw a party at my apartment in Northville which was fun.. Branden and I decorated the place, there was lots of food and candy.. and everyone seemed to have a good time. =o)

November 6th, I took Sam and Alex to see my friend Bob play Angel in "Rent" at Cherry Hill Village Theatre. My mom and Robyn went too.. Bob did amazing and the rest of the cast was pretty swell too.

November 20th, I had my first club experience hahah.. it was Jillian's 21st birthday party and Branden, Alex, and I went to Necto to meet up with Jillian and her friends. I actually had a great time even though there was a lot of nastys there lol.. by the way, it was Gay Night.. I got to see some bewbs (bitch was dancing on the pole, I turn around.. I look at her again a minute later and she's got her shirt off, rubbing her boobs all over the pole.. and then she got yelled at by her gf)... the guys in our group got hit on.. but it still was a good time.. DJ Jace is the shit by the way.

The 27th was Dave and Nicole Gedert's wedding. It was beautiful, the musicians they had there were great.. Oh! and Mr. Rounke (aka Rounknasty) played drums which was a nice surprise. The ceremony was beautiful, Nicole's dress was gorgeous, and I'm really happy for them. Dave just recently left for Afganistan, I'm sure he'll be fine out there.

First quarter ended in early December and I had a lovely holiday break. Saw Flatfoot 56, the Amino Acids, and Mustard Plug on the 27th. Jellybean and Henry went too, they're so cute. The guys got pretty beat up that night, there were these huge, bagpiper playing firefighters and they were wrecking the SHIT out of everyone lmao.. it was awesome.

New Year's Eve was pretty nice, Sam held the party at her place again (which was VERY nice of her) and we did the usual.. the night was full of Cher impressions, watching Anderson, we played some Apples to Apples, drank kiddy wine, had a feast.. but this year, we decided on having a white elephant gift exchange. I took home an Office Space DVD and a book from Steve.. I gave away this Knight Light from Baronbob.com, and some InAnimate stickers (Worldwide Fred) and Kristin ended up with those..

Second quarter started January 11th and boy.. did it go by fast. I was going to school more than 20 hours a week, I'm going to try not to do that again.. I had introduction to typography, observational drawing, image manipulation, and sociology. All of my classes this quarter were pretty fun but they were also pretty challenging. I currently have a 3.9 so I'm really happy about that. I'll probably post some of my artwork the next time I update..

January 23rd until February 13th, Branden and I housesat for my mom's friend Shelley. She has an awesome house out in South Lyon and her and her husband Chuck went on two cruises and asked us to take care of the house and their two dogs. Life out there was really different. I didn't like how I was out in BFE and I spent a lot on gas but.. it was nice to live in a really nice home for a while. Branden and I cooked dinner quite a few times while we were there and one night.. we made stir fry and it was one of the best dinners I've eaten. I feel like our relationship has gotten a lot better especially from spending time alone there.. we discussed a lot of things and I feel pretty good about us right now. He's getting his GED in the mail really soon.. he's still looking for a job.. his uncle tried to get him a job roofing but the guy still hasn't called him back so Branden felt it was time to move on. He wants to go to Ai and then after his bachelor's he wants to go to Henry Ford to go for mechanical engineering for cars and whatnot. He has an uncle that teaches a few of those classes so he's trying to help Branden out.

March 5th, Branden and I got to see Alice in Wonderland in Imax3D at the AMC by my place. I heard a lot of people didn't like it.. I really respect Tim Burton's work and his visions and I enjoyed the movie. My only complaint was that Danny Elfman's score for the movie didn't stand out at all compared to his previous stuff. Branden and I saw it again that weekend with Tammy, one of my managers at work. We saw it at Imagine in Novi in "regularD" lmao.. and I have to say.. I don't think I'll bother with going to see 3D movies.. It's too much money and it hurts my eyes. I have such a hard time focusing my eyes to experience the 3D effect and you have to sit right the entire time too.. blahh.. screw that.. i like to slouch and move around while I'm watching a movie.. lol

March 23rd, I received my first ticket lmao.. I got caught speeding but the cop was nice enough to give me an impeding traffic ticket which put me $140 in the hole..but it was okay because I got my tax refund back and it was more than that so I was very happy about that.

i'm doing alright financially..i would really like to save up to buy some things.. I neeeeeed to upgrade my computer, I would love to have a drawing tablet. what good is it being a design student without the technology ya know.. i also need to buy some jeans and shorts and go through and throw out old stuff.. i should make a trip up to DAV soon, i love that place..

and that pretty much leads up to now..

today i woke up early and went to my math class.. got home at 11... i have a lot of cleaning to do.. and i also want to get my flowers set up. i'm not entirely sure why but i decided that i wanted to try and plant flowers this spring. so.. i'm attempting to grow snapdragons, sunflowers, lavender, blue bachelor's buttons, orange poppys, fruit smoothie zinnias, and coneflowers. i'm pretty stoked about it actually. =o)

this friday is branden's 19th birthday, we'll probably go out to eat and hopefully do something else fun.. i think i'm gonna suggest going to ann arbor and maybe checking out this ScrapBox place I've been hearing about at school..

May 18th - Reverend Horton Heat is playing at the Magic Stick.. stoked about this as well. =oD

i think that's good enough for now..i'm gonna get cleaning.. i might post again later today but definitely again this week, i'm making a promise to myself lol.. bummer that no one uses these anymore.. i honestly don't care for facebook.. myspace is okay but that's because i enjoy HTML and i like being able to have music readily available and pictures are easier to organize and upload.. i MIGHT check out Tumblr because i've heard good things but.. i definitely don't want to abandon this.. it holds a special place in my heart. alrighty, i am off to clean and organize shtuff..

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holy guacamole. [21 Jun 2009|12:37am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

the years go on and we`re still fighting it...Collapse )

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music survey.. [22 Mar 2009|03:42pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Favorite Genre?
i don't really have a favorite, it just depends on my mood..

Least Favorite Genre?
disney shit and the shitty country and rap that's on the radio these days...

Favorite Song?
i can't pick just one...here's a handful:
riviera paradise - stevie ray vaughan
one headlight - wallflowers
the day we left town - magnet
little heaven - toad the wet sprocket
wish you were here - incubus
jesusland - ben folds
hey ya - andre 3000 lmao..

Favorite CD?
my carlos del junco CDs, "bonito" - jarabe de palo

First CD?
i think it might've been a steve miller CD but i'm not sure..

Last CD? [Latest]
i'm buying monkey jacket's CDs for a couple bucks hahah..too bad they broke up, they were pretty cool for a local band..

Favorite Instrument?
guitar and piano

Favorite Artist/Band?
shit, this is really tough too.. my late friend chris jones, carlos del junco, ben folds, reel big fish, billy idol, the beatles, third eye blind, magnet, stevie ray vaughan & double trouble, bob marley & the wailers, the wallflowers, the planet smashers, oingo boingo, old no doubt, mighty mighty bosstones, megadeth, incubus, gorillaz, city & colour, frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald, the cat empire.... i'll stop lol..

Least Favorite Artist/Band?
hahah lmao.. just about everything that's popular.. there's a LOT of shitty music that kids are listening to at the moment:
"bands" like the jonas brothers, sell out boy, puke at the disco, etc..(most of the shit that i hear on 89x and the WRIF lately too..disappointing.).....rappers like soulja boy, flo rida, lil wayne, etc.

Are You In A Band?
yes i am

If So, What Instrument/What is the name of your band?
i sing and play harmonica, we're called the detroit automatix

Mp3/iPod or CD Player?

First Concert?
ask my parents...if they remember lol..

Lastest/Last Concert?
the creepshow and the koffin kats @ the magic stick

Favorite Concert?
ben folds at the fillmore... RBF twice at the royal oak music theatre..

Have You Ever Seen Your Favorite Artist/Band In Concert?
some of them yes

Have You Ever Met Your Favorite Artist/Band After The Concert?
i met reel big fish =o)

Any Band You Would Kill To See In Concert?
lol not literally kill but.. stevie ray vaughan, oingo boingo, led zeppelin, billy idol, frank sinatra, bobby mcferrin, incubus, john mayer, louis armstrong with ella fitzgerald and dr. lonnie liston smith, mighty mighty bosstones, the planet smashers, portishead, reverend horton heat, the slackers, toad the wet sprocket..

Do You Attend Local Shows?

How Many Concerts Have You Been To?
i'm not sure, not enough though hahah..

Have You Ever Gone To A Concert Alone?

Have You Ever Gone To A Concert With A Large Group (More than 4 people)?

Have Scars From Concerts?
no hahah

Been In A Pit?
kind of.. but i'm not a fan of getting the shit beat out of me, i'm small lmao..

Started A Pit?

Have You Ever Made Love At A Concert?

Do You Listen To Classic Rock?
yep, i grew up on it..

Do You Listen To Punk?
oh hell yes

Do You Listen To Metal?

Do You Listen To Grunge?
some of it..

Do You Listen To Hip Hop?

Do You Listen To Rap?
yes, the good kind.

Do You Listen To Hardcore (HxC)?
not really.. it's boring to me..there's hardly ever anything melodic in it..

Do You Listen To Emo?
fuck that

Do You Listen To Pop?
mostly stuff that was considered pop back in the 90s..

Do You Listen To Pop Rock/Punk?
i think all these sub-genres are so fucking lame.. wow, big fucking difference if the word "pop" is added in front of it..

Do You Listen To Country?
very little, i hate the redneck shit that's on the radio but i stand by the fact that there is good music in every genre.

Do You Listen To Jazz?

Do You Listen To Blues?
i started out playing blues... so yes

Do You Listen To Techno/Electronica?
love it

Is Your Hair Dyed?

Is Your Hair Dyed An Unnatural Color?
not really, it's soft black..

Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair?

Do You Own Band Merch?

Do You Own A Studded Belt?
i used to

Do You Own a Band T-Shirt?
a couple.. i would like to have more

Do You Own a Bullet Belt?

Do You Like To Play Sports?
ehhh i'm not a big fan..

Do You Have An Interest In The Ghetto Culture?
lmfao...ghetto?... i guess that's a no... but i do like hip hop culture..

Do You Have An Interest In The Anti-Christian Culture?

Do Have Long Hair?
it's past my shoulders so i guess that's a yes..

Do You Have Short Hair [Shaved Heads/Mohawks Are Included In This]?

Do You Have An Interest In Drinking/Drugs?
bleh, no thanks

Do You Hate The Punk/Gothic Culture?
i like it a lot actually..

Best Bassist?
adam clayton, cliff burton, david ellefson, james jamerson..

Best Sampler/Keyboardist?
idk about sampler but.. keyboardists/organists/pianists...my current favorites are dr.lonnie liston smith, ben folds, maurice ravel, and rami jaffee..

Best Vocals?
this is tough..
girls: ella fitzgerald, lauryn hill, beth gibbons..
guys: frank sinatra, nat king kole, danny elfman, freddie mercury, sam cooke, marvin gaye..

Artist You Just Plain Hate?
britney spears, miley cyrus, lady gaga, fall out boy, panic at the disco, nickelback, jonas brothers, fergie, mariah carey, lil wayne, 50 cent, soulja boy, etc., etc.

Musician/Artist You Idolize?
danny elfman, ben folds, the edge, dave mustaine, stevie ray vaughan, carlos del junco, rick estrin, dennis gruenling, my harmonica teacher larry eisenberg, beth gibbons, sarah sin of the creepshow..


no thanks.

Classic Rock?


Favorite "Scene"?
scene? if we're talking subcultures, eras, stuff like that...i like punk, jamaican, and psychobilly the most..

Current Least Favorite Song?
single ladies by beyonce

Best Song To Cry To?
the background - third eye blind
when you come back down - nickel creek
the grace - neverending white lights
ten years gone - led zeppelin
hold my heart pt. 1 - letter kills
ex-factor - lauryn hill
slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer
a bad dream - keane
hide and seek - imogen heap
mad world - gary jules
the scientist - coldplay
kylie from connecticut - ben folds
basement ghost singing - armor for sleep..

Best Song To Party/Throwdown/Mosh To?
hey ya - andre 3000
what is love - haddaway
thank you for not moshing - reel big fish
time bomb - rancid
move your feet - junior senior

Best Cover Song?
hallelujah by jeff buckley
99 red balloons by goldfinger
take on me by reel big fish
come on eileen by save ferris
jump by paul anka
dance the night away by the forces of evil
i started a joke by the wallflowers

Song With Best Lyrics?
the day we left town - magnet

Song With Worst Lyrics?
london bridge - fergie

Song you HATE?
achy breaky heart by billy ray cyrus
(mental note: i really should make a list of most hated songs before i die..)

Do You Download Songs Or Buy CDs?
i try to buy when i can, especially local artists..

Best Slow Song?
what a wonderful world - louis armstrong
the summer wind - frank sinatra
only you - portishead
little heaven - toad the wet sprocket

Best Song To Make Love To?
no clue lmao..

At What Point Did You Realize, You're A Music Addict?
i can't last longer than about an hour without listening to music or else i'll feel really irritated...i've been like that for my whole life..

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[19 Feb 2009|01:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

"Your Mom's Divine, Class of '09"

sam's/colleen's grad/coming out party!

mark your calendar:

june 27th, 2009 - 2pm

sam's house (call/text for directions)

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[19 Jan 2009|02:56am]
[ mood | amused ]

i just finished watching obama's inaugural celebration which was pretty awesome. i'd love to play that gig someday. it felt so good to me to be reminded of how powerful music really is in the world. i'm gonna have to think about that whenever i'm lacking the motivation or questioning why i play music because most of the time, i hate the way i sound. i hate how behind i feel. i hate how i feel like my skills should be way better than they are. i miss being able to progress at such a rapid rate like i used to. i hope that i can get back into the swing of things again and get serious about improving myself. i want to take my harmonica playing to the next level, i want to learn as much as i can about chord progression and songwriting, and i want to sharpen my mind and be able to widen my capacity for knowledge (including memorizing song lyrics hahah).

wowzers, i have a lot of updating to do. well, i'm just going to start off with what's on my mind currently. kung fu hustle is on and it just started, hell yes. i found out today that ben folds is playing during mid-winter break (wednesday feb. 18th) at the michigan state theatre in ann arbor and then on saturday (the 21st) the koffin kats and the creepshow are playing at the magic stick. i don't know how but i'm going to both of those shows. we don't have school tomorrow but i still have to be up there before 2:30 for play practice. i'm in the ensemble for the production Annie hahahah.. i get to be a hobo with sam and justin, i'm very excited. i might be put in some other scenes but i'll talk about that later. i'm kind of upset that i won't be able to get a job soon because this play stuff is going to take up most of my time. i have no clue how i'll be able to go to prom, chicago for spring break, cedar point, and get money for whatever else. i am SO glad we had a four-day weekend thanks to the cold weather on friday. this week nearly killed me, i was soooo tired.

on the 6th, i went up to the school with sam to try out for annie. on our way in, i slipped and fell in the parking lot because of the ice. i scraped up my right knee and then just severely bruised my left one. my audition went well even though my knees were killing me and i could feel blood running down my leg. whatevs. lmao... so i stayed home for 3 days because my doctor's office couldn't get me an appointment until friday. on friday, i was on my way with my mom to my appointment and half a mile away, a boy in a taurus who had only been driving for about a year braked too late and slid straight into the main road. my mom tried to avoid him but we collided into the driver's side of his car and somehow did a 180. i hurt my shoulder so i ended up going to annapolis to have xrays done on my shoulder and my knees to see if everything was alright. no broken bones but i felt like shit lol. so yeah, that was a rough week. buuuut the following tuesday, justin and i got out of play practice early and him, kristin, my sister, and i drove to royal oak music theatre and saw monkey jacket, tip the van, streetlight manifesto, and REEL BIG FISH. ahhh what an AMAZING night, everything went unusually well, we had a great fucking time. i couldn't even believe that nothing held us up, we got there on time, nobody's parents were bitching, no car problems, nothing. and the crowd wasn't as routy and rough like the last time we saw RBF play there and we danced our asses off. we participated in conga lines and hung out with drew. =o)

i'm going to back up now toooo...christmas vacation. the 20th, i went to tita sis with drew, justin, kristin, and a bunch of other sweet people to celebrate dave gedert coming home from basic training for the holidays. phillipino food is awesome, followed by dave's ridonk stories, sledding, and then a bonfire at dave's place.

the next day, branden gave me my christmas present and took me out to dinner at bahama breeze. afterwards, we drove to auburn hills to see trans-siberian orchestra at the palace. they played for like 2 and a half hours and they sounded awesome. =o)

i hung out with sam three days in a row that week lmao.. we decorated cookies, played the wii, and had a blue christmas (oo-oo-o0o-oo0o-ooo0). santa was pretty good to me this year, i got a handful of gift cards from branden's family, a visa card and a weed money container from sam, a sexy picture of mr. depp from justin and kristin, a movie/dinner for two thing from drew, some candy from alex, and i think a few other things that i'm too tired to remember at the moment.

on the 30th, branden, sam, and i went to fairlane and hit up the MAC store. i bought post haste and orange which i'm very happy with. can't wait to get more stuff from there.

sam hosted the 3rd annual new year's eve party. kristin, justin, branden, drew, my sister, alex, and i celebrated and had a feast. we brought in the new year with will smith and we were later joined by jackie and dave. we played apples to apples while watching drunk people on CNN. acoopz looked attractive but not as attractive as my lesbo-in-crime sam. ;)

i think that this holiday break was probably the best that i've ever had. i'm really feeling good about life lately and it's a nice change. my relationship is kind of failing but it's not really bringing me down like i thought it would be. i guess it helps my mood that i know where i'm going to college, this school year is just breezing by and i'll be graduating soon, i'm content with my grades and i'm not having much difficulty keeping it that way (although i had a lot of catching up to do this past week), and my friends are the best in the universe. i'm finally feeling free from slipping into depression so easily for long periods of time. i haven't felt that way in a while actually. i'll get sad or upset about things but...i think i finally understand the concept of being able to make myself happy. there are things in my life that i enjoy doing and working hard for and knowing that i can improve my lifestyle and/or improve others makes me feel great. and i'm beginning to feel my creativity come alive again. the main thing i think i need to work on is just not getting lazy and not wasting time. i need to set small goals everyday when i wake up and stick to them. tomorrow, i'm going to do my homework, redo my sister's myspace layout (lol), and maybe i'll get to some of that icky college paperwork that i have to do really soon (yikes). ooh, and organize my files on here because shit's getting messy as fuhh on here. damn, i've been wanting to write in this for like 2 weeks now lol.. i feel a lot better now. shit, it's five minutes to 3am, i should probably get to bed.

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[12 Dec 2008|09:46pm]
[ mood | irate ]

this week has taken forever+2 to pass by. my new schedule is awesome though, i love it. i hardly ever have homework and it's amazing. first hour is spanish 3, second/third hour is print tech. 3, fourth hour is basic physics, and then fifth hour is mythology. having print tech for more than 2hrs a day is awesome. i'm working on a lot of photoshop stuff and i think i'll have plenty of time to work on screen stuff so i'm looking forward to that. basic physics is an easy but enjoyable class. ms. bills is very awesome and thank god tim frederick and judy are in there to keep my sanity because there are lots of people that irritate me in there. mythology was giving me mixed feelings at first but i've realized that it's going to be an excellent class. allison and charlotte are in there so i'm happy.

i turned eighteen on tuesday. i guess it was decent. i guess i kind of expected more to happen because i'd consider turning eighteen a landmark but whatevs. i went out to eat last saturday at carino's with branden, kristin, justin, alex, and drew and we had a good time. on tuesday, branden took me out to eat at panera bread/dairy dan's.

i need:
1.) a job so fucking bad. i'm gonna aim to go out and look next week. i have no clue what i'm gonna do about christmas presents.
2.) to schedule my math placement test at AI.
3.) to keep working on getting scholarships.
4.) to get some art projects going, especially the poster for the design contest for AI.
5.) to buy tickets for RBF and city and colour in january.
6.) to find subjects for songs and learn how to write lyrics.

i'm planning on trying out for the next school play which is annie. i'm kind of excited. i just don't know if that will interfere with me getting a job (which i'm kind of doubting because the economy is just getting worse and will continue to get worse). fuck the government.

i feel like my generation is fucked and the thing i want most is to live comfortably. poverty fucking sucks and i'm sick of it. i want a way out and i hope my career choice allows that. blahhh..

tomorrow i have to get up early, i guess i have to play some christmas music for the kids at their annual christmas party downtown @ holy trinity. i hate most christmas music. i don't even enjoy playing harmonica anymore.

well, i guess i'm gonna stop here. i don't feel like saying anything else.. i feel like my brain is going to explode from thinking about so many things at the same time and scrambling to find some sort of solution for them so i'm going to just relax in my room......

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[23 Nov 2008|01:23pm]
[ mood | worried ]

i didn't end up getting my files back so i've been avoiding going on the computer because it just pisses me off.. time has been going by so fast and i can't say that a lot has been going on. hmm..

the first trimester ended this week, finals were surprisingly easy which made me very happy. well i guess brammer's was the most difficult because i suck at writing on the spot like that...and i had to write two essays..but i didn't have to study for any of my finals which was fanfuckingtastic. i wasn't stressed at all. =o)

we start new classes on monday. i can't remember what i have exactly, other than spanish and print tech.. i do know that i'll only have 4 classes until the end of the year though because print tech is two periods so i'll have it for just under 150minutes. awesome, i'm totally looking forward to that.

i'm also excited because i'm almost positive that i'm going to the art institute of michigan in novi for a bachelor's in visual communications (which will only take me 3 years). i went there last tuesday for an interview and they seemed to be interested in me. i just gotta write this essay today and then before i actually go there, i have to take a lame math placement test because of my ACT score. blahhh GAY. whatevs. ACT can suck on my ball sack. i can't wait to be in a creative atmosphere to see what i'm truly capable of.

so i'm almost 18.. woohoo, 16 days to go! i'm planning on trying to get a job at the mall or a clothing store after my birthday. my main problem right now is money. i really want to be able to buy christmas presents for everyone. =o[

i'll probably update later on this week, i gotta start getting ready because kristin's coming over around 4. peace, love.

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[10 Nov 2008|10:02am]
[ mood | crushed ]

i am devastated.
i had to take my computer into the shop a week ago because it was attacked by AntiSpywareXP2009 and so I asked to have my files backed up, told the guy what i wanted backed up, and yet...besides my music, all my files are GONE. i had been saving things since 6th grade on this computer. i will never have the time to get everything back to where it was because i had been doing that for years. i have so much to do on here, i have no clue where to begin. i even stayed home from school today because i balled my eyes out all day yesterday after bringing my computer back from the shop. i have a little bit of hope left that maybe jay backed up my stuff on his computer at the shop just in case but...i doubt it. i have so much homework to do today... ahhh... i'm so fucking sad. i'll come back to this later, i'm getting really upset again.

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ben folds concert pictures [15 Oct 2008|08:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ben folds concert - october 9th, 2008Collapse )

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[15 Oct 2008|07:00pm]
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not much homework to do today, so i thought i'd update. went to the ben folds concert last thursday with branden, brooke, sam, brendan, alex, and robyn. it was amazing. his band sounded great, he sounded great, his new stuff is awesome.. ahh.. can't wait to see that cute man again. =oP

i'm definitely loving my senior year so far, my schedule is as easy as ever, i have homework in only two of my classes.. i love art, i feel like i'm getting better..but goddd.. i hate still lifes lmao.. and i hate oil pastels too. oh well, mr. davis is sweet as fuck. now i just need to make time to talk to him and/or mitoraj about what i should do after high school.. i need to talk to mr. n... ahhh.. there's so much to do.. i should probably get letters of recommendation from some teachers as well..blahh...senioritis is a BITCH. lol..

hmm.. branden and i are doing better.. we decided to just put that whole fight in the past...but we do have our things we need to work on.

what else have i been up to.. hmm... well, i made $8 for doing people's makeup on homecoming. i wish i could do that more often.. and damn do i need money..hmm..i dyed my hair last sunday.. lmao i don't know what else to say...i guess i'm hanging out with this exchange student from china on saturday, her name's jessie.. she's very nice and cracks me up when she explains things with the little english she knows.. i don't mean to laugh at her but...i go through that all the time with my mom..

i'm going to try my best to take advantage of my freetime and get serious about writing and composing music. i've been saying it to myself for such a long time and i just haven't been able to get anything out... i don't know what to write about.. i just know that i don't want to do the normal break-up and loveydovey shit that you hear all the time. i've been trying to study several people and their writing styles and damn.. i fucking LOVE ben folds. he's such a genius. i think i'm gonna have a rehearsal on the 25th with my band and see what they have to say about recording some stuff..

well, i think i have a few emails to write.. i'm still trying to figure out what i'm ordering from bill lewis.. yikes.. i need a yearbook too.. peace&love.

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just now hanging up my september calendar... [21 Sep 2008|01:49pm]
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these past few weeks have been just breezing by. i started the last year of high school on the 4th and it's been going okay. i think trimesters will make this year go by faster.. thank god i have pretty easy classes all year long.

first hour, i have spanish 4 with mrs. holland and i love starting out the day with this class.

second hour is college comp. 2 with mrs. brammer. i hate this class because for one, it's the longest class of the day (77 minutes long) and secondly, this class is boring to the max. i was hoping it would be more of a writing essay type class but most of what we've been doing is reading and i HATE reading stories that i'm forced to.

third hour is sweet. i have art 1 with mr. davis and he is awesome. i just completed my cut-paper project:

what do you think? =o)

fourth hour i have mrs. salach for personal living. borrrring and easy as fuhh. lol

and the last hour of the day, i have mr. herman for stats. he's a great teacher and it's nice to have an easy math class for my last year.

other than school, i've been hanging out with my friends a whole lot and i love it. last friday, we celebrated joe's birthday at the magic stick. it was my first time there and i had a grrreat time. downtown brown was awesome and there was a chick who was also celebrating her 18th birthday and she got up and played a few songs. she sang and played ukelele and she was awesome, i was really impressed by her.

i need money sooo badly. i want to go to the ben folds concert on the 9th, go to halloweekends, and i know there's a couple other things but i can't think straight right now. for one thing, i was up until 5am last night and i feel all mixed up. i hope the squids like my bulletin that i posted last night:

"i find it absolutely hilarious when people make threats that they can't live up to.


you and 22 other bands on myspace are called "The Squids". how original! not only is ska a type of music, but it is also a way of living and you don't have the slightest clue about it.

you're not capable of "bringing back the old music scene" because it never went anywhere.

get on with your life, find a new hobby or something that doesn't involve playing what YOU think is ska because it makes quite a few people want to pull out all the hairs on their head individually...especially with that attempt to try and recreate a great song by Catch 22.

at least leave the cover songs out. i'm sure if talented musicians heard their songs being covered and it didn't even capture the feeling of the original song in any way, they'd be pretty disappointed that someone didn't have the respect to leave it alone if they couldn't do as good of a job as they did.

oh! and p.s. i hope that catch 22 knows that you're making money off of one of their songs without permission. =o) "

teeheeheehee. i feel damn good that i finally said that. and guess what!? i'm starting a ska recording project and i can't wait to get started. i decided on this versus actually starting a band because when you start a band, there always tends to be a fallout because of stress on everyone and it's too hard to get everyone together to practice because of everyone's schedules so this way.. it'll be just stress free. we don't have a name for ourselves yet but i don't want there to be one until we write some lyrics. this project consists of kristin, justin, joe, drew, branden, and i and we're definitely going to include a lot more people.

i want to be able to get "Bright Spring Morning" by Suburban Legends as our class song so we can perform it for the entire class at the end of the year. i think that we should have a concert or something to showcase everyone's talents.

i'm trying to think about what else has been going on lately... other than the thing that i don't feel like mentioning.........damnit. i can't think of anything. well... what i didn't want to say is branden and i aren't doing so well. i hope we can straighten things out before it's too late. i just don't want to be the one that starts this talk that we need to have. and he just thinks i'm overreacting about all of this... =o( i hate how he makes me feel like this is all my fucking fault. whatever. enough about that.

i'm kind of happy with life right now even though my relationship is kind of failing...i feel like i'm finally starting to get my creative sense back that i thought i lost completely. i just need to keep surrounding myself with what makes me happy. i think i'm just about done writing here for now. i think in my next entry, i'm gonna make a list of goals.

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Writer's Block: A Posthumous Oscar for Joker? [12 Aug 2008|02:00pm]
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Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?
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the best fucking movie ever.... [26 Jul 2008|12:58am]
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is without a doubt

i had a good night tonight. =o)

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