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Free Stuff

I am hoping to move into KCMO within the next month or two.  In anticipation of that, I've been looking around my house at things that I don't use much, if at all, and don't really want to pack and move again.  It's not enough stuff to have a garage sale (which I think are usually more trouble than they're worth) so I'd just as soon give them to someone I know.

This is what I've come up with so far:

  • luggage (one large suitcase and a couple garment bags)
  • "Mr. Coffee" Espresso maker
  • bread machine
  • an old computer, asst. components and 14" color monitor
  • assorted coffee cups
  • assorted glasses
  • several hundred feet of garden hose
  • assorted yard care tools (rakes, shovel, hoe, sprinklers, etc.)
  • gas-powered trimmer
  • wheelbarrow.
  • an 80lb "heavy" punching bag
  • golf clubs

Some of the yard care stuff will be subject to where I move and how big, if any, of a yard I have, except the hose.  I know I have at least a couple hundred feet of hose that I'll never use.  There may be some additions as I get things organized.

These two things are worth enough that I think I should get some money for them, but depending on where I move, I might be willing to give them away also.

  • beer making equipment (primary & secondary fermenters, bottling bucket, bottle capper and about four cases worth of empty bottles and a lot of other bits and pieces too numerous to list)
  • wrought iron patio table (with umbrella) and three chairs
Tags: house hunting

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