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Quod me nutrit me destruit

Cancer: Djarum Blacks, Kamel Reds, Turkish Golds, Luckys Unfiltered
Tap: Guinness, Smithwicks, Belhaven, Delirium Tremens
Shelf: Balvenie, Bushmills, Jamesons, neat
Driver: black coffee, Earl Grey, Blackberry Sage, GoFast, Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, Full Throttle, primary red liquids
Oral fixation: cinammon sticks, honey sticks, sugar packets, jam
Diversions: knives, throwing knives, 8-ball, 9-ball, 7-ball, One Pocket, tattoo design, skydiving, poker, ballroom dancing, chinese calligraphy, fire, martial arts, violin, handguns, airsoft, airguns, clubbing, ancient egyptian
Strange cravings: the taste of blood
我想你: thian_un
Hates: infidelity, domestic violence, clowns
Music: dark, classic, trance, industrial
8-ball, 9-ball, airsoft, ancient egypt, angelina jolie, antiques, art, attics, ballroom dancing, balvenie, barbed wire, battlestar galactica, belhaven, big dogs, black, black duct tape, blood, boondock saints, boots, boys, brooding, caffein, candles, cats, cemeteries, chinese, chinese calligraphy, cinammon, cloves, clubbing, coffee, crosman, crow, crucifixes, djarum blacks, dream, drugs, earl grey, eddie izzard, electric storms, erotica, falcons, fight club, fire, firefly, fishnet, flying, gaelic, girls, glass bottles, gothic, guinness, gypsy, handguns, hawks, heckler and koch, hieroglyphs, honey sticks, honeybees, honor, industrial, irish whiskey, iron, jet li, jewelry, jma, junkyards, justine joli, kamel reds, katie fey, knives, leather, lightning, love, loyalty, martial arts, mead, metal, mirrors, mischief, moon, motorcycles, music, myth, night, old books, old buildings, old jeans, one-pocket, orchids, oxy-acetylene, pagans, pain, peter pan and wendy, photography, piercings, poker, polyurethane, pornography, preserves, rain, red powerade, rocky beaches, rooftops, roses, rust, safety pins, sandman, scars, scrapyards, sculpture, serenity, sex, silver, sketchbooks, skydiving, slave labor graphics, sleep deprivation, stars, steak, stone, strike anywhere matches, strong bad, sugar packets, sushi, sweetgrass, tarnish, tattoos, tea, terry gilliam, texas hold'em, throwing knives, tim burton, tolkien, trees, trespassing, used book stores, vengeance, violence, violin, welding, willpower, wine cellars, witch hunter robin, wood, zaki, zhang ziyi, zombies