lostboy (lostboy_) wrote,

here I am, on the fast track to the future
number one design planning school in the united states
and an mba on the way
two graduate degrees at the same time
co-chairing the design research conference
consulting on a project with the city mayor's office
practicing my elevator pitch on the latest stranger
harvard business school management tips on my iphone
all i really want
is to get drunk by the railroad tracks
shoot glass bottles with my rifle
share a pack of cigarettes
to be cold and build a fire
and stay in a home that isn't mine
because everybody lets me down
including me

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    sometimes I stay up late on the computer looking for answers

  • in response to a question not asked

    rest assured our only means of defining our experiences is by escaping them and we confuse for our own that which was borrowed

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    "I am a cage, in search of a bird." -FK "We must be purveyors of reason who make beautiful things." -LS

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