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3 July 1985

Destiny is a Fickle Bitch.

I'm a law student.
An idealist and a daydreamer.
I love to laugh.
Have a bit of a hero complex.
And a spirit for adventure.
Type 4 INFP, with leanings towards E and T.
I'm a faux overachiever.
Chronic procrastinator.
Obsessive overthinker.
Sentimental freak.
Fandom Devotee.
Music Connoisseur
Concert/Theatre/Broadway Junkie.
Red-headed little teapot.
Quirky and weird.
Progressive Liberal.
Agnostic Jew.
Living just outside NYC.
In the midst of the post-college quarterlife crisis.

Once upon a time, I RP'd as Ava Wilson in a wonderful cracktastic world called Treehouse. Though the comm has come to an end, it still lives on in my heart (and I'm fairly certain it still owns a good bit of my soul):

WINNER [As Ava]:

My Fandom Obsessions:
LOST, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, X-Files, Buffy, Alias, Dr. Horrible, Mad Men, Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Community, Green Day

Concerts I've lived: FlorenceAndTheMachine/TwinShadows/Bubbles; DeathCabforCutie(x2)/LonelyForest; Adele/PlanB; AirbourneToxicEvent(x2)/CalderQuartet; MGMT/DevendraBanhart; ArcadeFire/Spoon/OwenPallett; Muse/SilverSunPickups; Weezer/Matt&Kim/PTWalkley(TheHalloweenShow!); AirborneToxicEvent/HenryClayPeople/RedCortez; GreenDay(x4)(TheOneAtMsgWhereBillieJoeWoreMyBoa!)/KaiserChiefs; ReelBigFish(x4)/EnglishBeat; GreenDay'Secret'Show@WebsterHall; TheShins/DeltaSpirit; DeathCabForCutie/RogueWave; JamesTaylor; Eve6(x2); ReelBigFish/Tossers/Ballyhoo; GreenDay/JimmyEatWorld; JackJohnson/ALO/MattCostas; TheKillers/Keane/LouisXIV; FooFighters/Coldplay/BillyIdol/Garbage/SocialDistortion/NYDolls/TheyMightBeGiants(x2)/Can'tHang/Interpol/TheBravery; ReelBigFish/23Skadoo/Skakabobs; Maroon5/TheThrills; GreenDay/NewFoundGlory/Sugarcult(HalloweenShow!); Incubus/BenKweller; SarahMcLaughlin/ButterflyBoucher; 3DoorsDown/Nickelback/PuddleofMudd; ReelBigFish; Eve6; FiveForFighting/Sum41/AlanisMorrisette/Train; EltonJohn

Shows I've seen ON Broadway:
Arcadia - Original Broadway Revival Cast
How to Succeed in Business - Original Broadway Revival Cast, w/ Daniel Radcliffe
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - (The one where Ben Walker humped my leg) - Original Broadway Cast
American Idiot (x2) - Opening Preview (Original Broadway Cast), Final Soundcheck, Good Morning America performance in Central Park - VIP Access, OBC w/ Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy
Rock of Ages - Original Broadway Cast
In the Next Room: The Vibrator Play - Original Broadway Cast
Next to Normal - Original Broadway Cast
Hair - Original Broadway Revival Cast
Avenue Q (x3) - Including Original Broadway Cast
Spring Awakening (x2) - Once w/ stage seating, the other on Closing Night
Equus - Stage seating, w/ Dan Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths
Hairspray (x2) - Including Original Broadway Cast
Rent (x4) - Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal
Mama Mia
Les Miserables (x2) - Sutton Foster as Eponine
Phantom of the Opera
(Many many more shows seen with touring casts off-Broadway...)

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