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The rantings of a nutcase
so yesterday (friday 14th) i went to the filmfestival to see "a history of violence" starring the yummy mr mortesen...
guess who was in attendence... yep the yummy goodness himself...
he arrived late... and not fashionably so... i never got the chance to see the movie cause by the time he arrived i didn't feel like it anymore...but he did take time to sign pictures... in a rushed way ;)
but after "presenting" the movie he came back out (was the main reason i stayed put) and took his sweet time to sign... so i got a rushed kinda autograph and a great one...

he was sweet... altho he didn't smile a lot... and he was just WOW...

so this morning i was like *did i really meet him? neeeiii... i rushed to my bag and yes there they where... i did i did meet him* and i did my happy cheerleader dance...

oh what a night it was ;)
so all that is left to say is ... THANKS ML for a great b-day pressie


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Mood: crazy queeeeee
Music: hobbitsong

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