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The rantings of a nutcase
that every time i think i got my life back on track something has to fuck it up again...

school was going great... till a week ago...
family was doing great... till a week or two ago...
heck... everything was going great... but now? it's all comming down... i wish i knew what happend and why...

and what's even more annoying... it used to be, when one thing was going great another would go bad...
not idea why everything went gaga in two weeks time...

so forgive me for not being online as much...

i just hope it'll settle down before the holidays cause otherwise it's gonna be very depressing xmas

hugs to you guys...

Mood: enraged fuck 2.0
Music: LOTR ROTK - Into The West (by annie lennox)

okay not a lot of people will say this but i can finally go to the dentist to get this stupid tooth looked at... after a week of pain and days of pleading i got him to switch appoinments to today instead of wednesday (at the earliest)... i'm soo happy... doubt i'll be happy when i get back from the visit but gah! at the moment... I DON'T CARE!! ;)

ETA: just as i suspected... a freaking rootcanal!!! GAH... it hurt like hell and will continue to do so for about two days... and then i gotta go back... and back... and then back again for the finishing touch... fuck fuck fuck!!! i hate freaking dentists... at least mine let's me bring my music to drown out the sound of the drill... RAMMSTEIN ALL THE WAY ;)

Mood: scared scared
Music: rammstein - der meister

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