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The rantings of a nutcase
went to see CoN LW&W... what can i say... first half hour of the movies is amazing... beautiful... and the music is brilliant... the rest of the movie??? well i wouldn't know... cause the film broke (just as we where about to meet the white witch...) the sound was fine... we just had a nice black screen... after 15minutes we got send home with a voucher to "please come again"... yeah... so the movie i've been looking forward to (even more then GOF) goes pooft... i'm starting hate kinepolis... seriously i'm seething at the moment... GAH!!! i'm gonna try again on monday... if it goes pooft again they can stick their vouchers where the sun doesn't shine and i'll se my movies at "studio's" and break my back while sitting in those chairs but it'll be worth it...

so yeah... CoN... promising start... don't know about the rest of it

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Mood: pissed off pissed off
Music: Chronicles of Narnia -The Blitz 1940- Harry Gregson Willams

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