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movie quotes...

and so it begins...
i'm not sure how many to do tho....
3 quotes a day... 4? 5?
me thinks 4...
anyhoooo.... without further adooooo ;)


1/ "I don't trust a man who makes toys in a land where children are forbidden." chitty-chitty bang-bang _verbal_

2/ "Shit, you guys, I have never had straight friends before!" clueless _verbal_

3/ "It's called a sense of humor - you should get one - they're nice." pretty in pink _verbal_

4/ "Oh, my God. I gotta call my brother, my housekeeper, my lawyer. Nah, forget my lawyer." independence day _verbal_



EDIT: me thinks i'm gonna have to do 2 a day... one for the euro-bunch and one for the us-bunch
or just make them harder...
there will be a part two later today ;)
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now lets see how this poll thing works...
sorry for the double post but i felt like doing it up in a poll ;)
poll closes later tonight ;)
Poll #602730 movie quotes

would you like to have another daily round of movie quotes?

do we have too?
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tonight on lost...

first epi was about shannon and boone...
and well the previews of this epi showed boone and shannon kissing... and i was like "yo! incest ahoy!" but apperantly not cause it seems they are step-siblings... oh and poor shannon got eaten... and yet she didn't... ;)

oh commercial over... second epi is about to start...
michael and walt... oh and a OMGWTFPOLARBEAR...

edit: okay so apperantly michael isn't a jerkface dad that didn't want anything to do with his son...
it's more that the mom was a ho lawyery type of woman that traveled a lot with her pimp boss/boyfriend and ended up in australia where she kinda you know... died...

and the only reason michael has his son back is that pimpy the boyfriend didn't want walt anymore cause you know... walt is weird...
so in othe words...

not only is the island weird and creepy... and locke a very strange guy... but walt is part of the "creepy - somethingalwayshappenswhenhe'saround" kinda kid...

can't wait for the next epi where claire comes back and oh oh oh charlie has a gun... oh poor ethan.. *not*


will you look at that... hardly any post from my part in a long long time and now 3 in one freaking day ;)
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the new rammstein rocks!

lyrics rosenrot: http://herzeleid.com/en/lyrics

the lyrics are weird... (te quiero puta!) disturbing... (spring) and down right beautiful... (stirb nicht vor mir//don't die before i do)

will shut up about rammstein now...
at least today...
well maybe not ;)

they rule!
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that cleolinda's book comes out!! and i'm hopin it will be waiting for me when i get home!!! yes!!!
if not... me thinks i'll have it on monday :'(

oh icons update...
been added... titanic and SW epi II
oh the joy ;)

is about to pop

*edit* bloody hell... this comment count makes ya think i'm popular :p*
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two more days!!!

this month can't get any better...
great b-day pressie from ML and in a few days time another great pressie ;)

MOVIES IN 15 MINUTES by Cleolinda Jones!!! ;)

gah! still too long...


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so yesterday (friday 14th) i went to the filmfestival to see "a history of violence" starring the yummy mr mortesen...
guess who was in attendence... yep the yummy goodness himself...
he arrived late... and not fashionably so... i never got the chance to see the movie cause by the time he arrived i didn't feel like it anymore...but he did take time to sign pictures... in a rushed way ;)
but after "presenting" the movie he came back out (was the main reason i stayed put) and took his sweet time to sign... so i got a rushed kinda autograph and a great one...

he was sweet... altho he didn't smile a lot... and he was just WOW...

so this morning i was like *did i really meet him? neeeiii... i rushed to my bag and yes there they where... i did i did meet him* and i did my happy cheerleader dance...

oh what a night it was ;)
so all that is left to say is ... THANKS ML for a great b-day pressie