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matt in Belgium... the last day...

today i showed matt around the market in leuven... it was fun... altho it rained a lot...
after that we took the bus to the english store in everberg... which was fun... met up with moira and did a bit of shopping... we got a nice outfit for his sis and two great ones for him... (after getting a sales lady to convince him he looked nice)...

we went over to moira's place and had a nice pasta she made and watched the music parts of phantom of the opera and nightmare before xmas... which was a blast cause we sang along... very very very off key... ;)

after that we played the trivial persuit game of lord of the rings (which i won :p) and had fun with that... we found an old game called the tower of pisa... where you need to balance little tourists on it and hope it doesn't fall off... that was brilliant...
i'm proud to say that i only had one tumble off... ;)

had a nice chat afterwards and then it was time to say goodbye... i hope he gets up in time to go to the airport...

it's a shame the week passed so quickly... hopefully he'll be back in the fall for a year to study and we'll be able to meet up again together with verbal and moira...

time flies when you're having fun...
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