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okay so let me introduce a few new people to my flist...
first we got istoo whom i met over at vladimirsever 's new journal...
he's a fun guy... ;)

we got mfray whom i met over at the LOM forums... she's great ;) and a rammstein fan *grin*

we also have felixfleeting whom i love to bits... cause he's a great guy and well a silly little comment about a silly little icon is developing in a great friendship...
also... this nutter is also a Rammstein fan like myself and gave me a great gift ;) the first two rammstein albums and i'm enjoyin them a lot... THANKS SOOO MUCH felixfleeting YOU RULE!!!
now thanks to this lovely cuddely guy i got herzeleid, sehnsucht, reise reise and rosenrot to listen to...

and then we got myrafur who's a great artist... she has a lot of great harry potter fanart... got check it out... oh and this lovely lady is married to the cuddely felixfleeting

so give them a warm welcome... or i'll send the penguins on ya


so gotta get the other two albums for my pc...

ETA: chris hon... it seems there's abit of a problem with das alte leid and heirate mich it keeps jumpin and bit of rammstein keep comming trhough it ;)
ETA2: eum let's just say there's not a bit of a problem but a big one with the "herzeleid" album *blushes* sorry to such a bother... but it seems that the song "rammstein" refuses to wait till it gets a turn... it keeps jumpin through all the other songs...
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