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looking for any recent vids, even if they've been entered in lots of other cons.

competition closes on the 23rd (this friday)

come on guys, give my buddies some love :o


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Thanks to everyone in the US and Canada who showed me such a great time. I'll miss you all heaps.

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Pretty happy with how the election went. All the states with an average IQ above that of a toothpick voted for obama. It's good to see logic prevail and a new party taking over what used to be a pretty reliable country (I'm still bitter about the how the US economy has been managed).

I found it so annoying being in North America during the election time and seeing the dirty tactics performed by each party. I was shaking my head for the past couple weeks while people were being accused of being a socialist (even though they were the complete opposite), a radical, a terrorist, etc. What makes it even worse is when you see people mentioning these allegations the media makes in conversations and comments about why the person is a bad candidate... Show's how bias and close minded many people are in America.

Annnnnyway, glad to have it over and done with, now I don't have to hear about it anymore :D

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who? :|

I didn't do much of the clip selection, I just changed lots of the editing around. OBFreak did most of the work :|

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My AT&T American phone doesnt have international roaming by the look of it so I don't have a cell here. Not sure if I'm going to get one at this point seeing as I'm only here for about a month.

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I've been here for a week and a couple days now and I've done so much so I figured it was time for an update. I'll upload some photos onto facebook when I get a chance.

Cut for very long postCollapse )

man, I just can't stop listening to this new rise against album, its great stuff.

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what the fuck happened to the Aussie dollar!?!?!?

it was 97c earlier in the year, it was 79c last week, now its 72c... what...the...fuck...

RBA is killing me with these interest rate decreases -_-

for every 1c the dollar drops I lose 1% of my savings...

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I gotta stop spending so much money on stuff. I think I'm going to have to re-do my budget after LA after not really accounting for so many unexpected expenditures.

Yesterday a bunch of us went into this retail outlet "Fry's Electronics" which is pretty much the size of our hardware warehouses back in Australia. I found a 1TB Seagate Freeagent Pro that normally retails for $250 for $150 and the guy there was nice enough to open it up so I could check the voltage specs on the power adaptor (to make sure I could use it back in Australia). I went and had a look at the prices of it in Australia this morning and it retails for $350 so I was pretty stoked with the price I got it for.

(note that this is only one of the things I've spent extra money on here >.>)

Vegas next week is going to break my budget but after that nothing should really be too expensive so I should be ok.

I'm having a great time so that's all that matters :O

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Well, I am currently sitting in the passenger seat of a minivan being driven by Dan (Kai), on the way home from Anime Weekend Atlanta (11 hour drive). We have David (Trythil), Jani (Janzki) and Ben (CrackTheSky) in the car also but they're pretty much all sleeping.

Over the past two days I have:
Jumped out of a plane 14,000ft in the air.
Gone out paint balling with 19 other AMV guys (including shooting many of them).
Watched many hours of AMVs at AWA.
Had lots of drinks with everyone staying at the hotel with us (think we had about 35 AMV people in 4 rooms in the end).
Judged AWA Iron Editor 2008 with Vlad, Gambit and Quu. (congrats liz).
"Participated" in the Foreigners Panel.
Met lots of awesome people.

Other than that I have done lots of various things in Chicago, pics are up on facebook. When I get back to the apartment and have some free time I'm going to upload some of the photo's I've taken over the weekend as well as video of skydiving, which is both hilarious and embarrassing. (you look funny when your falling 200km/h. :P

PS. omfg skydiving was so freaking amazing. I still can't believe I did it.

I miss Annie so much...


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Currently i'm in Chicago, I'm going to be here till the 2nd of October, when I head out to LA.

Finally organised a SIM for my phone today, my American number is: 312-607-3901

There's some photo's up on facebook from my trip so far.

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