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Friending Frenzy Time!

It’s that time! I'm hosting another friending frenzy!

Let’s shake lj up a little and have a friending frenzy! Many of us are unhappy with the dust bunnies floating around lj communities as well as the general quietness of lj. So if you’re looking for some new friends, here’s the place to meet up!

1. Post a brief introduction about who you are, how often you post, and what you typically post about. What makes you a good lj friend? What kind of lj friends are you looking to add? (etc.)

2. Link to this post (even if you personally are not looking for new lj friends!)

3. Ask your friends to link to it, too! Let's make it viral! (Note: I only have about 16 active friends on my list, so I do need your help here!)

Let's see how many people we can get to comment here, mingle with each other, and make some new friends!


And, I just heard of another friending frenzy post that is apparently getting much more traffic... here:
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i'll play!

i post fairly regularly, although i read more than i post these days. i'm one of those bluntly honest people... i will tell you if that dress makes your butt look big. my blog ain't the krispy kreme store--i don't sugarcoat anything. i'm not sure what makes me a good lj friend, but i am one!
I'm in!

Kristen, 34, NJ, freelance copywriter/journalist/author
very happily married--> no kids!

i post at least weekly and rely on LJ for support since I work from home, solo. so it's nice to pop in and get instant feedback or a comment or whatnot.

can always use new pals:)
OK, so here's my plea - I'm looking for new friends, people who are like me, or who like people like me.

55 YO gay male
Engineer (NASA)
grandfather, family oriented
left-leaning, but not party affiliated
recently seriously diet/health conscious


Pluses -
loves life
maker, and posts about it
cook, and posts about it
artist or craftsperson, and posts about it
knows more about some things than me
does real things in real life

Minuses -
hates their life
extreme political partisanship
twitter feeds
fan fiction
does pretend things in pretend life

My LJ is normally friends only, but you can hardly ask people to friend a friends only journal, so I've opened up the past 6 months for perusal.

I'd like to add ya! Unfortunately I have to keep my journal friends-only or I would have opened it up to for perusal, but I added a comment below with some info about me.
I will play too! Christy, 30, Burbank, CA - music composer (concert music, film, TV, advertising, etc) who works full time as music director and in-house composer at a music library in Pasadena, and plays piano at a Unitarian church and a reform Jewish temple. I'm very happily married to Adam, 29, who is an electrician and martial arts teacher. I also study martial arts and we are practicing Buddhists. We have two cats and no kids. I made a pretty strong New Years resolution to post more on LJ but I'd say I do about twice per week and it's mostly about life, music, family, career - the usual! I am also very heavily into George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars. I read obsessively and love going to the movies. And I'd love to have some new LJ friends!
I came over here via artkouros, and I'll throw my hat into the ring, too ... I'm a gay man living in Montana with his dog, and working as an historian. I generally do one post a day, with a fair number of photos. I'm pretty good about always reading my friends list, though my commenting can admittedly get a little sporadic.

Most of my entries are public, so feel free to stop by!
I will definitely jump the way, thanks for coming by my Frenzy as well!

I live in Florida and have lived here for 2 years but am originally from New York City area. I had my own business for several years before moving here. I love a lot of aspects of living here but miss the city terribly.

I work for a newspaper selling advertising space, but I'm not too fond of that. I have made a resolution to sharpen up my writing skills so I can do some freelance work.

Anyway, I enjoy blogging (I also have a public blog over at blogspot) and usually post every day. My tweets come up every day as well, but I try to get them into a private post before too many people see them. 99 3/4% of the time, I post something else very day, including a photo a day.

My posts include my everyday stuff, some of my thoughts and musings. I can get pretty deep sometimes. I am not too much of a complainer at all. I *do* have one fandom I follow, Johnny Weir, and I do post about him occasionally...mostly under a cut (but not always). I have a lot of non-fandom friends who don't seem to mind.

I have a long list of friends, but many are inactive...I always welcome new friends. I comment when it's relevant and always read.

Nice to meet you all!
Guess I'll bite.
Came here via marinshellstone.

I'm missy42, born, bred and living in Southern California. I've had a lot of health stuff that went on last year, so I didn't post all that often, and when I did, they were long and full of a lot of complaining. I really expect this year is going to be better, and I've already started spending more time on lj. I friends-lock the personal stuff, especially when it comes to my health issues, so I've actually been slightly more active than my public journal entries would lead you to believe. Slightly.

I love to crochet and knit. I like fantasy and frequently listen to audiobooks while I work with my yarn. I like dancing and rock climbing, when I'm healthy enough for it. I like to listen to rock 'n' roll, folk music, Tori Amos, and female music artists in general. I'm into The Last Unicorn, X-Men (especially Rogue and Remy!), the first five seasons of The X-Files, Harry Potter and Ana Lucia and Sawyer from LOST. My general geeking out over these things in my lj is open for anyone to see.

I don't know what makes me a good lj friend, or even if I am a good lj friend, but I'd be looking for people with like interests, I suppose.

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Hi I'm Ghost_Light.  I am 42 years old and I live in Anchorage, AK with my amazing husband, LonelyDumptruck, and 296,000 other people.


I'm a snarky data entry slave and part-time real estate assistant by day, which helps me afford my theatre habit.  I am the resident stage manager and talking woman for a local burlesque troupe in addition to stage managing and house managing for the Performing Arts Center.


My newest passion is roller derby!  I just passed my Fresh Meat assessment (basic skills) My current goal is to reach Rookie level so I can become a Skating Official (referee)


I try to post at least a little something everyday and I have a few "regular features" in my 'journal like Muppet Monday, asking three questions (almost) every weekday and  The Adventures of Babo.




I look forward to meeting you ;)

I'd like to participate.

I'm Dylan. 35 YO SWM. Grew up in and still reside in the Atlanta suburbs, sports fan, highly spiritual, Libertarian politically, libra, cat lover, post twice a week on average.
I'm Angela, I'm Canadian, I'm 46 years old with three cats.

I'm a pantheist and LGBT-friendly and a mermaid.

I bought my first house last year so I post updates on renovations and my garden. I'm also a geek with a particular fondness for Star Wars. And I take and share a lot of photos.
I'm a 45-year-old woman who lives in Los Angeles. I'm divorced and have a nineteen-year-old son.

Things I post: Angsty personal posts (just being honest about that), posts about depression, stuff about my favorite band (Die Ärzte), the occasional Jewish religious post (mostly about my ambivalence toward religion.) Also fanfiction. (I do occasionally write Real People Slash so if that's a deal breaker for you definitely don't add me.) I do post a lot, often every day or even more than once a day) but I don't expect people to read all the posts, or any of them if they really don't feel like it.

I like to think I'm a kind and understanding person, and I'd love to see LJ continue. I have been behind on my f-list lately but I'd like to change that if LJ stays active.

In a friend I'm looking for someone who is also kind and understanding and isn't a bigot. Someone in favor of LGBT rights. That's really about it. I don't care if you're in any of my fandoms or not, as long as you don't mind either.
Hi - I'm glad to find you and I'm always looking for new friends on here! I'm over 40, married without children, and currently living in a small town in northwestern Washington state, just across the water from British Columbia. I've lived in Japan, Chicago, Sacramento, Seattle, and briefly in Portland - and was born in Virginia and lived in Colorado for many years as a child. I'm somewhat of a nomad, but currently staying put up here, living with hubby and mom and a Russian Blue named Nikki!

I love nature, walking, the ocean, and I'm currently into several shows (Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Glee, Justified, The Walking Dead, White Collar), and love reading and writing (need to do more of both!)

I'm extremely open-minded, young at heart, and welcome anyone! check out my profile and add me!

I'm 22 and live in Victoria, Australia. I love cereal! I'm very enthusiastic about talking to people and making friends, I post every couple of days mostly on everyday life but I always try to keep my posts interesting and easy to read!

I spend a lot of my spare time playing video games, mostly on PC. I'm working towards a career in IT- it's what I'm good at, I'd be content resetting passwords and reformatting for the rest of my working life.

I don't know what else to say. Add me! Chances are we'll get along, I get along with most people! I don't discriminate, any age/race/nationality/religion/aliens feel free! If anything, I love learning about people who are different to myself.
I'm Shadow, I've been on LJ since 2001. I'm a fairly consistent poster, not so consistent commenter (though I do try). I'm in Houston, Tx by force, born in Dallas, and visit Austin several times a year.

I post about my life with my husband, his daughter, my boyfriend. I post once a week about nail polish, and I knit all the time. I like games though I don't talk much about them. I'm currently playing here and there in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I read ... a lot. Not as much as in previous years; now that I have a kindle I suspect I'll do even more reading while knitting.

I'm fairly active on FB, where most of my daily walking stuff is posted, though I do a weekly roundup on LJ. I have an account on Twitter but I mostly use it for entering nail polish giveaways.

I'm a geeky girl and enjoy conventions. I'm also volunteer director for Space City Con. We're going into our second year and occasionally posts about the behind the scenes will pop up, friend's locked. I table top game now and again as well. I love movies and tv though I'm perpetually behind since I only watch what I can find for free online.
Hello. I came via marinshellstone.

My name is Jill, I live in the greater Los Angeles area. I'm in my late thirties, a musician (pianist and soprano) and pedagogue. I have a toddler, so I tend to write about her a bit. I'm part of a multi-racial, multi-cultural family, now in its third generation.

99% of my entries are locked. I read lj daily, and I do try to comment when lj isn't broken. I'm not sure if that makes me a good lj friend, but I do try to support friends here on lj.

Interests include baking, cooking, gaming, photography, child development, social justice (although I only occasionally post SJ issues). I am working on boosting my fiction portfolio, getting more fit before I go on tour to Japan later this year. I also have cats and tortoises.

Anyway, nice to meet you.
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