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Friending Frenzy Time!

It’s that time! I'm hosting another friending frenzy!

Let’s shake lj up a little and have a friending frenzy! Many of us are unhappy with the dust bunnies floating around lj communities as well as the general quietness of lj. So if you’re looking for some new friends, here’s the place to meet up!

1. Post a brief introduction about who you are, how often you post, and what you typically post about. What makes you a good lj friend? What kind of lj friends are you looking to add? (etc.)

2. Link to this post (even if you personally are not looking for new lj friends!)

3. Ask your friends to link to it, too! Let's make it viral! (Note: I only have about 16 active friends on my list, so I do need your help here!)

Let's see how many people we can get to comment here, mingle with each other, and make some new friends!


And, I just heard of another friending frenzy post that is apparently getting much more traffic... here:
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(no subject)

Just removed a few folks from my friends list...

Nothing personal. No, really. I just don't have the time to invest in lj anymore, and I'm trying to whittle my lj friends list back down to a group I can manage better, so I can participate and comment more. Know what I mean? I need to remove a few more, which will happen soon.

I wish you well.
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20% Off Everything in My Shop!

IMG_1501 sale

The sale is ON!

20% off everything in my Etsy shop!
Just make your purchase and I'll refund the 20% through Paypal...

That's a huge savings!! Take advantage of my need for cash and get unique jewelry for rock-bottom prices!

Sale won't last long!


And please, please, pass the word!
This post is public so you can link directly to it, if you like.
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Inspired! - PIMP POST

Ok, I'm making this post PUBLIC. Not pubic, pubLic... lol

Do you have a business? Want new customers?

Let's PIMP!

If you have a legit business (especially creative folks!!!!), pimp it out here.

Facebook fan page
Website/Etsy site

Etc... got it?

Here's my pimp:

I am a jewelry designer and sometimes I make lampwork beads too. I make extravagant chunky pieces, like this:

And I make straight forward, more minimalist pieces like this:

And everything in-between!

I have a public blog that started out as boring babble about jewelry and all things jewelry-related, and it's morphed into something much more personal and (I think) interesting. I'd LOVE to have more readers!

I also have a Facebook fan page, and I'd love more fans!

And of course, here's my Etsy site.

So now, use the comments to PIMP! And feel free to pass this post around to your buds. In fact, I'd like to ask that you DO pass the link around, because on a post like this, the more the merrier!

Who knows, you might make a new friend, find a new business you'd like to support, or just get some smiles!
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Ok, I gained some new folks and I really dig that... we've had a month to get to know each other a bit... and now I need to clean up the friends list a little.

Please do not take this personally-- it's not at all a negative reflection on those removed.

I wish you well!
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Public Post - Add Me, grown-up addition

Public post so you can link it around!

Since so many of us are a bit disgruntled with the lack of lj participation lately... how about if we all do a short introduction?

I'll start. Just about everyone on my list is pretty open-minded...

People who post relatively often, who I think wouldn't mind having a few more lj friends:
9thmoon (Posts random thoughts about her day. She's of Libertarian and poly mindset, looks sexy shooting guns)
corto (Makes at least a daily post, usually makes me giggle and often makes me think. Married with 2 boys.)
drjeff (Psychologist who is enjoying life with kids and a hot girlfriend, admits to a bit of narcissism, rockin' photographer)
dstroy (Mom and jewelry designer, she posts good pictures often and posts about her day. I envy her chronicling of daily life and wish I could swing it)
ayoub (Sweet guy with a streak of bad boy in the mix, rockin' photographer, lives in UK, spreads his positive energy generously)
lisabella (Awesome girl and one of my oldest lj friends. She posts about her life and is doing the photo-a-day project. She also has 2 hilarious kitties)
machiavelli_f (A very interesting guy with a high profile job. Known to be stubborn. Fiercely loyal. 9thmoon's boyfriend, too)
popfiend (Posts often - comic strips, RPG stuff, funny stuff, but my favorite of his posts are the musing/random ones. He's a generous and kind soul)
wickedsin (One of my closest friends "in real life". She's witty, intelligent, and stronger than she realizes. She's going through a lot right now but is managing to stay the course)

If you're not on this list and you would like to be, let me know and I'll add you ;-)

So... who on your friends list is looking to add friends? Can you give a one-sentence statement about them? Introduce yourself in the comments here... tell some specific details about yourself and maybe make a new friend or 3!
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(no subject)

For those who are cut, I apologize for doing so with no warning. Please try not to take it personally. I haven't been very active here over the past few months, and I suspect that will not change anytime soon.

Please know that I enjoyed our time getting to know each other, and I wish you nothing but the best.

*Note: I also cut some journals that have had no activity for a very long time.
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