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well im moveing ;_;

it makes me sasd becauz im in a weehlchare and i cant rund or defend myself if i was attacked ;_;

i dont know where i am moveing to but its witha family member

i have to finish this later i am off to rehab...
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my house was robbed!

well long time no update.

well to begin about 3 days after the someone tried to break in my house my family went out to eat after we got back we found the police int the front yard and discovered that this time our house was burgarlrlzed (however you spell that)

they stole everythin including my computer, the only thing they didnt take was off course the beds and couches and my yaoi (thank goodness)

luckily we were insured but now my famillly does not feel safe arnd here so we are moving agian

i cried alot but luckilly i got a new better computer, now i have to download all my yaoi, oh! gess what I got a puppy!!! i dont know what to call him yet

but anyway it is getting late and my medicashun is kicking in bye!
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im still scared

a few days ago i was home watching yaoi it was pretty late that night and i heard a window break then the alarm went off i was really scared because someone had broken in.

luckly at the sound of the alarm he ran off i picked up my cell phone and called my mom and sister. When they came home i was crying in the restroom i was so scared, i couldnt sleep for two days and i missed rehab. Well im still a little scared about staying home alone and we fixed the window im still scared the police are doing a investigation. Ill let u know if anything happens.

Byeeesssss =(
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i got some new medication i slept all afternnon and i am about to go back to sleep

my medication makes me depressed and sleepy

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got my nails done!

i didn do much today i went to the mall with my sis and two of her frends from school and i got my nails done ^,^

im not doing much right now everyone is about to leave and i am going to stay and watch tv hopefully while everyone is gone i get to watch some yaoi, man yaoi is soooooo coooo. i dont know why alot of people who watch hentai just dont admit to it its not embarrasing but yea i hide all mine stuff so nobody will see it

<.< >.> -.-

^_^ ok everybody is gone now bye!
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well im bored again i just finished eating my sis was nice and bought some sushi but too bad that it got squished but i eat it anyway. i watched naruto a while ago and i remember when i dressed up as sakura when i went to otacon a few years back.

i uploaded a pic of me in the new wheelchair i use in rehab


i didnt want to get a pic from the fron because i wasnt wearing any makeup and i had a hard time sleeping the day before so my eyes were red and puffy also i didnt have time to get ready so i look like crap hopefully next time i can get a good pic taken
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its raining and i cant go to sleep i feel like x_x so tired...

i have to get up early tomorow to go to rehab again. my muscles hurt from the excercises but my doc sais that the faster i finish with rehab the faster i can walk agani hopefulie hes right

i got a new wheelchair, well sorta, i can only use it at the rehab center while i wait for my class to begin i like the chair because it has a little tv built into it hopefully i can put pics of me here soon...

well the rain is dying down and my sister is getting me a snack so i guess i will eat my snack and go to bed see you!
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yea i just woke up and i am ready to go back to sleep my medicine makes me really sleepy. i dont know what to do for tomorrow hopefully me and my sis can watch some anime

man i was scared today because it rained today and there was lots of thunder then my sis came in my room to tell me that the dog dug his way out of the fence, it wasnt the rain that scared me it was that i was watching some hentai when my sis came in luckily i turned off the tv before she saw anything. i cant imagine what would happen if my familly knew i watched hentai

well ima go take my medication and go to bed ihave to wake up at 9 to go to rehab tomorrow byes

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helllllllooo! i just woke up from my nap man my new medicine makes me really sleepy ihave to take 1500mg of mierdolagas each and every day for the next six months

so i am kinda bored here in my computer i feel like watching some hardcore yaoi movies

well byes! ^-^

i <3 yaoi
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