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[05 Feb 2005|07:45am]
[ mood | mellow ]

I deleted a few people off my friends list. If I took you off and you want to stay/be added back, comment. If you don't want to be on my friends list anymore, comment. I don't even need a reason why you don't want to be on anymore, just tell me, and I'll remove you.


4 Fucking Pirates Argg

[20 Jan 2005|03:16pm]
[ mood | content ]

Sing me into sleep
Sing your silent song.
Over-whelming and powerful,
It pushes me over the edge.
Break my neck,
And break my heart,
They both have the same effect anyway.

Break open the vile.
Let its contents leak into me.
Into my blood, through my veins,
Into my soul and brain.
Destroy my nerves.
Paralize me.
Slap me across the face,
And make me beg.

Slip me sleeping pills,
Singing doesn't relax me anymore.
Trace my outline with a needle and thread.
Pull the plug and stop my breathing.
Puncture me and make me scream.

Open my wounds for the fifth time today,
They'll leave one hell of a scar.
Rape my existance with your eternity,
Then make me your's.

Sing me into sleep,
Sing your silent song.
Take me.

That's right, another poem. What do you think of this one? Not as good as the last, but still good in my opinion.

I love Mark.
2 Fucking Pirates Argg

[12 Jan 2005|12:44pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Oh.. and for the hell of it...

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60 - 79% Pure: There's a wild beast in you... somewhere. Let it free

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How Pure Are You?

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4 Fucking Pirates Argg

Argg, I'm a fucking pirate! ;) [10 Dec 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | cool ]

Avast, who be ye trying to access me journal?! Aye, you want to read it? Scallywag, you'll have to try harder than that! Comment and ask to be added. Savey?

I'm a fucking retard

15 Fucking Pirates Argg

[28 Nov 2004|11:08pm]
Post this in your journal and turn off the comment feature (and don't list who you yanked this from) if there's someone who makes you happy just thinking about them.

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