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Your First Name: stephanie
Your Nicknames: stef, humphrey
Your Birthday: 5/3/90
Your Zodiac Sign:  pisces
Your Age Now:  15
Your Location:  scotland
School Grade:  3rd year
School Name:  brannock
Sex: female
Siblings:  brother :)

Hair Color:  dark brown&pink
Eye:  grey/blue
Height:  5ft4
Do you care about the way you look? obviously.
Do you like your hair?  yea
Do you get tan? yea
Do you have big ears? no
Do you have contacts or glasses? glasses, i don't wear them though
Do you have braces?  no
Do you rank your speed dial in order of your favorite friends: no
Who do you e-mail the most? not sure..
Who knows ALL your secrets?  leah devine. &fraser bone. :|
Who did you get this survey from? the user info.
Do your friends 'know' you? yea
Are there traits in you that are universally liked? dont get it!
How many people do you tell everything to? 3
How many people tell you everything?  not sure. 3.

Deaf or Blind:  deaf
Truth or Dare: dare
Night or Day:  night
Ocean or Pool: pool
Smoker or Nonsmoker: smoker
Diamonds or Pearls: diamonds
Croutons or Bacon Bits:  croutons?

Coffee or hot chocolate? ew.
New or old? old
Sweater or sweatshirt?  sweater
Pencil or pen? pen
T-shirt or tank top? tshirt
Stripes or solid? stripes
Wool or cotton? cotton
Rose or Lily? rose, lilys stink
Private school or public school? public school
Chocolate milk or plain milk? plain
Spring or Fall? fall
History or Science? history

Cried? yea
Bought something?  yea
Not known the answer in class?  no, its the holidays
Cut your hair? yea
Been mean? yea
Been sarcastic? yea
Gone for a walk? yea
Gone out for dinner? no
Met someone new? yea
Said "I love you"? yea
Taken a test? this one?
Talked to an ex? yea
Missed an ex? yea
Written in a journal? yea

Been in a quiet room and screamed so there would be noise: yea
Left The Country? yea
Taken Any Illegal Substances? yea
Gone out in your pajamas? yea
Set Yourself Or A Body Part On Fire? no
Started dancing when there was no music? yea
Pretended you were an opera singer? no
Kept a secret from everyone? yea
Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire? no
Crashed into a wall in public? no
Ever Cried At A "CHICK FLICK"? no
Had A Crush On A Teacher? the drum tutor lol
Done Something Stupid To Impress Your Crush? no
Laughed so hard you cried? yea
Found a cartoon character attractive? no
At anytime owned a "New Kids On The Block" tape? no
Called or seen a psychic? no
Prank Called Someone?  yea
Gotten In A Car Accident? yea
Fallen down the stairs? yea today actually hah,
Seen The Eiffel Tower? no
Smoked? yea
Went bungee jumping? no
Broken the law? yea
Ran from the cops?  yea
Stolen something? yea
Made yourself throw up? yea
Thought about or tried to kill yourself?
Went skinny dipping? LMFAOOO. but no
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
Watched "Punky Brewster": no
Stayed home on a Saturday night just because? yea

Shampoo: treseme
Conditioner: treseme
Perfume/Body Splash/Cologne: gucci rush
Color:  red/brown
Bands/Singers: the strokes
Commercial: haha this old school iceland one i seen from 1992
Candy: freezepops
TV Show: hollyoaks
Movie: the phantom tollbooth, edward scissorhand.
English/History/Math: math
Radio station:  beat106

>Cold or Hot: cold
>Big or Little: little
>Lace or Satin: satin
>Here or There: there
>Red or Blue: read

What are you listening to right now? 20fingers - boom i fucked your boyfriend
Who are you talking to right now? leah &other people who arent as important
What time is it?  23.29
What do you sleep in? big tshirts
Do you shave? yea :/
What kind of shoes do you wear? slipons, converse, flat shoes, pumps..
What kind of car do you have? none
Who is the last person you called? erin
What is your favorite type of music? indie
What is your favorite song at this very moment? xiu xiu - i love the valley OH
What is the worst song you have ever heard? dunno
Do you play an instrument? bass, recorder, bit of keyboard.

How long is your hair? not very
What is your favorite soft drink? irnbru
Do you have any pets? chloe the cat
Are you easy to get along with? not really
Are you helpful or lazy? lazy
Do you write in blue or black ink? black
Do you circle the dots on your "i"s? no

Wearing? tshirt, shorts lol, socks.
Thinking of? this lip thing gets in the way of chewing.
Feeling? sad

Bought? vodka
Did? typed that last answer
Drank? orange juice
Watched on tv? big brother

High achiever or easy-going?  easy going
Gloves or mittens? gloves
Cassette or cd?  cassette
Coke or Pepsi?  pepsi
Matches or a lighter? lighter
Rickie Lake or Oprah Winfrey?  ricki lake

Touched? bryan
Hugged? feena
Instant messaged? ryan
Do you have a weird nickname? humphrey
Have you ever dyed your hair a different color? yea
Do you shop at stores like Hot Topic? no
Do you make your own clothes (bondage pants, etc)? yea sometimes :
Do you paint your nails black? no

Do you wear a watch? no
How many coats and jackets do you own? 2 or 3
Favorite pants/skirt color? denim
Most expensive item of clothing in your closet? £80 shoes :/
Describe your style in one word: lame


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