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scared of being so in love

to get hurt

28 May
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goodbye "best friends"
(lets stay in touch my ass)
& hello new best friend.
(lets have stonedsleepovers)
hello new life.
(i like you)
& goobye to you homos.
(you never knew ME)

Ps. i'm moving out to schaumburg senior year.
hello new school.
& hello new life.
(i think i'll like you too)

My name is Christina
i am different.
i smoke marijuana. =]
i drink sometimes.
i have fake nails.
i go tanning.
im not prep.
music is my life.
so is my boyfriend.
(i love you ottis)
& my bestfriend is the shit.
(we have stonedsleepovers)
& her boyfriend is my boyfriends bestfriend for life yo.
sorry if you dont like me.
i dont care.

layout credit to: emmyslayout