guilty by design

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22 July 1987
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[july 22nd, 1987]
[fashion victim]
[cam whore]
[cat woman]
[queen of ♥'s]
[femme fatale]
[blondes have more fun]
[white girl who can never get tan no matter how hard she tries]
[you either love me or hate me]
[not about to alter myself to please you]
[has a hard time opening up to people]
[is afraid to get too close to anyone]
[like me as i am or hate me, either way i have your attention]
[going to go to school to be a fashion designer or artist of some kind]
[music and art = life]
[open minded]
[shy at first]
[always up for a challenge]
[wears too much makeup]
[doesn't know how to accept compliments]
[is a potty mouth]
[loves piercings and tattoos too much]
[loves and hates herself]
[speaks her mind (i don't envy you)]
[little bit of everything all rolled into one]
[both your hell and your dream]
[a bitch and a tease]
[you can never have me]
[what you see is what you get]
[my looks are deceiving]
[i'd rather be doing my makeup than doing you.♥]
[i am not goth]
[i am not punk]
[i am not scene]
[i am not emo]
[i am me]

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