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Can the Doctor be a Woman?

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about whether or not the Doctor can regenerate into a woman in his next incarnation on the show. Doubtless, many fans have strong opinions about this. I have decided to post this here first where I have some avid Who fans before deciding whether to put in on Fruitless Pursuits for the masses.

Yesterday Paul Verhoeven submitted a video blog on why he feels the Doctor shouldn’t be played by a woman.

Good on him for trying to respectfully state a case for the character he loves and the show moving forward and trying to give reasons for his opinion. Reasons are what are lacking from a lot of the discussion.

Personally, I don’t really care who the next actor playing the Doctor is as long as they are the right person. I don’t think that selection of the right person needs to be gendered or racially profiled. All I believe is that Doctor Who is about possibilities and opportunities and to start putting barriers up for who the Doctor can be takes a little of that magic away.

Under the cut I discuss some of the reasons why I believe the Doctor can regenerate as a woman, although I reiterate; I don’t believe the next incarnation has to be or should be a woman.

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