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in paris with you

don't talk to me of love. i've an earful
and get tearful when i've downed a drink two.
i'm one of your talking wounded.
i'm a hostage. i'm maroonded.
but i'm in paris with you.

yes i'm angry at the way i've been bamboozled
and resentful at the mess that i've been throught.
i admit i'm on the rebound.
and i don't care where are we bound.
i'm in paris with you.

do you mind if we do not go to the louvre,
if we say sod off to sodding notre dame,
if we skip the champs elysees
and remain here in this sleazy
ols hotel room
doing this and that
to what and whom
learning who are you are,
learning what i am.

don't talk to me of love. let's talk of paris,
the little bit of paris in our view.
there's that crack across the ceiling
and the hotel walls are peeling
and i'm in paris with you.

don't talk to me of love. let's talk of paris.
i'm in paris with the slightest thing you do.
i'm in paris with your eyes, your mouth,
i'm in paris with... all points south.
am i embarassiing you?
i'm in paris with you.

/james fenton/

ps - спасибо одному другу из фб

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День ветрен и зернист в извилистом стекле,
Где лист, разъятый севером и тенью,
теряет осязаемость предела
во множестве чрезмерном и простом, –
сливающем предчувствие со зреньем.

Здесь угол кухни, чтение вина,
как пальцев утренних – губами,
на кровлю воздух бережно слетает
песчаными, сухими голосами.
Как будто дно устлало небеса
слоистой известью мерцанья...

Возможны птицы. Вероятно время.
И речь чуть сонная; ключицы,
прикосновенье рук. И долгий миг дыханья,
где нет ни "вспять", ни "вновь",
но только этот день.

/аркадий драгомощенко/