Kristen (laivine_) wrote,

I think I need something to reach out to

Maybe I should check in

Life is fine and I am very busy. [Lets launch into her favorite topic: SCHOOL. My god how dull. Yet on she goes.] I had put off my two literature class requirements until now and so am taking both at once. finding that I like the intellectual platform that English majors seem to have constructed for themselves, maybe too much. Psychoanalysis of characters in a novel can be gratifying, sure, but then I step back and wonder what the heck is the point, of convincing fellow readers of a character's motive, or of decoding symbols, subjectively of course... I see the virtue in dissecting a piece of writing if the goal is to make oneself a better writer. and I suppose if extensive discussion helps to gleam more meaning from a book, there is value in that, but only to the individual. Eh.

My rat Matthias is bobbing up and down with his eyes squeezed shut, as if metabolizing is unbearably painful.

well that's depressing.

Last night I watched Everything is Illuminated, starring Elijah Wood and the lead of Gogol Bordello. it was pretty intensely moving. Tonight I was in the vicinity of the MCC again and needed to be inspired so stopped in for Ishle Yi Park's "spoken word / acoustic soul" performance. Partway through it struck me how sad sad sadly humorous it is that people congregate for such shows, where the point is to feel connected through art to some of the rest of humanity, and then don't talk or make eye contact with anyone around them.

How does that work? How can we be so lonely?

I'll get around to the New Orleans posts eventually.

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