Kristen (laivine_) wrote,

I got out of a midterm and wandered to work and realized I was able to follow my idle train of thought. I usually can't do that. The secret must be to exhaust yourself and then finish something you were worried about, which results in a hazy euphoria (the same place where everything is funny). So here it is, two minutes on a Thursday afternoon:

First I noticed the chipboard EAB sign that was upside-down. Then I noticed the plants in the general area of the sign probably because I associate EAB with plants.

I noticed where a tree had been recently disappeared (I dunno, they dug it up and it's gone), where mushrooms had sprung up because grass hadn't spread there yet. And I thought of urban foraging for fungi and I thought of posion and food. And I thought of how crazy fast mushrooms grow, and how it would seem so magical to be face-on-the-ground in the middle of the night and watching mushrooms grow

Then I saw the bark of still-standing trees and noted how steadfast they are, and how strongly unmoving, and how slow they grow

And I thought isn't it a shame that things happen on so many different time scales, we can only ever watch what corresponds with ours. There are so many beautiful things we will never see happen because the process is too fast or too slow

And then I thought about human beings, and consoled myself by considering how the most elementary things we do, like breathing, are just as miraculous

And then I was hyper-aware of my body for a few odd seconds

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